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I share my realizations and perspectives within learning how to live life in self-honesty to expand and grow as a person in this world. #IMatter

Marlen Vargas Del Razo

fears & judgements in expression

process, we stop judging and fearing each other —

Ride the sky

Vlog on my day enjoying bike and sky contemplation —

Vlogging is something I wouldn't have done before

i've watched vlogs, cool you're doing this, let's expose ourselves to ourselves as Bella suggests —

Breaking lose with break dancing to Illya Kuriaki

Expressing myself through dancing one trippy hoppy song trewa is the song by Illya Kuryaki and the valderramas an argentinian band. Enjoy! —

Re: lack of

search for more no more —

The Shape of Things to Come

Song: Vetiver - On a nerver Stop war Stop your mind Stop self hate , self abuse self betrayal Contemporary art taken from juxtapoz stop killing animals stop war stop war stop war —

sweet doggies

Introducing Shakti & Moka Shakti likes marie biscuits indeed —

Mirror,mirror = My error

Reflections on my reflection —

MATRIX DESCUBIERTA! - No estamos solos Reality isn't what you thought to be, in fact it isn't what you think, neither what you feel,believe, trust, adore, etc What if i tell you that all your life has been... a Lie We are all equal we are all... —

21 days of no weed! Suggested to expand your self forgiveness to considering the first moment you used weed - that very first 'source experience' that drove you into the decision to use weed - and then from there - what 'conversational thoughts' you... —

Paintings portraying slavery of system

THese are some of my paintings made before desteni —

Reasons for physical pain realized

I had a "weird chest pain" and got an answer from Sarah and i got a big time realization with that —

RelationSHIPS and ADDictions

talking about getting rid of these two handcuffs.. —

Honesty and reactions to it 2/2

part two any suggestions comments write yourself to freedom down here —

Honesty and reaction to it 1/2

sharing experiences once again Talamon inspired this one —

I used to believe in a god

On seeking "truths" and finding desteni —

Talking about habbits

(2) This is where i make a statement of clearing my usual habbit —

first video on self

part of desteni process here i am for the first time on video as vlog —