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I share my realizations and perspectives within learning how to live life in self-honesty to expand and grow as a person in this world. #IMatter

Marlen Vargas Del Razo

561. From Provocation to Self-Challenge

Or how to stop putting up a fight against the world and instead challenge oneself to grow in living terms Something I tend to do quite often is watch interviews with people mostly in the field of music and arts in general, and yesterday while I was watching one about a movemen... —

From Resistance to Understanding - Decade With Desteni

Facing the nitty gritty and 'ugly truth' of ourselves and coming out on the other side to see the gift of self-honesty Recommended video: Judging Our Bodies If you're up for learning how to start supporting yourself, sign up ... —

560. From Missing to Current Creation

Continuing from: 559. “I should be done with this by now” Practically looking at the word miss and upon reflecting on various things I see I have been ‘missing,’ a lot of them have to do with how I developed certain expressions within myself in relation to other people, or ... —

I am Done with That - Decade With Desteni

When believing that 'I should be 'done' with a pattern or a reaction by now' I had to be self-honest and humble to realize I am not in fact! 559. “I should be done with this by now” ... —

559. “I should be done with this by now”

Or how to let go of control and rigidity while doing some self-investigation This is the reaction that I got when having to look at a particular word that was placed within my attention to look at, and the word is ‘miss’ as in missing. When first looking at it, I considered ... —

558. Walking Through Avoidance

“We will forever remain HERE in the GIFT and REBIRTH of ourselves / SELF after and during the confronting of our consequence, our manifested consequence we cannot escape, we cannot deny and we cannot run from…it will come, it will manifest, as it is already done and created. B... —

How to Live Peace - Decade With Desteni

What to do when facing fears about conflicts, problems and wars out there? Test out living the word Peace, here I share how I walked this myself. If you're up for learning how to start supporting yourself, sign up to Desteni's Free Course: ... —

557. Self-Leadership and the Message of Jesus

Being that today is a ‘Holy day’ it is a good opportunity to share some of the less seen perspectives that I’ve learned from Jesus’ leadership and message for humanity, one that we have squandered – for the most part – and turned into an image to idolize, instead of living the... —

From Criticism to Embracing - Decade With Desteni

Walking through the Judgmental Me towards a more embracing expression towards everything and everyone that is here, understanding is the key 555. Opinions and Self-Aware Assessments ... —

Embrace Yourself As Your Mind - Decade With Desteni

From an internal split towards the mind to embracing and understanding who I am as my mind in order to change myself. Recommended series: Introduction to Physical Emotions - Quantum Systemization - Part 149 —

556. Transcending Inequality One at a Time

A story of how to be the starting point of getting past social and economic statuses through changing our relationships towards one another I read the following article today Commercialisation: the antithesis of sharing by Mohammed Mesbahi and I find some supportive aspects he... —

Stopping Comparison - Decade With Desteni

How to embrace our uniqueness and individuality while also learning more about our potential when comparing ourselves to others in a supportive manner. 549. Being Physical 555. Opinions and Self-A... —

555. Opinions and Self-Aware Assessments

“Opinions are always ego and are never aware of what is life really opinions can only exist in the mirror as ego” – Bernard Poolman Here I’m having a look at how I become complicit to building the ego in our minds by giving worth, value and ‘the time of day’ to opinions an... —

Do It For Yourself - Decade With Desteni

Being my own starting point and stopping patterns of seeking recognition, validation and appreciation from others - and instead live that as self-expression 535. Self-Enjoyment and Expression —

554. Reverse Engineering Inner Conflict

Or how to walk through a point of anger or blame and see through it towards self-responsibility in one’s life creation As I was organizing some files and doing a general cleanup in my computer, I saw some documents that I had written out over a year and a half ago where, ther... —

From Arrogance to Humbleness - Decade With Desteni

Sharing about the initial stages of walking the Desteni process and what I've realized about my stance towards people/the world back then and how it is now Check out: Desteni Radio #24 - Desteni as Dogma —

553. Impulsiveness and Slowing Down

Here I’ll share a bit further on a vlog I recorded about a situation that I created and participated on, and share more on how when we are caught up in an experience that is perceived as ‘positive’ and getting excited about something, that is where I see I can also easily lose... —

Blinded By Self Interest & Owning the Consequences

A cautionary tale of only considering one's self-interest and missing out others in the equation to create what's best for all If you're up for learning how to start supporting yourself, sign up to Desteni's Free Course: Thanks to... —

552. Who Am I as a Savior?

There’s been a pattern I’ve lived within my relationships of wanting to save the other person, in a way deliberately selecting a particular partner that I can see as a ‘rough stone’ that I can carve and sculpt for them to become the ‘better person’ I believe they can be. Now i... —

Trying to Save or Change your Partner? - Relationship Success Support

Have you ever been in a relationship where you experienced the need to change or save your partner? Should we really accept and love our partner for who they are or is it okay to want to see change? If so, when and how? If you can relate to these questions, join us for a Live ... —

551. Walking Through What Wasn’t Done in the Past

Something I got to see and realize today is how I have tended to look at the past and what ‘I didn’t get to do’ within a particular experience of regret or pondering ‘what could have been,’ which created certain outflows that I had deemed to be ‘manifested consequences’ consid... —

Stopping Self Sentencing - Decade With Desteni

Changing the relationship to my past and giving myself a second chance to actually live for the first time ever within walking this process with Desteni Structural Resonance Alignment Research Desteni Marlen What is Leaders... —

550. From Expectations to Self-Grounding

Throughout this process I’ve learned how creating expectations can be a secure trip to get disappointed most of the times, considering how in our minds we tend to ‘elevate’ ourselves in creating these ideals as in ‘perfect or idyllic situations’ about an event or situation tha... —

Adapting to Unfortunate Events - Decade With Desteni

Living the word adaptability in the midst of something going wrong and everyone getting frustrated about it around me 545. Living Adaptability If you're up for learning how to start supporting ... —

Waking Up: What's There? - Decade With Desteni

What's the first thing that I usually have experienced upon waking up and the directive change I've discovered is possible in it 524. Redefining Routine Public Chats: —

I Don't Feel Like It - Decade with Desteni

How to overcome the resistance to doing something and expanding in that moment, instead of wallowing into the 'same old' me If you're up for learning how to start supporting yourself, sign up to Desteni's Free Course: Thanks to the L... —

549. Being Physical

Or how to embrace the potential of who we are in our physical body through stopping the participation in our mind’s noise Continuing from 530. The Secret Behind Attraction This is the last word that I listed in the blog cited above wherein I started looking at all of the wor... —

Breaking The Ice - Decade With Desteni

Enjoying the bits of interactions with people, breaking the ice of the mind prejudices and appreciating fellow human beings :) Blogs: 537. Comfortable in My Own skin 526. Who Are You Tod... —

548. Being Dedicated

Or how to redefine the starting point for living the word dedication having self as the starting point § Continuing from 530. The Secret Behind Attraction I looked at this word and found how I have lived dedication in several ways in my life, but a common factor is that all o... —

Life Hack with Living Words - Decade with Desteni

A Tip to apply when feeling 'directionless' and experiencing boredom... Live a Word! If you're up for learning how to start supporting yourself, sign up to Desteni's Free Course: Thanks to the Library for Living Education for everythi... —