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Maite Zamora Moreno

Day 2 - The Red or the Blue Pill? Desire for an Ordinary Life

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to desire to lead a ‘normal’ ordinary life. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the desire to lead a normal ordinary life to exist as a backdoor within me to not complete my process, but walk away from any responsibil... —

Day 1–Giving up Before having Started

With this blog I am starting a 7 Year Journey to Life. One blog a day for 7 years, wherein I write myself out and let go of mind-patterns through using Self-Forgiveness, as well as creating the solution through Self-Corrective Statements, wherein I prepare myself to walk the c... —

The Nutritional Value of Comfort

In the Post Office at the mall today, there was a woman and her 2 or 3 year-old daughter. They had a big shopping trolley with them. At some point, the trolley fell on top of the little girl. As I heard the noise, I turned around and I saw I was closest, so I stepped over and ... —

It’s Time to do what’s RIGHT

What Capitalists want you to believe is that – as rich people become richer, so do poor people.And if you ask the question: Well, does it seem right to you that there are very rich people and very poor people? They’ll reply: Well, as the rich people get richer, the poor people... —

A Democratic Economic System – Is this possible?

Economics is the science that tries to find answers to the question: How to distribute scarce resources to satisfy unlimited wants and needs? The way in which Capitalism answers this question is through prices. The price of a good or service determines who has access to the... —

Only the Poor would Survive

I’ve been raised in the belief that in order to survive, I need to have a good education, so that I can get a good job, a lot of money and from there I’ll be able to take care of myself. Having moved to South Africa, this belief of mine has been challenged. In coming to live o... —

The Black Swan in Me

"Sharing my 'Black Swan experience' when I attended a professional dance-school. Pictures by Jan en Tine Lemmert." —

Joey The Duck

Meet Joey our in-house duck and join her while she takes a bath! Many tips on bird rehabilitation and domesticating poultry. The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start participating in democratic elect... —

Global Sustainable Development – No more Empty Promises

A 'new concept' I'm being taught about, is 'Sustainable Development'. The Brundtland Commission defines 'sustainable development' as 'development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.' So – in ot... —

ECONOMY is the Science of REAL EVIL

When you study economy, you will be surprised at how clearly they show you that the current economic system DOES NOT WORK. From the perspective that: They are aware that within the current economic system, only those with money will be provided for and anyone else is excluded ... —

Self Comes Forth within Agreement

Comfort as how it is lived and experienced in this world is as a 'hiding' from pain. Comfort always occurs After something unpleasant has happened to you and then someone comes to comfort you. Comfort – Come into my fort – Come here, I will comfort you, I will create an appare... —

Freedom and the Crucifixion of Jesus

Have a look at one of the typical representations of Freedom within this world: A human being standing on a ledge with his/her arms spread horizontally to the side – generally with wind blowing through his/her hair for extra drama. A typical example is the scene in the Tit... —

Practically Living with Animals at the Desteni Farm

Today I walked through a series of events where actual and possible animal-attacks kept on following each-other. Okay – let me first explain to you the lay-out of the farm in terms of who lives where, as the housing area of the farm is divided into two parts. You have the f... —

My experience of motherhood and the mother matrix system

Last night I had a conversation with LJ about the mother matrix system. We have at the moment Boeboe, Chimera (3 month old puppy) and Tweety (about 3 week old chick) living with us in our room. With having to take care of babies, my mother matrix system issues have been comi... —

Gandalf is Dead

Talking about one of the chickens at the Desteni Farm. —

Agreement Support 3.3 - From Communication to Interpretation - Maite's Perspective

Continuing on the point of starting to communicate with each other and how this 'placed the lock' on our agreement. —

Agreement Support 3 2 - From Communication to Interpretation - Maite's Perspective

Continuing on the point of Communication - Maite's Perspecitve —

Agreement Support 3.1 - From Interpretation to Communication (LJ's Perspective)

Agreement Support 3.1 by Maite & Leslie-John. Here we discuss how we went from interpretation to communication (Part 1 of 3). —

Agreement Support 2 - Physical Comfortability

Part 2.1 of our Agreement Support series - discussing our physical comfortability with each other. —

Agreement Support 1 - Introduction

This is the first video of a series within which we will be sharing our experience of being in an agreement, as well as give suggestions/pointers for those who are interested in going into /are currently in an agreement. If you have any specific questions you would like us to ... —

Agreement Discussion Maite & LJ - Recommended Sex: 3 to 7 times a Week

Agreement Discussion Maite & LJ - Recommended Sex 4x a Week Transcription soon to be placed. —

Agreement Discussion Maite & LJ - Secret Porn and Masturbation

Agreement Discussion Maite & LJ - Part 3: Secret Porn and Masturbation Transcription soon to be placed —

Agreement Discussion Maite & LJ - Arguments and Fights as Superiority Play-Out

Agreement Discussion Maite & LJ - Part 2: Arguments and Fights as Superiority Play-Out. Transcription soon to be placed —

Agreement Discussion Maite & LJ - Self-Change through walking Self-Forgiveness Process

Maite & LJ's Resonant Agreement Discussion - Self-Change through walking Self-Forgiveness Process. Transcription to be placed soon. —

If I was Born in a World with Equal Money Part 2

Now, to get back to the point of Equal Money if there had been Equal Money, my father wouldnt have had to spend his entire life well his entire life during the time that he was a parent just working and only taking on that point of being a provider for the family. And then,... —

If I was Born in a World with Equal Money Part 1

What my Life would have been if I was Born in a World with Equal Money for All. If I look at my life and a person or a point that has had a very big influence on me; on my education, on the development of myself, of my expression, of how I formed myself within this world ... —

Why People join Religions 2 - How do I live my life

Why People join Religions - part two - How do I live my life? For discussion, visit —

Why People join Religions 1 - The Promise for Happiness

This is part one of a video series I'll be doing on the starting point of beings joining religions. —

Earth Not the First Planet We're Consuming

Earth Not the First Planet Were Consuming - Text Nature, automatically the Total-Nature that exist, exist as what? A Consumption-System. This is not the first-time or the first planet we are doing this with. Weve been doing this throughout the Universe. We have been consum... —

Video Response to GoldenLightD - The Physical

This is a video response to a comment from GoldenLightD on the video 'Why people KILL ME - JESUS' on the DesteniProductions channel. I quote the comment: "The true deception is the physical world and your body. You have identified with your body and now your awareness a... —

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