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2012 The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift! - The Agreement Course!

Today is Valentine's Day! - Though let us use this day not to waste it on eating chocolates and fancy 'dinners at Tiffany's' that will only create indigestion by tomorrow or buying expensive jewelery, clothes or other luxury products for our partner that will only leave a feel... —

2012 Accepting Darwinism as the 'invisible force' that drives us

What forces are used to get people to accept the status quo in this world? And are these really 'invisible forces' or are they in fact man-made - and therefore changeable? Also check out this cool interview ( that sheds light on... —

A Remarkable Interview by an Atlantean female through the Interdimensional Portal

"Atlantis -- The untold History -- (Exclusive) -- Atlantis"This is a very remarkable interview that I have come across - it is an interview made by an Atlantean female -- yes, from the (former) existence of the Atlantean race, of which there are many theories, books written, i... —

2012 What is 'Déjà-Vu'? - Investigating the Religion of Science

A 'Déjà-Vu' is that eery, uncanny feeling of 'almost being able to predict what is about to happen' within a situation - wherein one experiences oneself as if in a state of dreaming, where 'reality' seems to become somewhat strange yet at the same time more 'lucid'. Some Déjà-... —

2012 Do your Guide Still read the Newspapers?

As so many guides, angels and spiritual beings have given us messages of Hope, Light and Love through channels and psychics with regards to the year 2012 - and even 'mainstream' people like Oprah and Jim Carry start talking about 'the light', 'awareness' and 'eternal bliss' - ... —

The consequences of Conscious living

In these times where we are being confronted from many sides with what we human beings are doing to our planet through our system of consumerism, which is pollution to the point of no return, global warming, total disruption of ecosystems that are vital for maintaining the ear... —

2012 Portugese worker in Belgium Dumped in Ditch

I discuss an article that I found in the newspaper of 02/02/2012 - that reveals Man's true nature as completely possessed by money as the abusive nature of the ego. Realize that at this point we are all capable of what this article describes and the only way to change ourse... —

2012 Are we defined by our Input in the System?

The following is a discussion between Sheldon Thom and Bernard Poolman with regards to The Equal Money System:"im going to discuss this with u first before i make this public, equality system is a noble gesture but how will u define it , everybody has differnt strength diff... —

2012 - Do the Ten Commandments hold the Solution to the World's Problems?

In these current times, it seems that to human beings nothing is sacred anymore as we're basically all set loose on a 'path of spiritual awakening' withing the principle of 'to each his own', wherein each human seems to basically be free to find their own truth, when there use... —

2012 Who is Burzynski and Why is it illegal to cure Cancer?

Burzynski is a medical doctor and Ph. D biochemist who has a clinic in Texas, USA that specializes in curing people who have cancer by means of his own self-designed medications called 'antineoplastons' - I stumbled upon this documentary 'Burzynski - Cancer is serious busines... —

2012 - David Icke's Truth - Do we desire mind-control?

"Then I kind of looked at this economic system that controls the world. An economic system that is so sane, that the more successful it is in its own terms, the quicker it destroys the planet. It’s the perfect environmental and human assassin. It insists every year tha... —

2012 - How to know if I am being Programmed?

Learn to establish yourself as a self-empowered being that is not easily directed by fears, beliefs, religions and cults - a being that stands within and as self-respect and self-responsibility and that is able to direct itself in every moment as the self-creative principle of... —

2012 Why I heard the Desteni message - finding the answer to life

In this interview I share how I came to be a Destonian and consider the Desteni message, applying the tools of self forgiveness, self honesty and self correction. Get to know about these tools that one can use to practically establish oneself as a self-responsible, self-awa... —

2012 Is Sai Baba coming back to save us all?

He will give you everything. For He is everything. He gives you His Self without any conditions. The only way to love Him is to love without thinking. Never plan... forget worry... dismiss desire... do not even try to understand His ways. If you have called His name then w... —

2012 What is Sex? - the Unexpected Truth

Here's an in depth, detailed investigation into the inter-dimensional reality of 'What is Sex?' - sex being the one thing that keeps all of humanity occupied within a one-dimensional life-experience and wherein we keep ourselves from expanding as a living being. Get the ful... —

2012 Did Atlantis Exist? - Hear from an Atlantean!

This is an Interview by an Atlantean through the Interdimensional Portal as a first part of an Interview series explaining the History of Atlantis - an Interesting never heard before story! Get the full Interview - follow the link —

2012 - Prophecies, Predictions and Playouts

This is an Interview with Bernard Poolman on the consequential play-outs that we as humans face as a result of our history of not having taken responsibility for our actions on this planet earth and in our own lives - a must hear if you are interested in getting to know the tr... —

Will we Marry Aliens in 2012? - My Experience with David Icke

I Share how my process of apparently becoming aware of what really goes on in the world through gathering knowledge and information has really been a process of imprisoning myself in the prison of the mind as fears. Also check out this awesome Interview Series of Aliens Spe... —

Gaddafi from the Afterlife - The Interview!

Hear this Interview with Gaddafi from The Afterlife through the Interdimensional Portal. Get the Full Interview - Follow this Link: See many more Products that Support one to prepare oneself for when one face the ... —

The Road to Happiness is Paved with Lies and Deception

"Never let old shames keep you spinning in a stagnant sea of regrets. And never, ever let them sink you. For Life didn’t show you your mistakes so you could stay stuck in misgivings. It showed you where you went wrong so you might patch your vessel, pick up your lessons like o... —

History of Mankind - Part 105 - Changing Your World

This is an Interview by Jack through the Interdimensional Portal - in this Interview Jack discusses Self Movement as an unconditional expression of self. The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start part... —

Why has New Years Resolution never been The Solution?

"On this first day of 2012, here's what i wish for: that your heart is filled with wonder and joy, that your days are filled with growth and passion and that your life is flooded with excellence and impact. and that TOGETHER, we work hard to build a world filled with peace... —

What is Life? - The Shocking Truth

It is time we stop accepting our unawareness as living beings, as we have through our actions as human beings stated unto eternity that we are not a part of life, rather we are it's worst enemy. So, lets stop looking and searching and hoping for life - and stand up as life in ... —

History of mankind - Part 64 - Indigo Children Parent Support

In this interview Jack gives practical Support for Parents of Indigo Children Find out the solution in stopping the mind within applying Self Forgiveness and Interesting Questions and perspectives with regards to Life and who we are as living beings at http://www.desteni.c... —

Planned Obsolescence is the Saving Grace of Capitalism

Why do we not have one standard of every product – for instance light bulbs or batteries or clothes – why do we have the cheap ones and the expensive ones, with the only thing making a difference between the two is that the cheap ones will break more easily? In the name of cap... —

Wake up - We are One -- Are we?

Here we're investigating the practicality of the 'Oneness Principle' as what we're hearing so often lately. Will Oneness in fact be able to Change this world into a world that is best for all living beings? Interesting Questions and perspectives with regards to Life and who w... —

Romance and Porn: The Truth about Relationships

We're looking into the point of Individualism in relation to Pornography and Romance and uncover the lies within the Human Reality The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start participating in democrat... —

Is Pornography a Human Right?

Pornography is the hidden yet omnipresent reality of human society today - as the 'dark and nasty truth' about ourselves that we are constantly trying to hide. Here we have a look at who we are as beings within self-honesty, common sense and the realization that the human bein... —

The Heart-Shaped Experience - The Symbolism of Ignorance

the problem we face here with regards to the heart shape is not the heart shape in itself - but the fact that we humans participate and believe in something of which we are not even aware of how, when and why this specific red heart shape was introduced, together with the word... —

Sexomania - a New Disorder on the Rise

As read on: seems to be a new 'psychological disorder' called 'Sexomania' arising in the human society. This 'disorder' is an 'uncontrollable urge'/desire to act out sexual desires and thoughts within the mind... —