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Here, gratefully, walking the Process of ReBirth. Until All Life is Free, as Me, in/as Equality and Oneness. This is Possible.

Kristina Salas

567: Layers of Self, Patience, and the Process

Don't be so quick to assume what you experience on a conscious level of your own mind is the real story, and don't be so quick to quit when you are not seeing the results you are looking for in anything you do. This process, life, understanding yourself, developing yourself, c... —

567: Freedom From the Need for Approval

Decided it was time to step out of my comfort zone... It's been long overdue and it may just prove to be more practical for the moment. So here we go. Vlog time. The Journey to Lifers Take Responsibility for what is HERE in/as this world, within AND without: Desteni D... —

565: Desteni and the Potential

A few weeks ago I was at the bank to deposit some money for a client. While I was there, the person behind the counter stopped what she was doing to mention that if the person who was receiving the deposit was not physically in the bank, they would not be able to transfer/wire... —

564: Are we FREE?

Free. What does it mean to be free? How do you define 'free'? What if you found out how you defined the word free actually enslaved you to an experience that is lesser than your full potential? In some previous writings, it was revealed that I equate being thin with being fre... —

563: Resistance and Redefining Words

And so continuing with walking through this resistance to redefining words with the support of self-forgiveness which allows me to gift of self-empowerment, to change my perspective, and understanding of myself and who I am in relation to resistances, and redefining words. I ... —

562: Ego, Breath, and Consistent Self-Movement

The last three days have been insightful. After the last blog I wrote about seeing a word necessary to redefine and live a certain, familiar wall came up. I have for quite some time faced a lot of resistance to the process of redefining words, and this time was no different. A... —

561: Thin = Freedom?

A couple of blogs ago I wrote an interesting statement - relating being thin/not fat to freedom. It was a subtle slip of words that I didn't necessarily know I even had as an association - but there it was, in my own words. So here is an example of how we define words and acc... —

560: Shattering the Illusory Image

Yesterday I noticed some emotion come up in relation to the last few blogs - this relationship towards my body, and the points I've been sharing on it - feeling a bit like I've shared 'too much' and in a way blame towards myself for 'making it a big deal'. It's like when you p... —

559: Good/Bad Foods and Why We Want a More Appealing Body

Today I felt a very slight, and very subtle sickness throughout the body. Like a potential for a fever and for some sinus thing happening. I consider it being in relation the point I recently opened up through blogs in relation to my body and my stomach specifically. Today I ... —

557: Fear of Getting Fat

I am going to share a bit more here my relationship to my body, and more specifically, my stomach. When I was around 10 years old I stopped dancing, which I had been doing for 8 years already, and competitively for the last few of them. I remember being at home and thinking ab... —

556: What Are we Missing when We Judge our Bodies?

Last night I had a dream I was pregnant. I was full term, but the belly seemed somewhat under developed. I actually enjoyed the experience and overall I was content within the dream in relation to being pregnant. Though at one point I lifted my shirt and noticed a bruising/wil... —

555: Do My Intentions Matter?

There is one point I've been thinking about a lot recently - how intentions really get you nowhere. You can have all the pure, and good intentions in the world, better than anyone else on earth but those Intentions are USELESS if they do not lead to action. I'll give you an e... —

554: Things Change - Will You?

I started a new job just a couple of months ago, which changed up my home-life schedule quite a bit. I am no longer working evenings, or weekends, and work more hours in a day. I am very pleased about the change, but with that, I had to change myself. I have been a long-time ... —

553: Forgiveness is not about Forgetting

I just listened to an Eqafe recording titled, "Forgiveness and Forgetting". It explains the point of how just because you forgive something, doesn't mean it forever deletes it from you or your mind. There still exists a remembrance - a recalling of what has happened and who yo... —

552: What we Resist Persists

To touch base on a previous blog, 540, I wanted to reiterate the point of how 'what you resist, persists'. When I resist pain such as headaches and take a pill to get rid of the experience, I am essentially giving up the opportunity I have to develop a level of self-intimacy,... —

551: Asking for Permission When you Fear going Against the Crowd

Recently I saw myself faced with a fear of 'going at it alone'. In a group setting, it can be scary standing out, drawing attention to yourself, and be willing to share some new ideas. For me, it was a need for others to agree, as to validate what I could see I could do - thin... —

550: Making "As within, So Without" Practical

A point to consider when walking a process of change... it's not only about changing within. Changing without has just as much of an impact on the overall process, and impacts as changing within. I realized this quite some time ago, and in a way felt as if I started from the ... —

549: Unlock Yourself - Inspired by

Imagine someone standing in front of you. They are asking for help. They want you to do something for them, to help get them free. On their right wrist, there is a handcuff, bound tightly around it. Extended from the handcuff is the metal chain making its way to their rig... —

548: It's not Personal, It's Process

This is again in relation to the new work environment and relationships I have been recently writing about. I noticed particularly strong reactions towards one specific co-worker in the new environment, and after a few days of this strong reaction/experience in relation to the... —

547: When You Blame others for your own Self-Definitions

This is a follow up to the previous blog as it relates to the new work environment, the new people in my environment, and the experiences that thus comes up from it. Following the nuisance idea of me, came the feeling inferior, and inadequate, and that others were impatient wi... —

546: My Process to Living Passion and Purpose

I recently listened to an Eqafe audio recording regarding the point of Purpose, and Meaning in one's life - and for me it was an awesomely supportive recording because I have walked quite a process, a lifetime with this exact point, and it was only in this past year where I st... —

545: The New Girl, The Nuisance

I recently started a new job so I'm in a new environment with new people, learning new tasks and responsibilities. And immediately what I saw within the first few days of starting was this growing fear of being a nuisance and in the way of others - being a bother to them, beca... —

544: Decade with Desteni - Transcending Laziness

Looking back on the years of self-writing, and blogging, I see a particular pattern wherein I am reflecting a lot on resistances I experience within my day to day living. I am still working with, and walking through a pattern of laziness, or not wanting to do this or that, and... —

543: Realizations in Letting Go of a Dependency

**The most recent blogs, and ones to come are a few weeks old, as I have been writing, without publishing. I have just completed a 21 day challenge of no coffee. I did it for myself - seeing how I had created a bit of dependency and love affair with coffee, acting as if I c... —

542: Emotional vs Practical Decision Making

Recently I had a decision to make wherein the choice before me was pretty clear. I made the pros and cons list and could see one decision what practically, physically best for me, and the other was remaining the same. Despite seeing this there was a fear to make the 'better ch... —

541: Comfort in Coffee

Not too long ago I challenged myself to 21 days of no coffee. It was a success in that I committed to the 21 days, and walked the 21 days without any coffee. And I say it was a success because it revealed deeper dimensions of the relationship I've created towards and with coff... —

540: How I Deal with Dis-Ease

Often times when I get a headaches I resist the experience. I want it to quickly be done with. I want to take something to get rid of the pain, I want to simply avoid the experience all together. It's like I want to hide from it, in fear of it, not willing to stand in the dis-... —

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