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Here, gratefully, walking the Process of ReBirth. Until All Life is Free, as Me, in/as Equality and Oneness. This is Possible.

Kristina Salas

Day 325: What are My Reasons for Wanting to Change?

Continuing from yesterday's blog, "324: Hyped Up on Making Changes? Time Reveals whether it's real". I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to 'hype myself up' when making changes within my life as if to give myself the reward of positive energy and accept... —

Day 320: Changing what I Accept and Allow

Here are the self corrective statements in relation to the previous blog: When and as I see myself justifying as back chats within my mind of 'they do it, I can do it too' in relation to accepting and allowing myself to go into emotional reactions - I stop and I breathe and I... —

319: Am I the Shepherd or the Sheep?

This blog is a continuation of the points mentioned in the previous one - 'Why is the World Not Changing'. I saw this point within myself; seeing how I was justifying my behavior, my reactions, my emotional possessions and in reality, my unwillingness to stop and change myself... —

318: Why is The World Not Changing?

One of the most crucial points in this process of change is realizing that you are alone within your process and that the one point that is holding everyone hostage in terms of not willing to actually change is through the excuse and justification that "well, no one else is." ... —

Is your Hourly Wage actually Less than What you Thought?

Currently in the United States, the Federal Minimum Wage is set at $7.25 an hour. A state is able to set the wage higher or lower, however, if the state minimum wage is set lower than the federal wage, than automatically the state's minimum wage is the federal wage. If the sta... —

A Living Income for Difficult Times

Imagine yourself a young parent, with a child less than a year old. Your partner faces inner demons that drive them to abuse substances that create them to no longer be a supportive role in this child's life. They lie, cheat and steal for their addiction and you are put into a... —

The Tiger and the Resistance

Read the Rest: Music By: Fidelis Spies '...Challenge yourself through removing the chains and dare to go beyond the bounds and limitation. We h... —

How will a Living Income Support College Students?

Currently I am a finishing up a two-year degree at my local Community College. After starting slow in my education process, I have been a full-time student the last 3 semesters. While I have been in school, I have also been working. Obviously one require money to support any ... —