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Day 126 - Forgive Them Father, They Know Not What They Do

"Forgive them Father they know not what they do" Luke 23:34 (bible) I used to ponder this statement when I was a young child and I used to watch the King of King's movie over and over again and the scene where Jesus was being crucified and I would cry my eyes out, tryi... —

Day 125 - Aging and Menopause !

Yesterday I wrote a blog about being pissed off for no particular reason. Now today I know why, as I got my period. Now I wrote a while back about my hormones affecting me at a certain time of the month already, but today I saw how I have been stable and then completely poss... —

Day 124 - Feeling pissed off

Tonight I am not stable - I have not been breathing correctly today, and I now experience myself as stressed/pissed off because of the consequential outflow of the build up of being in the mind and not aware of myself in the breath in every moment. I am going to rando... —

Day 123 - Controlling Fish Cleaning Freak!

Today we cleaned out the fish. Now last time we cleaned them out one of them accidentally got tangled with the plant as we were pulling it out and we were unaware at the time, until a few minutes later I noticed something wriggling on the carpet and ran and scooped it up and ... —

Day 122 - Oh what to write about today.

I am sat here and I have drawn a blank today! For the first time in the whole JTL blog series so far! I have had a busy day with friends/visitors and work etc and I have experienced myself as stable, but I must have something to write about? I have my note pad and I can't in ... —

Day 121 - Losing Nothing - Gaining Everything

Last night I was in the local pub with some male friends as I often am once a week. The conversations ranged from the cost of fuel at the moment and the fact that we are paying probably the most expensive fuel prices in Europe, here in the UK, and the fact that the supermarke... —

Day 120 - Feeling irritated

Now here we are again, that time of the month, where I would go into blaming my hormones for FEELING irritable and annoyed for no real reason. Where little things would just bug me, for example in am in the middle of some house work and the phone would ring or someone may kno... —

Day 119 - Can't Wait till later !

Today I found myself wishing the day away, this is something I used to do a lot before I started process but today the following came up for the first time in a while: I had a full diary of clients when I got to the shop. Which is fine, but I found them hard going today as th... —

Day 118 - Mission statement - Best for All

Slowing myself right down!! and considering what is ABSOLUTELY best for all. I forgive myself that I haven't until now accepted and allowed myself to see/realise and understand that the gift of life is actually that I am HERE breathing, alive and that to waste another moment ... —

Day 117 - Tripping Trump

I was watching a TV programme last night called Tripping Trump about a small community in Scotland in a remote part of Aberdeen where the people live a fairly simple life and a lot of them don't have fresh running water from the system. The area was an area of outstanding nat... —

Day 116 - Not listening!!

I became aware again today of a point that I am sure many can relate to, as when I mentioned it to my partner, he said well we all do that when the conversation isn't of interest to us. And this is where I will drift off in my mind when someone is speaking about something tha... —

Day 115 - Self Forgiveness for Filling in the Cracks

For context please refer to Day 114 filling in the cracks I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create a belief within and as me that someone else will take care ... —

Day 114 - Filling in the cracks

We had to get up on the roof a couple of days ago to fill some holes in the flashing along the side of the tiles to stop the rain coming in. Now I have lived with the rain coming in for some time now, but obviously lately its gotten worse, as it would do. So we thought better... —

Day 113 - Points that have come up as a result of my nightmare, self forgiveness.

Continuation from Day 112 Points that came up as a result of my nightmare : Firstly is the point of " Feeling sorry for myself" Self Judgement/Self Pity/Not being good enough! I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I am not worthy ... —

Day 112 - Dear DOG - sorry I mean't GOD!

Last night I had a nightmare...I woke up in a panic and terror from being chased by an angry rabid dog, I was running and hiding in different unfamiliar house and locking doors behind me and somehow the dog kept getting in. There were others around but this dog was focused o... —

Day 111 - Self Forgiveness for the 'I am Not Good Enough Character'

This is a continuation of my blog Day 110 - Not Good Enough Character I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create a belief within and as myself that I am less than another. Because of a memories that I have programmed in from childhood that I was stupi... —

Day 110 - I am not good enough!

I have noticed that this character comes up if I am experiencing myself as not as knowledgeable as some or I have created a belief within and as me that I am not as attractive or as slim as another so within this there is comparison and jealousy. In the case of not believing ... —

Day 109 - Easy Going/ Laid Back

After my last blog where I was looking at someone owing me some money. I was aware of a character that is activating here. Now the money point is a relatively small thing, but none the less the character has come up again. Whereby I am fearful of saying something to someone ... —

Day 108 - 4am !

I am finding that I need less and less sleep these days. I went to bed after midnight and woke today at around 4 am. It was still dark and everyone else in the house was fast asleep. I was wide awake and thought well nothing to do, ill go back to sleep. I lay there for a ... —

Day 107 - Reaction Character - taking things personally

Today I was at my Customer Service job. Which is my main job, which I work at four days a week and two and half as a Psychic. Today was a very busy day and it started out with two calls from people that weren't very happy. One being a client and another being a fellow emplo... —

Day 106 - Self Judgement, Backchat,Comparison

Today I had to meet with some people I hadn't seen for a while, two women in fact. Now lately I haven't really paid too much attention to what I am wearing, certainly not as much as I used to, although I don't go out looking a mess, in that I make sure my clothes are clean an... —

Day 105 - Relationship Energy contin..

This is a continuation from Day 104 - Relationship Energy and the points that came up after listening to the Life Review - Long Term Melancholy in Relationship Break Up. I have also just been reading Bella's, Misfit's Journey to life, for assistance. http://misfitsof... —

Day 104 - Relationship Energy

I have just listened to Life Review. Long Term Melancholy after Relationship break up. Where the relationship breaks up and how I have been there and then I started to ... —

Day 103 - Starting Point of Desire to Finish - let's get this done

In a chat today with my buddy, She very accurately pointed out to me a point that I have in that I tend to rush within and as myself in desire to get process done. This is how the conversation went, when we were talking about a process assignment: "I suggest taking somethi... —

Day 102 - Another moment in time cont.. The development of the superiority character.

This is a continuation of my blog Day 101 - Another moment in time - meeting my guide a second time. So twice I had met someone that assisted me and then disappeared, but I didn't know who he was until I was around age 24. I met an elderly lady who was a Trace Medium an... —

Day 101 - Another moment in time - Meeting my guide a second time

In my previous blog Day 100 - I wrote about a time when I was younger and I was taken off in a car with two men and that after being dumped in the middle of no where by them, I found comfort in a companion that had no solid form and who I had come to recognise/believe was my g... —

Day 100 - A Moment in Time - Self Pity/Victim Character

I wanted to place here a situation that is something that I have accepted and allowed to shape my future as an adult and it has been underpinning a number of characters that I have activated growing up. What has brought this to mind lately is that a 5 year old has gone missin... —

Day 99 - Scary Movies

In my last blog I talked a little about my fear of roller coasters and when I was writing out the self forgiveness, the film Final Destination came to mind and I had a very vivid image of the roller coaster going off the rails and killing all of them as the carriages fell to t... —

Day 98 - Fear As My Starting Point

Listening to the Quantum Mind interview part 3, especially where the spider bites. I am fully aware now of how fear has been my starting point within and as me throughout my life. I have worked on various points regarding fear, but a couple of things still come up. I was j... —

Day 97 - Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law states - If anything can go wrong, it will! We are due to dog sit again for my partners boss. Which is fine and not a problem usually, because to date its only been one night at most, but now we have him for 5 nights. He is getting old and has a little trou... —