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Marlen Vargas Del Razo

279. “Do you Support Keystone XL Pipeline or Not?” False Dilemma

Activism has continued to stop the construction of major gas pipeline that crosses the US, but what about focusing on the new paradigm that will make the old ‘technologies’ obsolete? Let’s make fossil fuels a thing of the past now. Documentary: Above all else http://www.above... —

[109] Basic Income in Finland: Will it Work?

Why do Finns need a Basic Income? Will this Basic Income Pilot eradicate Poverty? What is there to consider when choosing the Basic Income amount? Would there be other benefits paid on top of the Basic Income? What benefits can Basic Income bring in entrepreneurship? What othe... —

278. Technology FTW! But a Transitional Living Income is Needed

With great inventions comes a paradigm change. When replacing a fossil fuel driven economy with clean and renewable sources of energy, we’ll require a transitional safety net for everyone: a guaranteed living income. Billions in Change – Official Film 96% of the water on ... —

277. How to Solve Corruption in Politics?

Is it so that politicians are the epitome of corruption? What kind of individuals do we require to be in order to prevent corruption from becoming the status quo in our system? Where  does integrity, honesty and responsibility begin? Let’s discuss that. Redefining Politics ... —

276. Indigenous Rights and Living Income Guaranteed

Only in a system that supports the law of the most profit, deceit and abuse can the lives of those that live and work of the land be neglected. How can we reverse the trend of corporate ‘profitism’? How to guarantee the safety of their right to own the land they work on? Docum... —

275. Solitary Confinement: The Horrors of our Prison System

Only in a criminal-justice system can isolating someone until they start going mentally ill and hurting themselves can be called ‘Social Rehabilitation.’ Let’s discuss the abject reality of Prisons around the world that includes children in solitary confinement. It’s OUR Respo... —

274. Does Lack of Money Stunt Your Potential?

How Does Money Affect Your Life? What kind of challenges will we face when providing money to individuals that do not ‘earn’ their money as such? What kind of potentials in other areas of our lives are we missing out on by perceiving that only lack of money is the problem in t... —

273. Problem-Solving with Getting a Living Income Guaranteed

What would you do if money was no longer an issue for the rest of your life? How would that thing that is currently a problem for you transform if you had more money, time and general stability to deal with it? How would our relationships change? Join the discussion and share ... —

272. Preventing Suicides with a Living Income

Why are people in South Korea committing suicide, even though it is one of the places with high advancements in their technology and society? How will priorities in life change with guaranteeing everyone their right to a Living Income? Let’s discuss!   Documentaries: People & ... —

[105] Cryptocurrencies: Money in the Information Era

What role do cryptocurrencies have in changing how we understand money? Who has the power to create and regulate them? What is the value behind major cryptocurrencies? Are cryptocurrencies a way to democratize money creation? Can cryptocurrencies be entirely detached from main... —

271. Monetary Reform + Basic Income = World Change

If we only focus on advocating the provision of a basic income, but ignore how Money comes to creation: we only get halfway the road to actual economic change. A fusion of monetary reform and basic income is a more democratic way to create a solid foundation to guarantee our h... —

270. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Get Past The Fear

What is the one point that one has to transcend when looking at creating solutions for peace and prosperity in this world? What is preventing us from finding a way through the most complex conflicts, such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? What needs to be recognized and how... —

269. Burning Man: The New Riches Utopia?

Is having a one week party in the desert where everything is ‘shared’ and ultimately burnt to ashes, doing anything you’d like and calling it ‘radical expression’ a genuine way to live and portray ‘freedom’? What happens when the richest ones decide to be part of this ‘utopia’... —

268. Refugee Crisis: the Outflow of a Conflict of Interests

Why is more money spent on controlling borders, treating human beings as criminals and denying to support others unconditionally, instead of looking at the reasons why this conflict started, assuming responsibility for the damage done and assisting others to get back on track,... —

[104] Parenting and a Living Income Guaranteed

How does the lack of parental economic support affect our societies? How would Parenting change in a society where our basic needs are guaranteed as a Human Right? What effects will securing the livelihood of mothers and fathers bring to our society at large? What needs to cha... —

267. Children of Poverty: What are their Dreams?

What kind of potential is being wasted when children are stunted by poverty? What would the dreams of children living in a supportive environment and a guaranteed living income be like? What are the current dreams of those living in Slums in the Philippines? What can we do to ... —

266. What Would Happen If All Money Was Gone Overnight?

What would happen if some hacker decided to erase all banking data and all money trace in the world overnight? Sounds similar to the end of the series Mr. Robot, but it is also part of the creative writing activities that enables us to envision a world that can function with a... —

265. The Micro Debt: The Nefarious Business on Poverty

How can Credit be a Human Right if it always leads to Debt? What is behind the Microfinancing services that Hillary Clinton lauded 30 years ago? What are the consequences of what 2006 Nobel Peace Prize laureates Grameen Bank and Mr. Muhammad Yunus have caused around the globe?... —

264. Basic Income for Peace and Meaningful Living

Two great ideas on how to fund a Basic Income in the US and revive the economy by creating Win-Win solutions that include the eradication of forced repetitive labor and stopping all misdirection of people’s money to fund wars and expensive military settlements around the world... —

[103] Citizen Pay: The Road Ahead for the Norwegian Welfare State

Why is Norway - one of the wealthiest nations in the world - already discussing how to implement a Basic Income? What are the current changes in the Norwegian economy that point out the need for a Basic Income? How will it be funded? What kind of impacts will it have on the cu... —

263. Living on One Dollar: Is Microcredit the Solution?

Is giving access to microfinance loans to poor people a permanent and sustainable solution for poverty in this world? Why aren’t basic needs a given right in the system? Why the need to resort to debt? Discussing the solutions stemming from the Documentary “Living on One Dolla... —

262. Coming Crisis? Living Income to Ease the Pains

Instead of fearing to hit rock bottom in a potential crisis, why don’t we instead buffer the fall with providing a Living Income? Our system requires many reforms, let’s ease the transition ensuring no one is left without their right to live in dignity throughout it.   SHEMIT... —

261. The Backlash of Not Giving a Living Income Guaranteed

We create a vicious cycle of consequences when Not providing to every human being the right to live in dignity. It is time to see the root of the problem and act collectively to implement the immediate solutions for it.   Thousands have died after being found fit for work, DW... —

260. “Is Basic Income a Pacifier for the Masses?”

Giving a perspective to the constructive criticism upon Basic Income as well as sharing an invitation to recognize what entitling an equal right to a Basic Income entails within the context of Social Responsibility to continue the path toward further systemic changes and refor... —

259.  Living Politics and Living Income Guaranteed

How can we simplify Politics to a level that any person – regardless of their education – can understand? Wise words from S’bu Zikode confirm what we stand for: talking about living human rights as a step to prioritize the provision of a Living Income as an Equal Human Right. ... —

[102] Basic Income Women Action Group

Why is it important for women to unite and become part of the movement to guarantee a basic income? How would women benefit from joining this political and social effort? Join us in our conversation with Liane Gale and Ann Withorn from NABIG presenting the Basic Income Women ... —

258. Do Our Identities Divide Us?

Why do we give more emphasis to our differences and fighting to recognize them instead of focusing on what unites us all,  our common ground? What kind of world problems would be solved if we learned to identify ourselves as living breathing beings, and not by the social const... —

257. Why Poor People’s Bad Decisions Make Perfect Sense

How can we expect those that we have deprived from their right to live in dignity to have the most sanity and be in perfectly fine shape and condition to make effective choices in their lives, if such choices are not even available for them? What is our social responsibility t... —

256. How to Create Good Karma and Be a Hero

How to stop venerating a human nature of ‘infinite wants’ and instead learn to look up to and honor those that are willing to create the most benefit to themselves and others as well? How can we turn the tide of our current cultural and economic values and in doing so change t... —

245. What is Missed in the Sharing Economy?

A new set of values is emerging to start seeing the benefits and good consequences for all that sharing brings, but how about redirecting the discussion to a more primordial and indispensable form of sharing that tends to be overlooked when discussing this new economic model? ... —