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I'm a human being that has decided to live by the principle of Life in Equality and place myself as a point of support for everyone that's willing to birth themselves as Life in this physical world.

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Marlen Vargas Del Razo

[95] Basic Income: The Story So Far

What evidence do we have thus far that Basic Income is a solution to economic inequality and poverty? What are the economic trends leading to the necessity of implementing Basic Income programs around the world? Why is providing a Basic Income a social investment instead of an... —

235. Kill the Messenger: No More

Why should we all become Gary Webb? Why is it that uncovering ‘big truths’ and exposing corruption at the highest levels of power a threat to one’s life instead of an honorary virtue of integrity? How is it that scandals are used to distract people’s awareness from matters of ... —

234. California’s Drought and #Hollywater Awareness

Solutions must be brought forth to increase the water supply in California, but in the meantime, where is our attention diverted to? What kind of technology is being squandered instead of focusing on ensuring each human being – all around the world – has access to this vital l... —

[94] The Moral Imperative

Can we really say that those in society with the least education, the most dysfunctional upbringings and relationships and whose behavior, personality designs and thought processes are most aligned to the culture of crime and survival - are the ones who have a Moral imperative... —

233. The Salt of the Earth: from Decay to Regeneration

How can someone’s work and life be a process of transformation from witnessing decay and destruction to deciding to put one’s grain of sand to create solutions that seem small, but have great impact at large? Discussing the inspiring life and work of Sebastião Salgado featured... —

232. #YuanNewWorldTradeCurrency : A Real Change of Powers?

“China has sought to have the yuan reflect its new status as the world’s biggest trading nation and second-largest economy. Acceptance as one of five currencies included in the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights would accelerate its acceptance as a bona fide reserve currency.” How r... —

[93] Would a Living Income bring a Revolution in Education?

What is the purpose of the current educational system and how does it impact on the development of children? Why should empowering education be considered as a basic human right? How is the structure of the current education system disempowering the youth? How will changing th... —

427. Walking through the Fear of Making a Decision

“OBSERVE yourself in that moment ob-SERVE, serve yourself with some awareness through observation, in the moment MOVE yourself to ask “why am I allowing the mind to be more than me/a decision to change here?” and then do a forgiveness / breathing to stand and not accept/allow ... —

231. Farmers’ Suicides and BT Cotton: What are the Solutions?

“An estimated 290,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide in 20 years. Small farms used to be India’s economic backbone, but now owners struggle to make even a meager profit and drown in debt. Many blame GMO cotton for the failing farms, having cornered the market and replac... —

230. Who are the Authors of this World System?

Identifying the authorities we have placed ‘above us’ enables us to recognize where we have abdicated our power away to design a system that works for all – how can we become the authors of this world and dismantle the hierarchical structures that exist within and without us? ... —

[92] Basic Income Canada

Why is a basic income necessary? Why should the living wage movement care about the basic income movement? What is the cost of a basic income? How can people join the movement for Basic Income in Canada? This and more will be discussed with Jon Sanderson from Canada in our liv... —

229. Inheritance Taxes and #DeathAfterMath

Why are taxes imposed  to ‘gifts’ endowed as a patrimony left by relatives/significant ones meant to be assistive after they die? ‘Gone without a trace’ should not be a criminal pun, but a self-responsible planning  skills for and by the living ones that wish to support their ... —

[91] Basic Income and Women's Rights

How can Basic Income be a game changer for the empowerment of women? What kinds of abusive situations can women stand up from upon having the right to a guaranteed living income? What kinds of potentials can be unleashed when both men and women are equally empowered to be fina... —

228. E-Waste Trafficking: a 21st Century Crisis

The wonders of technology also come with a hideous after effect: tons of  e-waste and a multi-billion dollar mafia that is emerging where government and recycling plants strike juicy deals while impoverished people make some cents a day by separating toxic waste. How can a Liv... —

227. Behind the Scenes of #CatPunching

Would a person that is supported at home to develop themselves to their utmost potential and have financial security for a lifetime grow up to be an abuser? What is behind ‘catpunching’ and how can we prevent this kind of hideous abuse toward life that trickles down from a non... —

[90] Homeschooling: Learning by Living

Does the education system nurture and promote the kind of growth we want for our children? Most schools don't. It may seem like parents have no choice but to send their kids to bad schools, but maybe there's another way available right now. What are the alternatives to the pub... —

[89] Revolutionizing Social Reintegration

United States’ prison system contains roughly a quarter of the world's incarcerated population. Every year around 650,000 people are released from prisons and jails and more than 2/3 of those will be arrested again within 3 years. Why should you care about what happens to tho... —

226. The End of Bank Secrecy in Switzerland

The US managed to break in the sacrosanct banking secrecy in Switzerland and even though it has affected the country’s wealth and stability, people are demanding honesty and a new national pride: the provision of a Basic Income and sovereign money. Is this enough to solve the ... —

Desteni Movie Night: Still Alice

When Alice is diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's disease everything changes and she starts a process of "losing" her Self as who she knew to be thus far... In this hangout we discuss our relationship to memory, to the past, to society and with ourselves.  - Who are we def... —

225. #MayDay: Basic Income Day

May first is Basic Income Day, an economic solution to most of our pressing problems that is gaining momentum day by day. Let’s spread the word to the world: poverty, social injustice, inequality and discrimination can be effectively solved with providing a Basic Income for Al... —

224. Regenerative Capitalism: Stewardship in the Anthropocene

We have a unique opportunity to leave a legacy in this world: do we want to continue extracting and dumping or do we want to create an economic system that integrates the principle of Regenerating life on Earth and genuinely thrive? The choice is ours, here are the solutions ... —

[88] Open Source Engagement: Loomio

Participating in decision making processes has taken an evolutionary step with online technologies such as Loomio, a decision making platform that enhances our ability to connect, propose, decide and be accountable for the improvements that we want to see in our communities. W... —

225. Forgiving the Past to Build a Better Future

What would it mean to make justice to the injustices of the past that have been ignored? What would be the outflows of recognizing the Armenian Genocide and make it a known fact around the world? A suggestion for the past and new generations on how to best act upon the grievan... —

222. Survival of the Fittest No More with a Living Income Guaranteed

Social Darwinism is an excuse to perpetuate poverty and elites at the top of the ‘food chain.’ Scientific evidence proves that we pay a higher cost by not supporting everyone to live in dignity and to their utmost potential, physically and psychologically. Family income aff... —

221. The Paradox of Philanthropy

Why do we venerate the idea that the most ‘fortunate ones’ give some extra pocket money for ‘good causes’ for the ‘less fortunate ones’ without Questioning Why are we Not yet Giving to Every individual money from birth to death as a Human Right and so render Philanthropism obs... —

[87] Accelerationism and Post-Capitalism

How do the ideas and critiques of Accelerationism as a political project enhance our understanding of our world? Accelerationism contends that capitalism should be expanded and accelerated in order to generate radical social change, while using existing infrastructure as a pla... —

220. #Fightfor15: Let’s Get Rid of Fear for Once and for All

How is it that the current fight for higher wages and CEO’s redistributing their profit between workers aligns with the Living Income Proposal and how does it integrate various necessary changes in our economy like the provision of a basic income, higher wages and solving inco... —

219. The Vicious Cycle of Poverty

Mexico has become the #1 Meth producer, why? Because people have no other means to make a living. But these people’s income depends on drug addicts around the world paying for drugs, so why do we focus so much on the ‘war against drugs’ instead of tackling the sources of the p... —

426. Giving up vs. Letting Go

There was an interesting interview I listened about being able to let go of someone that is not willing to support themselves. Throughout my past, I have had a pattern of wanting to save people which then throughout this process became a necessity to want to show others their ... —

[86] Thriving on a Basic Income: is it Possible?

Basic Income and a Community Created Economy are bold ideas for humanity that promote human welfare, strong interdependent relationships and alternatives to our current individualized and self-interest driven economy. How do you manage your basic needs with a fixed amount of m... —