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I'm a human being that has decided to live by the principle of Life in Equality and place myself as a point of support for everyone that's willing to birth themselves as Life in this physical world.

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Marlen Vargas Del Razo

[125] Homeopathy: Best Kept Healing Secret

What benefits does Homeopathy have as an alternative for healing compared to allopathic medicine? Why hasn’t homeopathy had mainstream acceptance, despite its long historic tradition and verifiable, positive results? How can homeopathy assist the process of change in this worl... —

286. Making a Murderer: Proof of a Criminal Justice System

What can we learn about the nature of the justice system in the series ‘Making a Murderer’? What’s the relevance of watching this series and what can we do about it? Let’s discuss about that Making A Murderer – Trailer – Netflix [HD] Suggested: Making a Murderer: Steven Av... —

[124] Debt Violates Human Rights

Why is Debt a Violation of Human Rights? What has happened in Greece following its Debt and the Austerity Measures imposed? Which laws do not align with Human Rights? Why have we continued elevating money and debt on top of human rights? Can Debt be cancelled if it violates Hu... —

[123] MLK's Legacy: End Poverty with a Guaranteed Income

Martin Luther King Junior is best known for being a civil rights activist for racial equality. However, the last thing he focused on - right when he was assassinated - was to bring about an economic  answer to millions of people struggling in poverty at the time: a Guaranteed ... —

[122] Occupy The Need Act & Student Debt Forgiveness

Is a Monetary Reform possible in the US? What’s the link between The NEED Act and the provision of a Universal Basic Income? How would Student Loan debtors benefit from the enactment of The NEED Act? Who would be responsible for creating Money according to the NEED Act? How wo... —

[121] The Extreme Culture of Sports & Entertainment

Is the Culture of Sports and Entertainment Helping or Harming the Betterment of the World? What does the sports culture and industry reflect about our humanity? What kind of abusive practices are not investigated due to deeming them as being only entertainment? What would the ... —

285. Considering Equality in Times of Crisis

What is stopping us from actually evolving as species and consider creating solutions that regard each being as having an equal living right to exist in dignity?  An epilogue to our Refugee Crisis hangout: [120] The Refugee Crisis: An Insider Perspective Recommended: The Ref... —

[120] The Refugee Crisis: An Insider Perspective

What’s the actual situation in Germany and Sweden due to mass refugee and immigrants? What kind of facts and stories are not told in mainstream media about the Refugee Crisis? How is the Refugee Crisis impacting these societies and economies? Can the Refugee Crisis be containe... —

Desteni Movie Night Hangout - FAST FOOD NATION

Globalization, a big picture discussion in relationship to the specifics showcased in the movie 'Fast Food Nation'.  With specific attention given to Creating Passion within and as the Living of Self-Responsibility Here as a World Solution that is Best for all Life Here. ht... —

284. Fast Food Nation: How to Dismantle It?

Discussing the movie that opens the viewers’ eyes to the reality behind your 2 dollar burger: McJobs, immigrants, industrial farming, the lies of marketing and corporatism along with the blind consent of consumers that feed the vicious cycle of an unsustainable and unhealthy F... —

[119] Mental Health in Algeria

What happens to poor people with mental illness in Algeria? What is the cost of treating schizophrenia? Is the Algerian government providing proper healthcare for patients with mental illness? What’s the general state and condition of this North African country at the moment? ... —

283. Something Better To Come

What does allowing people to live in a garbage dump say about our humanity? What kind of survival do people endure when having to live in a dump? What can we do to change the lives of people that have sufficient resilience to live in abject poverty and constantly wish for some... —

282. Nazism in Europe: What’s the Solution?

Along with the ‘refugee crisis’, an emergent Nationalism has taken a front row in political factions in Europe aiming at preventing further mass immigration. Will closing borders and fighting refugees and immigrants solve the problem? What will it take to create a solution? Le... —

[118] Self-Sufficiency Project

What was the Self-Sufficiency Project in Canada? How did this program aid single parents to step out of welfare and work regular jobs again? What were the benefits of implementing the SSP? What can we learn from the SSP in relation to work incentives and providing a Living Inc... —

The Politics of Self [Episode 6]: The Cost of Christmas

Description: What is the real cost of Christmas and who ends up paying for it? How can each one of us, as consumers, contribute to a fairer world for all? In this live discussion, we will look at the hidden costs of our consumerism and the ways in which this becomes highlighte... —

[117] Mutual Aid Networks: Building Community Livelihood

How does an economy work to satisfy basic livelihood within a cooperative? What are Time Banks and Mutual Credit? How does a Sociocracy operate? How is Money administrated in a Mutual Aid Cooperative? How can work and value be redefined when working in collaborative networks? ... —

[116] Mass Shootings and Mass Media

What can we learn about mass shootings and the way they are portrayed in the media? Are we better informed or are we seeing only part of a bigger picture? Join us in a round table discussion with Joana Jesus, Joe Kou and Marlen Vargas Del Razo to discuss this and many more que... —

281. Zuckerberg’s Billion Giveaway: Disingenuous?

What would you do if you were a billionaire and owned the most popular social media site in the world? Does this World need ‘charities’? What is Zuckerberg is missing out when trying to change the world only with money? Let’s discuss! ·        Facebook creator marks daughter’s... —

[115] From World Witness to World Changer

What motivates and inspires someone to become an activist? What is the force behind activism? What is the relationship between activism and purpose? Is activism a trait you are born with or a decision you make for yourself? How can you live your creative potential as an activi... —

[115] From World Witness to World Changer

What motivates and inspires someone to become an activist? What is the force behind activism? What is the relationship between activism and purpose? Is activism a trait you are born with or a decision you make for yourself? How can you live your creative potential as an activi... —

280. Student Loans Debt: Why Isn’t College Free?

Millions are burdened with thousands of dollars in debt to pay something that should be a guaranteed platform for their development, what can be done about it? Let’s discuss! Obama Administration Urges No Bankruptcy Relief for Student Debt —

279. “Do you Support Keystone XL Pipeline or Not?” False Dilemma

Activism has continued to stop the construction of major gas pipeline that crosses the US, but what about focusing on the new paradigm that will make the old ‘technologies’ obsolete? Let’s make fossil fuels a thing of the past now. Documentary: Above all else http://www.above... —

[109] Basic Income in Finland: Will it Work?

Why do Finns need a Basic Income? Will this Basic Income Pilot eradicate Poverty? What is there to consider when choosing the Basic Income amount? Would there be other benefits paid on top of the Basic Income? What benefits can Basic Income bring in entrepreneurship? What othe... —

278. Technology FTW! But a Transitional Living Income is Needed

With great inventions comes a paradigm change. When replacing a fossil fuel driven economy with clean and renewable sources of energy, we’ll require a transitional safety net for everyone: a guaranteed living income. Billions in Change – Official Film 96% of the water on ... —

277. How to Solve Corruption in Politics?

Is it so that politicians are the epitome of corruption? What kind of individuals do we require to be in order to prevent corruption from becoming the status quo in our system? Where  does integrity, honesty and responsibility begin? Let’s discuss that. Redefining Politics ... —

276. Indigenous Rights and Living Income Guaranteed

Only in a system that supports the law of the most profit, deceit and abuse can the lives of those that live and work of the land be neglected. How can we reverse the trend of corporate ‘profitism’? How to guarantee the safety of their right to own the land they work on? Docum... —

275. Solitary Confinement: The Horrors of our Prison System

Only in a criminal-justice system can isolating someone until they start going mentally ill and hurting themselves can be called ‘Social Rehabilitation.’ Let’s discuss the abject reality of Prisons around the world that includes children in solitary confinement. It’s OUR Respo... —

274. Does Lack of Money Stunt Your Potential?

How Does Money Affect Your Life? What kind of challenges will we face when providing money to individuals that do not ‘earn’ their money as such? What kind of potentials in other areas of our lives are we missing out on by perceiving that only lack of money is the problem in t... —

273. Problem-Solving with Getting a Living Income Guaranteed

What would you do if money was no longer an issue for the rest of your life? How would that thing that is currently a problem for you transform if you had more money, time and general stability to deal with it? How would our relationships change? Join the discussion and share ... —

272. Preventing Suicides with a Living Income

Why are people in South Korea committing suicide, even though it is one of the places with high advancements in their technology and society? How will priorities in life change with guaranteeing everyone their right to a Living Income? Let’s discuss!   Documentaries: People & ... —