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I share my realizations and perspectives within learning how to live life in self-honesty to expand and grow as a person in this world. #IMatter

Marlen Vargas Del Razo

1. ¿Qué es DESTENI ? Desteni Productions Español —

REVEALING: Desteni —


You DO IT to YourSELF —


If you understand what this implies, join us: I —

The Breath Walk

Desteni Jamm-O! The Breath Walk lyrics by: Bernard Poolman guitar/voice: Marlen —

Desteni Laughter Jamm-hOhO! hehe

Laughing with myself lol —

Communication within Common Sense

Sharing experiences while communicating taking into consideration as all as one and equal. —

Wake Up

Wake up @ Short film based on true story 2008 Breathe as Life productions —

See waves

Sunrise at the sea —

Along the waves

Along the waves I leave my trace it may be erased but here I remain —

Self realization process - update

Speaking of process after 4 months of fully applying myself —


playing the bass a bit, David's video got me playing... no ego as well, mere spontaneity playing after long time Remember: only breathe as life as all as one as equal. Stop the mind —

Visual Vicious

About feelings and emotions attached to pictures of the mind —

Another pain manifestation realized

Talking about fulfillments, sexual needs and realizations within and as pain. and writing myself to freedom —

at CONcert

me experiencing concert in tepoztlan, nature etc. —

Dare!: Cutting hair off

Getting rid of definitions in separation of myself within and as hair. This done as assistance for process of self realization beyond pictures and images as projections of mind. Now i must live these statements: I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to realise th... —

fears & judgements in expression

process, we stop judging and fearing each other —

Ride the sky

Vlog on my day enjoying bike and sky contemplation —

Vlogging is something I wouldn't have done before

i've watched vlogs, cool you're doing this, let's expose ourselves to ourselves as Bella suggests —

Breaking lose with break dancing to Illya Kuriaki

Expressing myself through dancing one trippy hoppy song trewa is the song by Illya Kuryaki and the valderramas an argentinian band. Enjoy! —

Re: lack of

search for more no more —

The Shape of Things to Come

Song: Vetiver - On a nerver Stop war Stop your mind Stop self hate , self abuse self betrayal Contemporary art taken from juxtapoz stop killing animals stop war stop war stop war —

sweet doggies

Introducing Shakti & Moka Shakti likes marie biscuits indeed —

Mirror,mirror = My error

Reflections on my reflection —

MATRIX DESCUBIERTA! - No estamos solos Reality isn't what you thought to be, in fact it isn't what you think, neither what you feel,believe, trust, adore, etc What if i tell you that all your life has been... a Lie We are all equal we are all... —

21 days of no weed! Suggested to expand your self forgiveness to considering the first moment you used weed - that very first 'source experience' that drove you into the decision to use weed - and then from there - what 'conversational thoughts' you... —

Paintings portraying slavery of system

THese are some of my paintings made before desteni —

Reasons for physical pain realized

I had a "weird chest pain" and got an answer from Sarah and i got a big time realization with that —

RelationSHIPS and ADDictions

talking about getting rid of these two handcuffs.. —