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The Buddha Nature - One of Man's most Deceptive Inventions

"If we chose to carry something in our lives it should serve us and make us happy."The above stated words came from a being who presents himself as a master of the 'Buddha Nature'. The statement also sounds like something a 'Buddha' or 'enlightened being would say' - at first ... —

We are Part of Nature - Yet we also Transcend it

Looking within common sense at a statement that is commonly used by us humans 'We are part of nature and cannot forget this. Yet, as human beings, we also transcend nature.' The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwid... —

Will Venus Project ever Become a Reality?

Investigating the Venus Project in terms of how it will be able to become a practical, real reality. The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start participating in democratic elections. Join the Desteni F... —

Consumerism and resisting an Equal Money System

Within an Equal Money System it is imperative that we will be looking at what is best for nature and the animal kingdom – so that we can live here on earth within mutual respect for all that is here, in this respecting ourselves as living beings that are part of life as the ‘e... —

No more worrying about how to pay rent or heating bills - Life in an EMS

We've come to believe that the stress, fear and anxiety that a lot of people experience at the end of the month because they barely have enough money to pay all their bills, is normal. 'it's just a part of life' - there are some that live a life of luxury who never have to exp... —

Brand Brainwashing with Exclusivity

The 'organic robot' that the human being has become does not ever investigate or research that which it's being presented, it only reacts emotionally wherein it allows itself to be directed by preprogrammed beliefs, ideas and perceptions - fearing change and trusting this expe... —

Working Man's Death - Why is CNN not using it's power to stop this?

Change in this World will be in the Hands of the 'Common People' - wherein we stand up within the realization that if we don't move, nothing moves. The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start particip... —

Working Man's Death - Equal Money Perspective

Working Man's Death: The starting point of all the abuse existing in our world at this moment is fear of death - a fear that has been cultivated by our current monetary system, and that has made us ... —

If we condemn the cove - then why is it still Here?

We need Self Correction - we as the human being needs to become a being that actually stands up in the face of abuse, which is at this moment not the case. The Human Being has become a Destructive Robot that needs to be stopped. Learn to stop the destructive nature of s... —

Does The Hojo Motor produce Free Energy?

By Kelly PoseyThe hojo motor not a 'free energy' device or trying to be a 'perpetual motion' type thing. It takes a small amount of energy to run it, and uses the properties of magnets to speed it up more. Without that little bit of energy to make it run you wouldn’t get a... —

Why Equal Money?

By Bernard PoolmanEqual money will serve as a symbol that gives each person on an individual level a way to protect their rights as an equal human and will delegate power to the individual in an astoundingly effective wayAs it will be by matter of principle the right of ea... —

Suddenly you lose your loved one - How do you survive?

At Desteni we learn the tools to stop the mind and to stand up within and as self responsibility so that we can stand accountable for this world that we exist in and as. Investigate: Also read the blog books —

Does 'Free Energy' Exist? is 'Free Energy Possible?

This is an interesting question to look at - because everyone wants 'Free Energy', so that we would not have to pay our electricity and gas bills each month, so that we could be self-sufficient instead of dependent on the big corporations generating/producing the electricity a... —

Equal Money Book - Now Available!

Get a Copy of the Equal Money FAQ Book as a Compilation of Audio Interviews with Bernard Poolman And find many more Products on The Equal Money system will be a first... —

What will happen to Pollution in an Equal Money System? - Equal Money FAQ

Obviously Equal Money is not going to be a 'magical solution' - like a 'magic wand of Equality'.We will still be faced with what we have allowed ourselves to create in the capitalist system of consumerism and ignorance, which is a lot of pollution.Because we have been literall... —

Can I pass money on to my children? - Equal Money FAQ

No - because have a look at this question, it is coming from the current state of mind wherein parents constantly fear for and worry about the survival of their children in this reality, because the current system does not unconditionally support each living being in the world... —

What happens to the money that I have when an Equal Money System is enforced?

So, what will happen to my savings and the 'extra money' that I have when an Equal Money System is in place?Will I get to keep it or do I have to give it up?Ok, with an Equal Money System, the key objective is to start over, to create a completely new system, with a new curren... —

The pity construct – or how helping turned this World into hell

The reason that pity exists, as that which makes us feel the desire within ourselves to ‘care for’ and ‘look after’ someone, indicates that ‘caring for’ and ‘looking after’ is a very conditional experience, because we don’t unconditionally care for all that exist, for existenc... —

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