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Here, gratefully, walking the Process of ReBirth. Until All Life is Free, as Me, in/as Equality and Oneness. This is Possible.

Kristina Salas

The Tiger and the Resistance

Read the Rest: Music By: Fidelis Spies '...Challenge yourself through removing the chains and dare to go beyond the bounds and limitation. We h... —

How will a Living Income Support College Students?

Currently I am a finishing up a two-year degree at my local Community College. After starting slow in my education process, I have been a full-time student the last 3 semesters. While I have been in school, I have also been working. Obviously one require money to support any ... —

298: Judgment = No Change

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge myself as who I am currently I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to hide who I am currently as my habits and patterns as a point of self judgment - realizing here I am thus in separ... —

286: Using My Mind to Distract Myself

Distractions. That is a point I'm continuing with and going to look at the various ways I've distracted myself as a way to not face myself, to not be here but to simply entertain myself, constantly looking for a form of reward. The reward is usually as positive energy, feel... —