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Day 325 - WTF are you doing?

Yesterday a man in the street hit his dog, he was a youngish man and he was telling the dog, a Rottweiler to sit and he wouldn't so he punched him in his butt. The dog sat for a moment, but stood up again and started to circle the man as he was eating and obviously the dog w... —

Day 320 - What are Human Rights?

On waking this morning in a moment I wondered what kind of day it was going to be. For this I did forgiveness and took a deep breath and just moved myself to get up. I realised that I have the luxury of being able to wonder this. I have an income and shelter and as I made ... —

Day 299 - People Watching

I have realized a little while ago that I have a tendency to 'people watch' - there is a big coffee culture here, inherited from the USA admittedly but the high streets here are now full of charity shops and coffee houses. The high street in the UK is a very different pict... —

Day 298 - A Very Cool Way to Get a Good Nights Rest.

After reading some thing that was directed to another on a forum from Bernard Poolman; about how to direct the breath to each individual part of the body and connect with all the cells within and as the breath. I had the best nights sleep that I have had for a long time and w... —

Day 297 - Fear of the future -Part 2

I am walking my fear of the future that has come up again recently because of all the latest problems in this world/reality: Please see the link below for further context: When and as I see my... —

Day 296 - Fear of the Future

I woke up this morning with a feeling of dread, and my immediate reaction was to go back to sleep. Obviously when I wake up my mind isn't thinking about anything in particular. But within a few seconds I am in my mind, asking myself " What day is it?" and then I start to pro... —

Day 295 - Others Loss is my Gain Part 2

Please see the link below for further context : Back Chat Dimension contin.. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to diminish another in my mind when I have made a ... —

Day 294 - Others Loss is My Gain

Something came up today as I was washing up - I have some cool realisations when my hands are in water for some reason. It's like the water is part of the substance of me, but that for another time. Today I thought about how, in a situation a couple of days ago I was 'thank... —

Day 293 - Negativity continued.

For further context see Day 291 and 292 - Negativity : Self Forgiveness continued. Physical Dim... —

Day 292 - Negativity - Self Forgiveness

Monday Morning - I remember a feeling of waking up on a Monday morning with immediate dread that I had to go to work. I remember dreading going out of the house at times. I remember dreading getting out of bed at times. I remember dreading meeting up with another. I remembe... —

Day 291 - Negativity!

"Fear is something you can feel--negativity is the STATE OF BEING of the HUMAN --they do not feel it at all" - Bernard Poolman. Who and how I have been as negativity is obviously a big point that needs investigation, because it is what is inherent in all of us - I have alway... —

Day 289 - Still Punishing Myself in Shame and Regret - Part 3

Here I continue with the Correction Statements - please read the following link for more context: When and as I see myself as going off in my mind in dread and fear of what this world is become/becoming. I s... —

Day 288 - Still Punishing Myself in Shame and Regret - Part 2

Here I am continuing on with the previous post : I see/realise and understand that I have existed in the character of 'hard on myself' and the only way to date that I have cop... —

Day 269 - Dishonest Starting Point part 2

Dishonest starting point part 2.. See link below for context: After writing out yesterday's blog about how I had a kind of a showdown and reacted to another in my every day life with a... —

Day 268 - Dishonest Starting Point

Someone in my environment asked me to do something for them with an outcome that would assist me, in the form of money. I agreed, but at the time I knew that the starting point was all 'wrong' It was given with a form of trepidation and it was received with trepidation. Now... —

Day 267 - FEAR that is Bigger than me.

Fear that is bigger than me because I have allowed it! Thought Dimension I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear that I am 'doing the wrong thing' and that I will be punished in some way. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed mysel... —

Day 266 - Equality and Oneness

We did a recent experiment on Quora. Below is a link to Creations Journey to Life blog and a vlog by Marlen Vargas Del Razo to explain in more detail:! Now duri... —

Day 279: Anorexia and Desteni

In these Posts on Eating Disorders, I am touching on Some Aspects - to Give some Context to Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD), in Ways to Show that these Compulsions could be Understood and be Removed once one Understand How you Created them. In this, the Key is - Unders... —

Day 210 - Energy Junkie

Hello my name is Kim and I am self confessed energy junkie and an addict of the mind. I have been completely addicted to energy and enjoyed it, really enjoyed it and I had created a belief that it made me feel alive and anything else was boring.. Call it being a drama queen ... —

Day 168 - Continuation of Crying Wolf- no one Loves Me.

This is a continuation of Day 167 - More self forgiveness and commitment statements. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to attempt to fit in with others ... —

Day 167 - Crying Wolf ! No one Loves Me!

A couple of memories popped up today about how as a child/young girl if I couldn't get attention from others. I would concoct a story to get attention that I craved. I remember one time being jealous of some friends at a party I was at at around age 16 and they all seemed to ... —

Day 166 - Stop the Thought in the Moment.

I have recently done a vlog, although the sound quality isn't great I posted it anyway. But basically I have noticed if I allow myself as the mind to talk me back into going to sleep when it is time to get up, the consequences of that is such; that I have more self forgivenes... —

Day 165 - Self-honesty versus Honesty.

Some time ago now when I was in my early twenties I worked for a Recruitment Consultancy. I worked with another girl of similar age to me who the boss favoured more than me. In that she seemed to get along with her better and kind of ignored me unless she had to ask me someth... —

Day 164 - Shopping Fury!

Today I was in the supermarket and it was busy, I was stood taking a product from a shelf and as I turned around with my basket a woman that was stood right behind me almost bumped into me. She looked at me and tutted and mumbled something under her breath, I couldn't actuall... —

Day 163 - Christmas Rant - Bah Humbug!!

Christmas used to be to me an enjoyable time of the year, especially as a child, mostly because it brings everyone together and obviously the presents. Now sometime ago as I got into teenage, I realised the scam that is Christmas and I started to ask questions as to why we c... —

Day 162 - No Comment!

I always know that when I sit here scratching my head and trying to decide what to write about I am not completely here and in many ways I am deceiving myself as there is always something to write about, as I am not completely walking clear within and as myself YET. I did ha... —

Day 161 - Spider Fear/Going to the Toilet

I have a fear of spiders - not all spiders but the black house spiders the ones with the fat hairy bodies and long legs, that run and run fast and you don't know where they have gone. My fear is such that I can't approach them and look at them close up and I certainly couldn'... —

Day 160 - Would it be Such a Bad Thing if the World Ended?

Would it be such a bad thing? If you look around at how we have raped,pillaged and taken from this planet and life for our own self interest and greed. So perhaps us humans deserve to be wiped out?! Today I was looking around and here it is so grey and dark as it's been over... —

Day 159 - 2012 - End of the World? 5th Dimension Anyone?

On the subject of 21st December 2012 and what is going to happen. Now I have heard varying theories and all of them interesting in their own way. I recently had a conversation with a fellow clairvoyant who said “do you know what, I can't see beyond 2012 can you?” “And that t... —

Day 158 - Inferiority Character.

I want to look today at a character that on occsassions still rears its head within and as me and that is the inferiority character. Whereby I will go into spite and diminishment of others in gossip or back chat within and as me to bring another down/deminish them in an attem... —

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