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I'm a human being that has decided to live by the principle of Life in Equality and place myself as a point of support for everyone that's willing to birth themselves as Life in this physical world.

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Marlen Vargas Del Razo

225. #MayDay: Basic Income Day

May first is Basic Income Day, an economic solution to most of our pressing problems that is gaining momentum day by day. Let’s spread the word to the world: poverty, social injustice, inequality and discrimination can be effectively solved with providing a Basic Income for Al... —

224. Regenerative Capitalism: Stewardship in the Anthropocene

We have a unique opportunity to leave a legacy in this world: do we want to continue extracting and dumping or do we want to create an economic system that integrates the principle of Regenerating life on Earth and genuinely thrive? The choice is ours, here are the solutions ... —

[88] Open Source Engagement: Loomio

Participating in decision making processes has taken an evolutionary step with online technologies such as Loomio, a decision making platform that enhances our ability to connect, propose, decide and be accountable for the improvements that we want to see in our communities. W... —

225. Forgiving the Past to Build a Better Future

What would it mean to make justice to the injustices of the past that have been ignored? What would be the outflows of recognizing the Armenian Genocide and make it a known fact around the world? A suggestion for the past and new generations on how to best act upon the grievan... —

222. Survival of the Fittest No More with a Living Income Guaranteed

Social Darwinism is an excuse to perpetuate poverty and elites at the top of the ‘food chain.’ Scientific evidence proves that we pay a higher cost by not supporting everyone to live in dignity and to their utmost potential, physically and psychologically. Family income aff... —

221. The Paradox of Philanthropy

Why do we venerate the idea that the most ‘fortunate ones’ give some extra pocket money for ‘good causes’ for the ‘less fortunate ones’ without Questioning Why are we Not yet Giving to Every individual money from birth to death as a Human Right and so render Philanthropism obs... —

[87] Accelerationism and Post-Capitalism

How do the ideas and critiques of Accelerationism as a political project enhance our understanding of our world? Accelerationism contends that capitalism should be expanded and accelerated in order to generate radical social change, while using existing infrastructure as a pla... —

220. #Fightfor15: Let’s Get Rid of Fear for Once and for All

How is it that the current fight for higher wages and CEO’s redistributing their profit between workers aligns with the Living Income Proposal and how does it integrate various necessary changes in our economy like the provision of a basic income, higher wages and solving inco... —

219. The Vicious Cycle of Poverty

Mexico has become the #1 Meth producer, why? Because people have no other means to make a living. But these people’s income depends on drug addicts around the world paying for drugs, so why do we focus so much on the ‘war against drugs’ instead of tackling the sources of the p... —

426. Giving up vs. Letting Go

There was an interesting interview I listened about being able to let go of someone that is not willing to support themselves. Throughout my past, I have had a pattern of wanting to save people which then throughout this process became a necessity to want to show others their ... —

[86] Thriving on a Basic Income: is it Possible?

Basic Income and a Community Created Economy are bold ideas for humanity that promote human welfare, strong interdependent relationships and alternatives to our current individualized and self-interest driven economy. How do you manage your basic needs with a fixed amount of m... —

218. Freedom in a Time of Mental Slavery

“Propaganda is today a greater danger to mankind than any of the other more grandly advertised threats hanging over the human race” Discussing David DeGraw’s article and introduction to his  upcoming book “Freedom in a time of mental slavery” and his organic evolution from co-... —

217. Gender as Cultural Belief System

Developing Living Principles has nothing to do with being a woman or a man, so why have we made of ‘Gender’ yet another source of violence and struggle in our lives, how have we perpetuated these stereotypes as culturally accepted behaviors and how can we responsibly create a ... —

216. Prostitution and Living Income

Is Prostitution actual Sexual Freedom and Expression? How would sexual expression change in a world where a living income is made a human right? If we want to create a free society, we cannot continue coercing ourselves in humiliating positions to make money – Let’s discuss: ... —

[85] Welfare Activism and Basic Income

We are discussing Welfare rights activism and Basic Income as measures against Poverty in the US with Ann Withorn. Ann is a radical adult educator who specializes in anti-poverty and social movement practice. We will be discussing why Basic Income matters in this age of auster... —

215. Water Crisis: How to Solve It?

The consequences of running an economy that focuses on financial markets rather than investing on agriculture and environmental sustainability are here: water crisis is one of them. Water is a Basic Human Right, why are we not prioritizing the solution to this problem yet? Dis... —

214. Iran Deal and Spotting War Mongers

As the preliminary deal between Iran and the US is settled, we have to keep an eye on the deliberate factions and methods that aim at preventing it. How can we prevent any fear and war mongers to have any effect in disrupting peace deals in this world? Let’s discuss about that... —

213. Carbon Economy: Trading an Invisible Asset

Carbon has become the key to restructure the economy becoming the 21st century currency as a fictional commodity that is being priced by the World Bank in the continued Financialization of Nature. This has nothing to do with climate pollution, it is about restructuring the wor... —

[84] Latest Developments on UBI in Slovenia

Today we will be discussing the overall status of UBI in Slovenia with Valerija Korošec from Universal Basic Income. We will go over the latest developments agreed upon in congress in the city of Maribor last week. We welcome your questions and comments for Valerija throughout... —

212. “Politics Is Dead!”

Why is dismissing Politics overall a diversion tactic and potential danger to dismiss going into the root and cause of the problem? What are we missing out when focusing too much on alternative systems and solutions? Discussing how politics has failed as it exists today, and s... —

211. People vs Government: How to Stop the Antagonism?

Why are we still fighting against our governments instead of ensuring we learn how to cooperate with it? Discussing two examples: access to clean and usable toilets and guaranteeing the right to land by indigenous people that live in it and depends directly on it to survive – ... —

210. Are We All Satanists?

What have we missed in seeking to create laws that only benefit one’s own desires and wishes instead of prioritizing collective necessities? Selfishness and seeking our own benefit is imprinted in the culture that we create and consume, doing the opposite of loving our neighbo... —

209. The Culture High and the Outflows of Legalization

If drugs are legalized and drug dealers are no longer required, what would people previously involved in drug trafficking do to get an income? Let’s look at the outflows and considerations to cannabis legalization, the change of approach to drug use and the political activism ... —

[83] Introducing Meconomics

You have probably heard of Macro-Economics and Micro-Economics. In our upcoming hangout, we are introducing 'Meconomics' - short for: Me-Economics. What is Meconomics and what can we learn from it? We'll be looking at economic problems in a way that anyone can relate. Join us ... —

208. Is Localism Pessimism to Change the System at Large?

Does Localism entail giving up on broader systematic changes?  This is a critical perspective laid out by Greg Sharzer in his book “No Local” proposing that no local efforts can change the world and won’t get rid of capitalism itself. So: how can local efforts be combined in a... —

207. Living Income as a Citizen Engagement Facilitator

If Citizen Engagement practices have proven to be ineffective mostly due to the extent of inequality in societies, then we have to first focus on guaranteeing our access to basic human rights with the provision of money as a Living Income. After that, we can develop real democ... —

206. Education as the Foundation for Citizen Engagement

Education is the necessary foundation to make of any citizen engagement process as effective as intended, making of political awareness and responsibility an integral part of our development. Let’s discuss about this necessary consideration when discussing social accountabilit... —

205. Freedom of Information and Citizen Engagement

Censorship to Investigative Journalism in Mexico has hit a new low with the firing of journalist Carmen Aristegui, who became an important source of information for public awareness on the corruption within the political system in this country. What can we do to ensure that jo... —

[82] Unschooling the School System

As it has been becoming more evident in recent years that the school system is failing to provide children with a sound education, an increasing number of people are starting to look for alternatives to the traditional school system. Self-directed learning, homeschooling, open... —

204. Slavery Jobs: Why do they still exist?

Why haven’t we given everyone the genuine choice to say No to harmful slave jobs? How many lives do we place at risk every day in order to make some money? It is about time we abolish slavery for real in this world. Discussing the Documentary ‘Scrapped’ by RT Watch it here: ... —