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Day 66 - Don't waste the opportunity!

Last night I was out with some male friends, I got caught up in all the male banter and piss taking and found myself joining in and laughing. At one point they were talking about secret societies and mens clubs and the good they do for charity. Now I have tried to broach Equ... —

Day 65 - Desteni - what did I expect?

In this blog I am going to look at where I have changed since walking self forgiveness and applying myself correctly and basically what I have expected from walking with Desteni and sharing some self realisations. Firstly I will say, I didn't really know what to expect, al... —

Day 64 - Feeling sorry for myself !

I recently discovered a lump in my neck and I started to worry and research the Internet as to what it could be, it is what I believe to be an enlarged lymph node, but none the less I am going to get it checked out tomorrow. I went into a fear when I found this and in my mi... —

Day 62 - Who /How am I in the clothes that I wear

Interesting how I tend to experience myself in different clothing styles. A dress may make me FEEL all grown up and have to behave in a lady like way, jeans and T shirt may make me behave in a fun loving and relaxed way, a big baggy jumper makes me FEEL like I am comfortable a... —

Day 61- Split personality

I am aware of two very distinct personalities that I have adopted. The first is who I am when I am around others that I perceive to not have as much knowledge and information as me or that I believe that they aren't so called 'awake' to how this world actually functions. Wit... —

Day 60 - Partying Addiction ( ammended)

Today I transported myself back in my mind to a time of when I would go out partying/clubbing, I haven't experienced this sensation for a while now, I still go out and socialise but not in the same way as I did when I was a teenager/ twenties, in that I don't go to nightclubs ... —

Day 59 - Avoidance again, its easier to just ignore you!

I have been pretty busy the last couple of weeks with work,process and general everyday life. An old friend whom I haven't seen for some time keeps trying to contact me and each time it is when I am engaged in something and not in a position to speak easily. Now what I have n... —

Day 58 - Hopelessness/Hopefulness, two sides of the same coin!

Today is one of those days where I experienced hopelessness and a frustration within me that we will not get this done! That we are infinitely fucked! I have to work I need the money as we all do and I have to go about my daily business, I can't just sit and work on myself an... —

Day 57 - Vivid imagination

This morning whist I was coming out of sleep, I was in a state of what some would call snoozing, so that the sleep is light enough to be partically aware of what is going on and you are asleep at the same time, its that time when you start to become conscious of your thoughts.... —

Day 56 - Astrology myth! Guess what sign I am?

Today I got to thinking how we have programmed ourselves as specific birth signs and pay so much attention to horoscopes etc. I have learned that companies will use an astrologer to decide when would be the best time to make a business decision and even parents try to time the... —

Day 55 - Food counting!

Now I don't consider myself overweight and there have been times that I have carried a few extra pounds, but for some time now I have been watching what I eat. I try not to eat too much stuff loaded with salt and sugar and always check the fat content, which I think is fine a... —

Day 54 - Debt slave! - Energy addict !

Early hours of the morning I woke, it was a hot and sticky night and not much air so we had the window wide open, so perhaps a noise outside woke me but none the less I am wide awake. Now I haven't woken up with THINGS on my mind for months now, but this morning at around 3am... —

Day 53 - System overload

Today I had to totally restore the system on my computer. Now for months my computer has taken verbal abuse from me and back chat, because it wasn't working quickly enough as far as I was concerned, kept kicking me out of programmes and freezing when trying to do my work. So... —

Day 52 - Facing 'BAD' stuff!

Today something came up again, as it does probably about once a week at least, I write or say self forgiveness out loud if I can. But again the point is still here, and to be honest I can't seem to find my way out of it at the time. I read or look at pictures about abuse, an... —

Day 51 - Facing my psychic shame - Part 3

Here I continue with Part 3 of Facing my psychic shame. What I now/see/realise and understand is that 'fine tuning' isn't what is needed here, as that would indicate that I am still tuning in with and of my mind. What I see and realise now is that there is to be a... —

Day 50 - Facing my psychic shame. Part 2

Continuing on from Day 49;postID=8381322687795740560 Over the years my readings grow stronger, it was like working a muscle, I would be able to give specific dates, names and places and I found tha... —

Day 49 - Facing my psychic shame. Part one.

For sometime now I have realised that by reading for people is just mind reading the programming . We humans have a fascination with what is going to happen and looking into others lives. And being psychic and able to see along a time line I am able to give them knowledge and... —

Day 48 - Pain in the neck - Please don't drink Mum

For the last three days I have had a stiff neck on the right side and a burning/pain in my right shoulder. I have blamed my mattress on my bed as its old now and needs replacing, because the pain has been there on and off for some months now. But then today as I was coming ou... —

Day 47 - How may I help you

I am working on redefining words within my process and if I am to be honest here I am struggling with giving the words truthful definition as to how I stand within and as the words that I am working with. But today the following point came up and that was one of ' Being the ... —

Day 46 - I am a bad person....

This blog started out to be a blog about love and light and those that are of the "love and light" brigade and how I am within this and those around me that are still believers of love and light. But I encountered much resistance within and as me, I couldn't find the words t... —

Day 45 - Useless parenting

Reading the recent blogs by Bernard regarding children and how they are totally reliant on us to teach/programme them into and of this world, that they aren't born already with personalities and ideas/opinions about life, even though they have character/personality traits fro... —

Day 44 - Fear of ageing/dying

Something that has come up within me on a number of occasions and did so again today is the fear that I have of becoming old in my face and body. I became aware of myself today looking at a woman that I was speaking to and thinking, wow, she looks great for someone in her for... —

Day 43 - Illness as a weapon

Today something came up whereby I was asked to speak to a colleague who is often sick and suffers from depression. I was asked to call them up and to check that they were ok as this particular person was worried and it would " settle their mind and make the other person happy"... —

Day 42 - Love as Fear

I see a lot of people in my work and I have noticed how some will avoid love though fear of actually " falling in love"in case they get hurt and some will fear never meeting" the one" and actually falling in love ever ....There is a massive polarity here but the underlying emo... —

Day 41 - Avoidance...

There are times where I dont like to be around others and I find myself making excuses to avoid situations where I may have to have contact with certain individuals that I think I no longer have anything in common with. Within this what I see is a character that is fearful o... —

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