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Educating the human – but where is the sex?

Desteni Artist Garbrielle Goodrow Why would any society, or the world for that matter, who is obsessed with knowledge and information, omit sex from education? The undeniable reality is that sex, one of the fundamental aspects of human life, coequal to the biological requireme... —

Day 130, 2012 Facing the fear of making a mistake and missing an opportunity - part 2

Artwork Anna Brix Thomsen I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe by taking advantage of an opportunity that presents itself in my life, I direct my life, not realising that each moment of breath is the one and only true opportunity I have in th... —

Day 129, 2012 Facing the fear of making a mistake and missing an opportunity

Artwork Damian Ledesma I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to sabotage my common sense by believing that if I don’t take advantage of a specific opportunity then I will miss this opportunity not realising that I created fear around the definition of w... —

Day 128, 2012 "I work hard for my money"

Artwork Kelly Posey I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create an economical system where my first concern is making money and when I don’t make money I am anxiety-ridden because I fear surviving. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed mys... —

Day 9, 2012 Mind is self-sabotage

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear losing my mind, and through this fear I provide the grounds for my secret mind to act in self-sabotage. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear succeeding in moving as Self, as point of stability... —

Day 8, I am here as physical being equal and one

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to blame my body for my experience of sickness, discomfort and disease because I do not want to take responsibility for my creation within the mindconsciousness system, and my addiction to energy and thought patterns. I for... —

Day 7, 2012 At the edge of my 'stances to return'

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not see that I can stop thoughts of impending ‘failure to proceed as here’ by immediately breathing, yet still recognising that what I experience in my body, and resistances to specific tasks, are real and must be addressed... —

Day 6, 2012 Every man cease to participate in mens true hate (emancipation and menstruation construct)

Mens-tru-ate = man’s true hate, why man’s true hate, because a slave will be filled with anger towards self because self knows what self is accepting and allowing, but not accepting and allowing self to stand up and stop the accepted and allowed definition of self according to... —

Day 5, 2012 On Sadness

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to hold on to the memories of my childhood. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that I am what I experienced in my childhood. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that I l... —

Day 4, 2012 Seeing impatience programming through the interaction with another

I was having a conversation with X about something in my professional life that required me to make a decision. I was having difficulty deciding on the best way forward. A matter that I see as important for me and for us in determining some future aspects of my/our life. The ... —

Day 3 - 2012 Separation from the physical through suppression of movement

I have a tendency to work in front of my computer for long hours. I recall that I trained myself to do this years ago when I was working on large projects with heavy deadlines. Lately, I have been dealing with the issue of time management because I have to cater to many differ... —

Day 2 - 2012 Conforming to personality patterns when engaging with others

This post is about the belief that I must be a pleasant person because I share some aspect of my life (for example at school or work) with others (acquaintances) and by doing so I act from personality, using automated words and responses which are essentially manipulative and ... —

2012 Anusian musings: Change of the unchangeable

In a recent interview by Anu I gained clarity on a particular topic. A topic that has been hovering in the background, waiting – I was waiting for myself to step out, to end the uncertainties about it, not to shy away from it and to get clarity once and for all. Here it goes: ... —

2012 – The truth behind “Follow your heart”

No other organ of the human body is given so much responsibility than the heart. We will do anything to abdicate our self-responsibility and for that we have created a belief involving the heart, an organ, to organise and orchestrate our life affairs. When I type “follow your ... —

2012: The Stockholm Syndrome exposes the true nature love

Even if you have not taken psychology 101 and you will hear the definitions and examples of the Stockholm Syndrome, you will find it a curious fact about humans and their propensity towards violence and brutality. And – I will add here – the various perspectives on love and fe... —

Why I was able to hear Desteni’s message

Desteni answers my childhood questions! With Desteni I have come full circle to my childhood. Perhaps all children who are born into this world experience great discrepancies between what is happening on the planet and what makes sense to them. Many of us forget that when we a... —

2012: How I was able to hear the Desteni message

In this video I am answering the question: How I was able to hear the Desteni message Destonians are in it for life: Music: Manuela J —

Homeless, the locale of entertainment « The culture of unity

In a recent article in “Der Spiegel” I was astonished to read a report on the latest developments of the tourism industry. The article featured a woman in the UK as a representative for a new line of tour guides. The kick for the visitor who goes on sightseeing adventures in L... —

2012 ascension is a house made from clouds

For some people the year 2012 is the year of ascension. In the preceding years leading up to 2012, various media channels have presented us with individuals who have given us plenty of apparently solid reasons why we should join in with the light workers to make the transition... —

2012 – Time to get off the drug!

The love and light community insists and persists in this year’s ascension. Well, for now. This is in spite of many overtly incongruent issues around this idea which point to a self-created belief system that is not based in reality but is entirely make-belief. A kind of drug ... —

Equal Money FAQ - Equal Money and bloodlines

The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start participating in democratic elections. Join the Desteni Forum for discussions. The Book - Equal Money System has been released and more volumes will continue to ... —

[Destonians walk with]...principles breath by breath understanding that you can ever only be as pure as you are in a single breath at a time - as it is in the principle of love thy neighbour as yourself and give to another what you want to receive, and to make sure that that becomes the system of the world for everyone - equal money for all. Bernard Poolman

What does it mean to be equal to everything here? It means that no situation, issue, word, gesture, voice, sound, or any other element we perceive in our interaction with the world has more or less importance than another. When all elements of interaction have the same importance, attachment will fall away and we perceive clearly what needs to be done to continue within equality. This will be an ongoing process where we immediately detect where we need to equalise ourselves with the world around us, which involves every living being. Thus we will be able to do what is best for all!

How Destonian actions are no longer limited by human nature – a call on the scientific community to investigate the effects of self-honesty

From the perspective of a self-willed, responsibility-taking individual in process, all actions are performed in equality regardless of the nature of these actions. In other words, Destonians do not simply execute an action but are standing as equal to the action itself. Inevi... —

Creating my life through the DesteniIProcess

I have been asking myself if the agreement with Gabriel might have been a pre-programmed situation. The reason for asking myself this question has been twofold. First, we seem to be quite compatible in a basic way of being. Don’t get me wrong I can see that this agreement is t... —

From “system” equality to Destonian equality, or how I learned to understand the meaning of equality

Before I became a Destonian, I was unable to understand the true sense of equality. Even though it was clear to me that all people should be equal and that differences related to gender, sexual orientation and race – among others – are a non-issue when it comes to equality. Th... —

A threesome: Equal Money is the only solution!

In this post I am discussing three viewpoints of the Equal Money System in relation to anarchism, resource-based economy and gold standard. Equal Money System is not Anarchism. The word “anarchism” is an umbrella term which groups political and religious thought (such as Chris... —

What will happen to the media in an Equal Money System?

The media in our current political and economic system is a tool that is used to influence the masses in order to generate profit for those in power.  Media channels spread across all different forms of communication whether is it magazines, television, internet or radio, and ... —

Digital interfaces and the Equal Money System

The other day while listening to one of Bernard’s interviews I realised that Arvy, Gabriel and myself are living together much like people in the future will live when we have transitioned to an Equal Money System. We recently moved into a house and are now figuring out how to... —

How will pollution and protection of the environment work in the Equal Money System?

Many aspects of pollution in the environment are known facts, there is no mystery that basic pollution hinges on how we conduct ourselves within the economic system, what we create and maintain through our participation. With known factual information on the one hand, we notic... —

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