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I share my realizations and perspectives within learning how to live life in self-honesty to expand and grow as a person in this world. #IMatter

Marlen Vargas Del Razo

254. Who Grows Your Food?

Our Consumer Responsibility begins by getting to know the lives of the people that produce the things that we comfortably only pay for at the supermarket. It’s our Moral Imperative to ensure we change the arduous lives of those that make our fast paced lives possible and so en... —

253. The Voice of the People vs Overpowering Institutions

More and more people are waking up around the world to realize the power we have to vote on issues that affect our lives, but what happens when there are still ‘overpowering’ institutions in an inherently flawed system that prevents any actual implementation of laws and govern... —

252. Blood, Sweat and Luxuries: The Hidden Side of Consumerism

It is essential to witness first hand – or through Reality TV – how the products that we consume every day are made in order to understand the changes that must be made in the system in order to stop the abusive slave labor, resource scavenging and mindless consumerism that is... —

251. Dan Price’s Priceless Lesson

What happens when one man in one company decides to raise minimum wage as a first step to create a solution to income inequality within the current status quo? How could it become a successful improvement? How can we learn from this ‘mistake’ considering current human nature? ... —

250. Sweatshop: Deadly Cheap Fashion

Become Aware of What We Wear: Reality TV educates on the hardship that garment workers survive through as three youngsters from Norway place themselves in the shoes of others living with 3 dollars a day, barely making enough to eat every day, doing monotonous jobs while workin... —

249. Immigration: A Consequence of First World’s Ambition

How many more have to die, be abused and risk their lives in an attempt to have a better life abroad for all of us to realize immigration as a consequence of a deeper problem that must be solved as our moral responsibility to those that we’ve weakened and disempowered in order... —

248. Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Biggest Terrrorist Attack in History

No Bomb can EVER be justified yet 70 years later, war has become the ‘new normal’ between countries and a vulgar display of power. Why aren’t any war offensives considered as terrorist attacks? Why are we still accepting war as a ‘necessary evil’ to paradoxically create ‘world... —

428. How to Stop the Despair about the World?

There are times when what one is doing toward any form of change doesn’t seem to be enough at all, in fact it can even be perceived as counterproductive or judged by others as useless or harmful. I’ve faced patterns of general ‘alienation’ in relation to seeing a genuine way i... —

247. Mugabe and the White African: All Lives Matter

Discussing the Documentary that presents the story of colonization, racism and a plight for human rights that gets to be settled in an international court, but how can we instead learn to see and consider the two sides of the coin instead of being left with a black and white p... —

[101] LIG News Roundup: Designing a New Capitalism

Join us for a review of some of the most noteworthy news and developments around basic income. We'll be discussing diverse, emerging solutions driven by a common aim of creating a system that addresses immediate needs as well as systemic inequality. Watch the live discussion w... —

246. Animal Kingdom Enslavement Ends with a Living Income Guaranteed

The reasons behind animal abuse and exploitation are in front of our eyes. We can choose to stop ignoring them and instead, start discussing practical solutions to prevent ongoing suffering and exploitation of those that cannot speak or protest to defend themselves from our hu... —

Desteni Movie Night Hangout - Soylent Green

This hangout goes into a number of discussions that branch out of consideration from within the movie Soylent Green.  Unique insight and perspectives will be shared that are not so common from your regular movie reviews. You definitely want to tune in and check out some fascin... —

245. The Overnigthters: Seekers of the American Dream

The raw reality of chasing the American dream in North Dakota is depicted in a microcosm shared in the documentary ‘The Overnighters’: what happens when one single man tries to mend the consequences of a system that isn’t supporting everyone to live in dignity? Let’s discuss a... —

244. Hot Girls Wanted: What Drives Amateur Porn

Discussing the Documentary ‘Hot Girls Wanted’ and the role that Money plays as a driving force for this lucrative business that denigrates sexuality and women’s expression, reducing them to disposable sex objects. What changes in principles and values do we require to solve th... —

243. Cartel Land: When Will the Drug Problem Stop?

Discussing a great documentary that exposes the Drug Cartel problem in México and places the question: will the drug problem ever end? What kind of documentary would be needed to link the dots to map out the drug problem? And what do we need to do as a society to be part of th... —

[100] Living Income: The Road So Far & The Road Ahead

In our 100th hangout edition, we look back at our LIG movement: why we started this, what we've learned thus far and what drives us to continue driving solutions at an economic, political and social level. Join Maite and Leila Zamora Moreno and Marlen Vargas Del Razo – the hos... —

[99] Equal Life Foundation: Our Moral Imperatives

What is Equal Life Foundation? What is the vision of ELF? What is the road that has been travelled so far? What are some of the future projects that ELF will undertake? What are the principles of ELF's Bill of Rights? Join us in our conversation with Cerise Poolman from South ... —

242. Running the Shop

The show follows different company bosses as they hand over the reins of their business to the workforce in an effort to turn around the company’s fortunes. What kind of human potential opens up when turning a business into a cooperative for three weeks? What obstacles do auth... —

241. Stealing Africa and the Wealth of the First World

What would be a solution to stop plundering resources from Africa and instead be able to benefit the people by the use and sales of resources existent in their nation? Who are responsible for Africa’s Poverty and how can we change Poverty into Powerty= Power To You? Stealing... —

240. Is Regenerative Capitalism an Oxymoron?

What can we learn from John Fullerton’s proposal on ‘Regenerative Capitalism’? What principles are missing in our world to make our system operate in a world that is best for all? [98] China: Economic Growth or Ecological Collapse? TruthOut’s Report: China’s Communist-... —

[97] Acting Local while Thinking Global

Does Localism propose a feasible way to transform the global capitalist system? Is decentralization of the economy a viable way to liberate ourselves in the system? Does Localism look at the structures of the system that must be changed at a political and economic level? Is th... —

239. Is Boycotting the Way to Save the World ?

Is blaming a single product for the destruction of our environment a clever move or should we question our consumer needs instead? Are corporations the only ones responsible for how their products are made? What can we do to actually sort out the unsustainable use of resources... —

238. Just Eat It: Why Do We Waste Food?

“We are trashing labor, energy, water and land for food that no one eats” “A LOT of dumping is just economics” “Littering is prohibited, but Food Littering is Condoned” 50% of the Food produced in the world is wasted, this only happens in wealthy societies – a paradox consider... —

[96] TTIP: a Transatlantic Corporate Power Grab

What is the TTIP? Is it a global corporate takeover? Why is the information about it being kept secret? Would corporations gain more power over our lives with it? Will corporations be able to sue governments? What’s the role of lobbyists in it? What can we do about it?  Is ... —

237. The Naked Brand: Fakeness is Obsolete

How can we stop fighting corporations and instead, use them to create a new organization and world order based on transparency, quality production, good job conditions and wages as well as using their own qualities as marketing tools? This and more is discussed in the Document... —

236. #TheBriefcase: Where’s the Win-Win?

What False Dilemma is created in the show ‘The Briefcase’? Why do people must choose between ‘sharing’ or ‘benefitting their families’? What kind of flaws in the system are unquestioned in this emotional depiction of poverty? What can we take from this reality show and so use ... —

[95] Basic Income: The Story So Far

What evidence do we have thus far that Basic Income is a solution to economic inequality and poverty? What are the economic trends leading to the necessity of implementing Basic Income programs around the world? Why is providing a Basic Income a social investment instead of an... —

235. Kill the Messenger: No More

Why should we all become Gary Webb? Why is it that uncovering ‘big truths’ and exposing corruption at the highest levels of power a threat to one’s life instead of an honorary virtue of integrity? How is it that scandals are used to distract people’s awareness from matters of ... —

234. California’s Drought and #Hollywater Awareness

Solutions must be brought forth to increase the water supply in California, but in the meantime, where is our attention diverted to? What kind of technology is being squandered instead of focusing on ensuring each human being – all around the world – has access to this vital l... —

[94] The Moral Imperative

Can we really say that those in society with the least education, the most dysfunctional upbringings and relationships and whose behavior, personality designs and thought processes are most aligned to the culture of crime and survival - are the ones who have a Moral imperative... —