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I share my realizations and perspectives within learning how to live life in self-honesty to expand and grow as a person in this world. #IMatter

Marlen Vargas Del Razo

450. Is it about Others or is it about ME?

Today there was a great point opened up in a group discussion about how easily we give up on ‘others’ which in fact means we give up on ourselves. This reminded me essentially of every single relationship I’ve had with people that are of more intimate and personal nature. It r... —

449. How to Face Consequence: Defrosting Nightmare

I’ll share a moment where I have been able to change my ‘usual reactions’ into a supportive outcome. I own a fridge that still creates walls of ice in the freezer. For over a month, we had not eaten stuff that was in there and I kept procrastinating the process of getting to ... —

303. Too Focused on the Elections? What are We Missing?

How is this coming election the culmination of our human nature? Why do we have to be controlled/governed? What can we do to live politics in a best for all way in our day to day living? #trump #hillary #elections2016 #americanelections #livingpolitics #politics #politicalsy... —

The Witch - Desteni Movie Night Hangout

Exploring paranoia, mind possession, the evil within self, temptations and the importance of knowing thyself when creating the first relationships in our lives which is in the family. Is there a correlation between strength of family and self-trust? What keeps a family unite... —

447. Interacting with the News/Media: from Helplessness to Personal Empowerment

For some reason, things have become a lot clearer these days for me and I can also say to not be alarmed when one doesn’t seem to have the ‘right words’ or ‘ways’ to express something. Sometimes things take time to be reflected on at an individual level, only to then after som... —

446.Facing our Dark Self: For the New to Grow, the Old Must Go

Self honesty is not nice or beautiful – Bernard Poolman Facing the dark self or the ‘real nature of ourselves’ that we keep hidden and well wrapped behind a usual seemingly ‘good’ portrayal of ourselves is something that can be a bit tough to do or even understand for some ... —

445. Living Self-Forgiveness: Jealousy

One common thing that can emerge when working with and applying the tool of self-forgiveness is that throughout time as in months of years of writing it out, one can still find oneself going into the same patterns such as an emotional reaction, or having the same ‘insta-behavi... —

444. Self-Corruption: Jesus Calls!

Some months ago I had a dream where from afar I would see the book by Thomas Piketty ‘The Economics of Inequality’ on a table, and when getting closer to it, it sort of morphed into or became a book with quotes and principles said or provided by Jesus. This was somehow indicat... —

443. Worry: Problems in the World Back To Self

A few days ago I had to take some pictures, the kind that one takes for passports and such. Throughout my life I’ve kept them all throughout the various phases in my life and it’s interesting to see the evolution of myself throughout the years not only due to the hairstyles, w... —

442. Back To Self: My Current Story

Today I’d like to share some things that I have been realizing for quite some time in relation to the process I’ve walked thus far in terms of, to put it simply, focusing a lot more on what’s happening ‘out there’ as the world, the problems outside of us, investigating and edu... —

441. Paranoid Assumptions: How to Walk Through Them

This is a continuation to an aspect within myself that I had written down, disclosed and seen from many angles a couple of years ago in the entry 396. I Think, therefore I Assume but, certainly as with many other aspects and points we find within our minds, it is just not goin... —

302. Epitafio: Ya Superamos La Conquista?

Reflexión sobre la película ‘Epitafio’ (2015) ser mexicano en relación a los españoles/conquistadores y la relevante confrontación que la película nos presenta como oportunidad para sanar. #Epitafio #EpitafioLaPelícula #SerMexi... —

440. What Do I Deserve?

There is one word that – along with the word ‘Rewards’ – I had created a particular relationship of dislike to, and that is ‘Deserve.’ As with anything that one comes to like or dislike it means that one has created a particular relationship to it, loaded with experiences, def... —

301. Would You Forgive your Oppressor?

When we seek the worst to happen to those that we perceive have done ‘bad’ things onto us, aren’t we embodying the same nature of the perpetrators? How about considering Forgiveness instead? Let’s discuss about that taking the documentary ‘The Look of Silence’ as a reference. ... —

439. Perfectionist? Me?

Where and how have I lived the words perfect, perfectionist and perfectionism in my life? This is an interesting thing to ask because for the most part in my conscious thoughts, I have regarded the ‘craving’ for perfection as something that ‘most people do’ – read: ‘this is ... —

438. Louder Than Bombs

How to not give up upon ‘losing the passion to live’ I watched a movie called Louder than Bombs (2015) and without getting too much into the plot, the character of the mother/woman that was a war photojournalist was the one that caught my attention because of how she deal... —

300. All Lives Matter: How to Live the Statement?

How to relate to and participate in discussions related to police violence and racial disparity and within doing so, being part of the solution. Let’s discuss about that Equal Life Foundation – Bill of Rights #All... —

299. Brexit: A False Dilemma?

Was the referendum in the UK a legitimate choice that would lead to a better outcome with either option? Is democracy only perpetuating a faulty system at the core? Let’s discuss that Politics of Self: Emergency Brexit France: Protestors Rise Up In Their Millions Agains... —

298. Forks Over Knives: Eating Well is Our Responsibility

Is the massive increase of diseases a problem of our governments and healthcare systems or of our lack of awareness of how to eat properly and responsibly? Let’s discuss this based on the Documentary ‘Forks Over Knives’ The feature f... —

297. Should #WorldRefugeeDay Exist?

Why are we allowing the concept of ‘refugee’ to become a ‘normal status’ in a human’s life, instead of working to Prevent the source of the problems they are fleeing from in the first place? Where is our responsibility in this? Source: World Refugee Day, 20 June Watch ou... —

437. What to Do when Feeling like an Outcast?

Here I share some practical steps to consider whenever this particular experience of feeling left out, feeling like not belonging, feeling like one is being judged by others in a particular group or environment, or that one is the ‘odd one sticking out’ etc. If you’d like t... —

296. (Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies

If audio doesn’t play, try here: Can stopping lying, cheating, deceiving and looking after one’s own interests change the world? Let’s discuss the documentary (Dis)Honesty – The Truth About Lies Equal Life Foundation – Bill of Rights... —

436. Lack of Money in Dream

Last night I had a dream where I would be aware of having only a 200 pesos bill in my pocket, that being the last money left with me at the time. I was with my family in a restaurant and I would still be quite sure about being able to pay for the bill, or at least help with so... —

295. Gun Control or Self-Control?

Is Gun Control the solution to stop mass killings? What are we missing when we only look at weapons as ‘the problem’? Let’s discuss about that Suggest to watch: [116] Mass Shootings and Mass Media – YouTube Some points of support I created some years ago: 131. Stop Yourse... —

[136] Living Income Guaranteed: What’s Next?

After three years of presenting the proposal for a Living Income Guaranteed and upon witnessing the ongoing developments with Basic Income in the Political System, we will be discussing the next steps of expanding our movement. Join us in our final edition of the Living Income... —

293. Among The Believers: Who Funded Islamic Terrorism?

How did schools in Pakistan become a training ground for Islamic terrorists? Who funded it and why? Where do we stand in relation to religious extremism and how to stop the separation from within? Let’s discuss and educate ourselves about it. Charismatic cleric Abdul Aziz... —

[134] The Politics of Basic Income

What are the updates on current governmental projects around the world to implement Basic Income as a Social Policy? Which are some of the political challenges to the implementation of Basic Income? How can Basic Income counteract the ongoing dissolution of the Social Contract... —

292. The Swedish Theory of Love: Financial Independence = Happiness?

Why does unhappiness exist in an ultra-efficient system of personal autonomy such as Sweden? What’s a clear difference in the interaction between individuals in rich and poor societies? What does Isolation and solitude in our society reflect about ourselves? How can Independen... —

291. Pervert Park: How to Support Sex Offenders?

What role do parents and family members play in the creation of sexual offenders? How can we assist ‘sex offenders’ to reintegrate back into society and how can we prevent further consequences of our creation: a sexually misinformed and misguided society? Let’s discuss that ab... —

290. When Two Worlds Collide

What happens when the rights to protect life are violated for the sake of profit? Confrontations ensue. Is there a way to prevent wars and deadly outflows that create anger and despair in our current social and economic systems? Let’s discuss prevention and solutions in this D... —