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Although I only became an active member at Desteni in 2009, I have been following and learning the material since 2008. I continue to push myself in my process daily and am determined to discover who I am as life, and help others do the same, so that we can change the world to realize the equality and oneness that are already here.

Kim Doubt

Day 41- OCD and the Key to Me

Ever since I realized I had OCD I have slowly been coming to grips with what it means to have a mental disorder. For a very long time I found myself victimizing myself as if I had this separate entity in my life, something separate from me that had been imposed on me, somethin... —

Day 39 - Feeling Like an Outcast

Feeling Like an Outcast I can relate to the experience of feeling like an outcast. It is very rare that I feel like I fit in comfortably anywhere or in any group. This is an experience that had to start s... —

Day 32 - OCD and the Buddy System - How it Feels When it Works

This post continues from my last blog. In this series I am walking through a successful use of the 'Buddy-System' to assist and support with stopping OCD. From my last post: "For me, on this occasion, the buddy-system worked. Instead of falling into the OCD action of picking... —

Day 31 - OCD and the Buddy-System, Does it Work (Continued)

Continuing from my last blog, where I tried the ‘buddy system’ to prevent myself from falling into what I call an ‘OCD possession’. Read the blog HERE for context. For me, on this occasion, the buddy-system worked. Instead of falling into the OCD action of picking my s... —

Day 30 - OCD: The Buddy System, Does it Work?

I recently spoke to a life-coach friend of mine regarding ways to tackle stopping OCD. She asked me to describe the experience of what I call an ‘OCD possession’ in detail. As I described it, we together realized that there is always a trigger, or a source to why the compulsio... —

Dat 29- OCD: Breaking Out of Isolation - Creating Something New

Here I am concluding the self-forgiveness on the point of living within and as isolation due to a fear of speaking up and reaching out to connect to others. Please read the first three parts of this process for context: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. I forgive myself for acceptin... —

Day 27 - Breaking Out of Isolation (pt 2)

In this blog, I am forgiving myself to set myself free. I am forgiving myself for all the judgements, hidden fears and secret thoughts that have caused my to be a shy, introverted person, incapable of reaching out to others for support. Self-Forgiveness: I forgive myse... —

Day 25: OCD/CSP - How to Get to Work Without Ruining Your Day

I left off in my last blog by re-scripting my morning routine, effectively editing out any OCD behavior. I saw how it in fact not only completely sabotages my mornings, but also sabotages my relationship to myself. It does this by severely undermining my self-trust, as I have ... —

Day 24 OCD/Dermatillomania: How to Prevent the Tension Build Up

In my last blog I discussed a way in which I have learned to physically discharge the built up tension that leads me to submit to OCD compulsions namely, compulsive skin picking, but also other OCD tendencies. I described what this feeling was, what it feels like, and how to a... —

Day 23: OCD/Dermatillomania - How to Discharge the Built Up Tension

I recently made a video regardingthis process I am walking with OCD and dermatillomania. In it I talked about how it feels to stop this disorder, because I have had now many periods of time where I not only stopped acting out the compulsions, but also stopped for moments, the ... —

How it Feels to Stop OCD & Dermatillomania

My Process Blog: AND: Many Others Walking This Process: DIP Lite (free course):‎ : Self Study with support, le... —

Day 22 - OCD is a CHOICE?! Living the Decision to Stop What I have observed that I require self-support with is how to walk through temptation at ‘decision-making time’. Let me elaborate: I have noticed that I can now see the moments ... —

Day 21 - OCD: My Extremely Large and Incredibly Small Victories I have been walking a process for about 4-5 years now where I am practicing living self-forgiveness and learning self-acceptance, self-love and self-understa... —

Day 20 - OCD: There Is No Reset Button

OCD is exhausting. Dermatillomania is damaging. Sometimes at night I fall into an OCD possession and after some time I am able to tell myself “just go to bed, Kim.” And I go to bed. I wake up the next day and it’s as if I am another person; someone who is not inflicted with un... —

Day 19 - OCD and Compulsive Skin-Picking, Causes, Solutions, continued

I am currently looking at what is going on inside my mind that creates the conditions in which I build up pressure within myself in such a way that I have created and perpetuated the need to pick at my skin as a form of release. In my last blog I described an event at work, wh... —

Day 17 - Dermatillomania: Where TheNegative Thoughts Begin

I read over my last post and although I am satisfied with it, I am not satisfied with the depth of my personal investigation. I had read Angela Hartlin’s latest post ( about her recovery from dermatillomania, and she ... —

Day 16 - Dermatillomania Anxiety Dimension Solution My life had become ruled by anxiety. I had even developed an anxiety disorder called dermatillomania. This blog is focused on picking apart and dismantli... —

Day 15- Walking Through Anxiety, Dis-Arming Dermatillomania

"In my next blog I will continue with how I applied the practical steps of walking through anxiety, and how I was able to successfully avoid an anxiety reaction in one of the circumstances . This experience has changed my entire self-experience, opened up a new understanding o... —

Day 14 - Deconstructing Anxiety, Dis-Arming Dermatillomania (pt 2) In my previous blog I had listed five examples of where, when and how I am triggered into anxiety reactions in my day-to-day life. What I noticed, which was also mentioned in the interview recording I am b... —

Day 13 - Deconstructing Anxiety, Dis-Arming Dermatillomania

“What I am going to do from here is to locate five examples of instances where I go into an anxiety reaction. I am doing this in order to learn how to slow myself down enough to be able to pin point the moment where the anxiety is triggered. I will then use that moment as an o... —

Day 200 - The Valentine's Day Revelation

Valentine’s Day Why do we desire Valentine’s day to be a special and romantic day? Why is it expected of the man to bring gifts to the woman in order to make her feel special or loved? In today’s world it seems it is simply expected for something special to happen on this ... —

Day 11 - Dermatillomania: Climbing out of the Internal Prison

I have been uncovering quite a few insights within my process of re-defining the word 'skin'. I had created a list of word associations to uncover exactly how it was that I had defined and thus lived the word skin. I have moved through all the negative association, and in my l... —

Day 10 - When Dermatillomania Became Real

The interesting thing that came out of my last blog was the fact that doing self-forgiveness on the ‘positive’ aspects of how I’ve come to define the word skin (and thus how I have created my relationship towards skin/my skin), has actually been a more profound support in ter... —

Day 9 - Does Perfect Skin Stop Dermatillomania?

In my previous blogs I had been looking at the ways in which I had defined my skin, and the relationship which I had thus built with it. These definitions and word associations were mostly negative, like ‘dry’, ‘stretched’, ‘unpredictable’ etc…. but when I looked deeply into m... —

Day 8 - How My Relationship to My Skin Has Been Perpetuating Dermatillomania

This is a continuation from my last two blogs where I had been purifying the definition I hold of the word ‘skin’, in order to release that old definition and create a new one which is supportive. This new definition will be one which I can then truly live, to create a new liv... —

Day 7- Dermatillomania: The Secrets Within How We View Our Skin

If you haven’t already done so, please read my previous blog Here for context. However, this blog can be read on its own, just scroll to the coloured section. The purple sections are where I forgive myself for 1) connecting the above listed words to the word ‘skin’, 2) ... —

Day 6 - Dermatillomania: The Secrets Within How We View our Skin

The secrets lie in how we've come to define the words.... When I think of or say the word ‘skin’ I feel a reaction come up from inside of myself. It manifests as something physical that I can feel, and is connected to thoughts I’ve had about my skin in the past, situatio... —

Day 3 - Dermatillomania: The Gaps Within Conventional Treatment

The approach I am using to self-treat the condition called dermatillomania is necessarily multi-dimensional. I have done research on the treatments available and I have seen that one type of therapy alone cannot be a cure, but can be a huge step forward towards treatment and c... —

Day 199- Tracing the Source Patterns of OCD (pt 2)

I am going to share an excerpt from my last chat with Bernard Poolman, within which I asked for insight on how I can assist and support myself within walking through and out of the point of OCD. The following structure was provided: "Memories, for instance could be a series ... —

Day 194- Becoming My Own Safe Haven

" Assertiveness as Steadfastness as Breath as Consistent Equilibrium, is How we Learn to be Able to Manage the Storms of Life and to Emerge from it As a Harbour that becomes a Safe Haven" “if you don't move it through writing, it's just going to continue to weigh you dow... —

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