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Although I only became an active member at Desteni in 2009, I have been following and learning the material since 2008. I continue to push myself in my process daily and am determined to discover who I am as life, and help others do the same, so that we can change the world to realize the equality and oneness that are already here.

Kim Doubt

Day 4- Putting Others Out - Am I Worthy?

Today I had to run all over the city collecting receipts for income tax purposes because the lady at H&RBlock told me I could get money back if I had saved them. But I found when I set out today that I had resistances to going to all the places to ask them to dig up my file an... —

What I learned from a Puppy

I’m taking care of a friend’s puppy this weekend and I had a realization that eluded me for all my 15 years of dog ownership. I was walking the puppy this morning because she was full of energy and had begun causing the types of problems that an energetic puppy will cause (bit... —

Over-Active imagination

When I was little I was very shy. I still am a bit, however, since I started using the Desteni tools I have changed that very much. But when I look back at my life, especially when I was quite young, I remember moments in which I would have this absolute fear of interacting wi... —

Negative Self-Talk Chipping Away at my Resolve

Fear of Failure - Back Chat I heard a quote similar to this (title) the other day. Actually it was “backchat chipping away at your resolve micro piece by micro piece,” (BP) and it hit me. Something clicked within me with regards to the nature of back chat, of my back chat an... —

2012 Peacekeeping Fail- Equal Money Solution

Check out my blog: Here's the quote about the Brahimi report: "It came to the overall sound conclusion that 'when the United Nations does send its forces to uphold peace, they must be prepared to confront the lingering forces of war and v... —

Stopping My Reaction to Disagreement - Learning to Live as an Equal

I want to write out the point that caused me to react when an individual responded to my blog.I felt scared, fear, why?I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to go into a fear-based reaction when I saw that someone had responded a long response to my blog. I fo... —

No More Fisheries Cases in an Equal Money System

International law (specifically, in this video, public international law) is not a common-sense system. It is more like a grab-all where states (countries) snatch up all natural resources without any consideration for the future implications of their actions. The customs, norm... —

Facing Resistances Within Self-Movement

Jan 18th 2012Today I felt very frustrated in the morning. The thoughts that were coming up connected to the frustration were that1) I never have enough time to do anything2) I’m always in a rush3) I’m so busy I wish I could just have a break and relax4) It’... —

2012- Dumping Money Into the Economy Never Changed a Thing

Sharing another quote and the realizations a had about it as I study at school as well as the Common-Sense solution of an Equal Money System. When I'm studying or reading for school I find I'm often faced with this 'double-perspective' point and it sometimes distracts me fr... —

Releasing My Self-Definitions: "young"

One of the things I've found I define myself as is 'young'. I've been the baby of the family, and then later when I started working I happened to be the youngest one there. In time I realized the 'value' of youth, and as my coworkers were aging around me I started valuing my y... —

History of Mankind -Part 69- Judging Money as Enslavement

Part 69 or the History of Man Series- Jack discusses judging money as enslavement. For the full story of the History of Mankind -- follow linked video responses and daily uploads on various Destonians channels. Follow the blog books here: —

Releasing My Self-Definitions

In walking 'backwards through time' to see/realize /understand how I have created myself as who and how I am through the layering of acceptances and allowances of past memories, thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences etc.... I have decided to walk through some of the mai... —

History of Mankind 23- Anu Creates the Dimensions

History of Mankind part 23 "Anu Creates the Diensions" is part of the 'History of Mankind' Series (HoM) produced by Desteni Productions in the year 2007, presented by Jack who narrates the story of the world in a way that was never seen or heard of until now. Watch the entire... —

Elephant Slaughter for Ivory Will be Banned in an Equal Money System

Even though the procurement of ivory has been banned in many countries, the sale of ivory still persists. ‘Legal’ ivory, otherwise known as ‘pre-ban’ ivory is that which was ‘harvested’ before the banning of ivory, and is still circulating in the market. The problem is that th... —

OCD will End in an Equal Money System.

It’s interesting that in our economic system it makes more sense not to cure an illness, but instead to treat the symptoms forever. What is the motivation for pharmaceutical companies to find a cure when that would end the profit-making capabilities of the illness? The most pr... —

No More Ivy League Schools In An Equal Money System - Equal Money FAQ

Ivy League schools only make sense in the current context of a profit-based system. They are really not all about a superior education. They are actually all about money. Only the rich can afford them while the poor are left in inadequate schools which leave them ill-prepared ... —

Will Equality Be FUN?? Equal Money FAQ

"Entertainment and fun is the way with which the ignorant have kept busy and locked into the feeling what they believe it should be, as a nice feeling- then life is fine and the world is fine. Fun, in itself, as a freedom of expression, as an expression of yourself as life- ha... —

The Masturbation System`

An interview with the masturbation system explaining why we masturbate and what are the outflows. Addicted to masturbation Visit the desteni I process ( to reclaim yourself. —

If we are not driven to compete, will the sexdrive also diminish? Equal Money- FAQ

What drives the ‘sex drive; in our current reality? Or better yet, how does the context of our current reality permeate everything we do because it’s all we know? The context of our current reality is survival, competition, power/domination, and ego. Have a loo... —

How can we practically go about implementing the EMS?

We live in an economically bipolar world, where the majority of human beings remain isolated in poverty while a small minority experience relative comfort and security. Even though there are enough resources to provide every human being with a dignified life, the current econo... —

Pets and Animals Will No Longer Be Bred For Profit In An Equal Money System

An interview with Bernard Poolman discussing the topic of pets and animals and the overpopulation thereof as a consequence of capitalism. For more information about the Equal Money book which will go into detail about the intricasies of this new economic system, visit: ... —

Who Will Enforce in an Equal Money System? -FAQ

In discussion with Bernard Poolman- who will enforce in an Equal Money System —

Do You Need Friends in an Equal Money System?

In an Equal Money System friendships will no longer be economic relationships, because each will have what they need, and each will have the same opportunity as the other to have more. If you consider groups of friends today, think about who gets invited out the most, or to t... —

The Law of Forgiveness- Part 2

Interview with Bernard Poolman discussing the point of forgiveness. * Relevant, common sense comments will be approved - to discuss this vlog further go to : Equality & Oneness : Intro... —

The Design of Equality and Oneness Field

An interview with the design of the equality and oneness field- answering questions such as why we feel unwhole, incomplete, lost, etc... unless we are in a relationship with something: be it a partner, a religion, a god, spirituality, money, or anything else. Artwork by: Marl... —

The Design of Makeup

Who are you making youself up to be? —

Ignoring the Beggars is the Highest Good

An Interview with Bernard Poolman- —

Poverty Will End with Equal Money

Poverty, the UN, Equal Money and You. in discussion with Bernard Poolman- in the quest for universal equality for all life to have a world where participants act in ways that are best for all life. The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equa... —

Friendship Based on Money Will End with an Equal Money System

An interview with Bernard Poolman about the true nature of many friendships in our current reality based on economic relationships. —

Property is Used to Abuse: My video response to an interview with Bernard Poolman called "Property and the Equal Money System"-