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I share my realizations and perspectives within learning how to live life in self-honesty to expand and grow as a person in this world. #IMatter

Marlen Vargas Del Razo

Saliendo del Sistema - Respuesta a Brandon.

Respuesta a BrandonLarios del post ubicado en: Para apoyo y soporte en el Proceso de Honestidad como uno mismo, regístrate en el Foro de Desteni con tu nombre real - Link a foro en Español: —

Thinking 'Out of the box' To Live Life and not be boxed in lies. —

Desteni Español - Apoyo y Asistencia —

I am One Vote for World Equality - Soy un Voto por la Igualdad - Sharing day

It is fascinating that even though I am taking classes with ‘unknown’ people to me from one year below my ‘original’ generation, I can simply just share and talk to them and be there just like that – this is how living should be, no matter where you are, with whom you are, you... —

Equality as Ourselves Realize that an Equality System is possible if it is realized as who you are and what you exist as - the rest is all part of the mind bugs to keep you trapped in the chain of money. Let's make mo... —

Equal Money for DUMMIES

Equal Money = Life as Who We are as Equal Support for ALL —

HuMan Vs Nature

Equalizing Life to Live Effectively as a Collective - Respect Life as yourself in all ways - Support an Equal Money System to Stop the Survival Mode and stand equal to the ways of Nature - Life needs no rent to pay for —


Redefining Good to Stop the Polarity and simply stand as the word as What's Best for ALL -Redefining Words Support - —

Hair for the Mess or Equality for the Best of ALL Response to: 3 Shaving your Hair to mop-up BP oil slick - Project Humanity Lifestyle Experiment Stand up as a Statement for All Life Equally as a permanent Solution —

The Delusion of Ownership Being one and equal as everything that exists implies we can't own' anything itself - THat's the ultimate separation. —

Equal Labor System Why Paying Everyone Equally is the Solution to end up Greed in the current agreed value-system in this world. Be One Vote for World Equality - Support an Equal Money System —

End of Gangs with Equal Money Fear only exists as a form of Control and Separation that places us Against one another - time to Stop this by Giving ALL what we ALL deserve Equally as Life —

I am One Vote for World Equality!/group.php?gid=127126503966978&ref=ts Upload your Vote for World Equality - Make Your Statement of Standing-up for Life —

Respect! Redefining Respect as the Recognition of ourselves as Equals and within the commitment of Standing up for Life —

END to Child Labor with Equal Money —

Equal Money System & Techno-Resources

Venus-Zeitgeist Followers Follow up to the Redundancy and Equal Consideration of Money as Life as what is Best for All - Technology and Resources are part of that Equation yet, they are Not the Solution itself. We have to create the basis for this. http://www.desteni-m... —

EQUAL Money for ALL I am ONE Vote for World Equality and Equal Money for ALL —

Writing Yourself to FREEDOM

Equality is a Human Right - Write, Expose,Free and Forgive Yourself Here: Because Standing for Equality begins 1 by 1 - Assist yourself intensely at: http:... —


Because Equality is Not Understood: 1 + 1 = 2 Self Willed Equals as Life Living in Self Honesty for What's Best for all Existence as One - Equal Education - Equal Money for All - ... —

Point of Authority

Self Honesty to Stand as Equals - Not accepting anything less than who we really are - —

Rapada de por Vida - Prueba tu Igualdad Foro en Español: Shave for Equality —

Procrastination No More Support yourself to STOP postponing and procrastinating - become the directive principle and stop fucking around. —

¿Qué es el Perdón a Uno Mismo?

Foro en Español: Facebook: 1. "Proceso hacia la Igualdad como Vida"!/group.php?gid=126236964078841&ref=ts 2. "Dinero para Todos por Igual" http://www.f... —

Stop Weed or Die

An update on the original 21 Days of No Weed video that marked the Standing of Self within this Process Stand up for Equality - Stop Alternate Realities Face Reality —

On the End of the Agreement

Practical Points to take into consideration when establishing an Agreement to Stand Effectively —

Back into the Matrix - Stand up or Die in Oblivion

Living the Decision to Face Reality and to Stand for that which Matters —

Skinhead for Life - Test your Stand for Equality Stand up for Equality - —

Chica Latina Shaves Hair —

FREE your WILL with Equal Money Productions —

2. ¿Qué es DESTENI ? Desteni Español —