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I share my realizations and perspectives within learning how to live life in self-honesty to expand and grow as a person in this world. #IMatter

Marlen Vargas Del Razo

298. Forks Over Knives: Eating Well is Our Responsibility

Is the massive increase of diseases a problem of our governments and healthcare systems or of our lack of awareness of how to eat properly and responsibly? Let’s discuss this based on the Documentary ‘Forks Over Knives’ The feature f... —

297. Should #WorldRefugeeDay Exist?

Why are we allowing the concept of ‘refugee’ to become a ‘normal status’ in a human’s life, instead of working to Prevent the source of the problems they are fleeing from in the first place? Where is our responsibility in this? Source: World Refugee Day, 20 June Watch ou... —

437. What to Do when Feeling like an Outcast?

Here I share some practical steps to consider whenever this particular experience of feeling left out, feeling like not belonging, feeling like one is being judged by others in a particular group or environment, or that one is the ‘odd one sticking out’ etc. If you’d like t... —

296. (Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies

If audio doesn’t play, try here: Can stopping lying, cheating, deceiving and looking after one’s own interests change the world? Let’s discuss the documentary (Dis)Honesty – The Truth About Lies Equal Life Foundation – Bill of Rights... —

436. Lack of Money in Dream

Last night I had a dream where I would be aware of having only a 200 pesos bill in my pocket, that being the last money left with me at the time. I was with my family in a restaurant and I would still be quite sure about being able to pay for the bill, or at least help with so... —

295. Gun Control or Self-Control?

Is Gun Control the solution to stop mass killings? What are we missing when we only look at weapons as ‘the problem’? Let’s discuss about that Suggest to watch: [116] Mass Shootings and Mass Media – YouTube Some points of support I created some years ago: 131. Stop Yourse... —

[136] Living Income Guaranteed: What’s Next?

After three years of presenting the proposal for a Living Income Guaranteed and upon witnessing the ongoing developments with Basic Income in the Political System, we will be discussing the next steps of expanding our movement. Join us in our final edition of the Living Income... —

293. Among The Believers: Who Funded Islamic Terrorism?

How did schools in Pakistan become a training ground for Islamic terrorists? Who funded it and why? Where do we stand in relation to religious extremism and how to stop the separation from within? Let’s discuss and educate ourselves about it. Charismatic cleric Abdul Aziz... —

[134] The Politics of Basic Income

What are the updates on current governmental projects around the world to implement Basic Income as a Social Policy? Which are some of the political challenges to the implementation of Basic Income? How can Basic Income counteract the ongoing dissolution of the Social Contract... —

292. The Swedish Theory of Love: Financial Independence = Happiness?

Why does unhappiness exist in an ultra-efficient system of personal autonomy such as Sweden? What’s a clear difference in the interaction between individuals in rich and poor societies? What does Isolation and solitude in our society reflect about ourselves? How can Independen... —

291. Pervert Park: How to Support Sex Offenders?

What role do parents and family members play in the creation of sexual offenders? How can we assist ‘sex offenders’ to reintegrate back into society and how can we prevent further consequences of our creation: a sexually misinformed and misguided society? Let’s discuss that ab... —

290. When Two Worlds Collide

What happens when the rights to protect life are violated for the sake of profit? Confrontations ensue. Is there a way to prevent wars and deadly outflows that create anger and despair in our current social and economic systems? Let’s discuss prevention and solutions in this D... —

[133] How to End the War on Drugs

Has the prohibition of drugs been an effective measure to prevent their use? What are the ripple effects of legalizing and decriminalizing drugs? What have the consequences of the war on drugs been? If the supply is controlled and/or legalized, how can we regulate the demand f... —

Look Who's Back - Desteni Movie Night Hangout

Destonian perspective and discussion about the movie 'Look Who's Back' - a comedy that tells a story of Hitler waking up in present-day Berlin with no memory of anything after 1945. Guest is +Marlen Vargas Del Razo! —

289. Basic Income in Mexico Now!

Why would Mexico be a great place to implement a Basic Income Program? Discussions about Basic Income have begun in the Senate of Mexican Government on April 19th with personalities like Daniel Raventós visiting and explaining the benefits of this policy. What will it take for... —

[132] Sudbury Schools: The Future of Education?

What is so unique about Sudbury Schools? What can democratic education at Sudbury Schools offer to society? How is Freedom applied in the Sudbury Schooling System? What are the skills and benefits that children acquire within the Sudbury system? Can the Sudbury Schooling struc... —

288. Counterfeiting Money to Make Money?

Why have people resorted to make fake bills to make money to live? Why are bill counterfeiters seen as criminals and not apply the same to bankers making money out of thin air? Why hasn’t money become a way to enable living, instead of being a thing to work for in itself? Let’... —

287. Panama Papers: What Can We Learn?

What do we miss considering when focusing on the ‘elites’ that hide their money in tax havens around the world? Is there a way to prevent this problem? Let’s discuss about it Suggested analysis: What I Learned From the Panama Papers by James Corbett To guarantee our basic... —

[131] Homeopathy: The Evolution and Meaning of Disease

What do our diseases reflect about the state of the world? What is the role and intent of Homeopathy? Why does illness have a purpose? What is the difference between pharmaceuticals/allopathic approach and Homeopathy? Which are the scientific underpinnings of Homeopathy? We wi... —

Brussels Bombings: the Aftermath

Who and what has been blamed in the aftermath of Brussels’ bombings on March 22nd? What kind of distractions and reactions have this event created in our consciousness? Where could we direct our focus and attention when these events occur instead of our current approach? How c... —

BREAKING NEWS 3/22 Brussels Attacks - Live Response

Here we discuss the breaking news and developments of the attacks in Belgium and address the mindset and initial reactions of people as well as things to consider as we prepare for the coming media coverage and political pressures to come as the world responds to this event. ... —

[130] Women of Vienna: The Power of Community

How can anyone build a community that becomes a beacon of support and development at a local level? How can online communities play a role in facilitating the adaptation of immigrants into a society? What role can expat women take in a new environment they’ve just arrived in? ... —

435. From Control to Flexibility

Being a control-freak or wanting to impose a form of control is definitely an underlying pattern that I played out in the previous situation I shared on ‘hissy-fit’ and transcending it. In essence a cool question that comes up is ‘what am I fearing?’ when seeing that we try an... —

[129] Commonomics: Reclaiming and Growing the Commons

What are the Commons and how can we reclaim and grow them? How can Economic Justice be achieved in times of pervasive privatization? How can democratic and solidarity-based economies be created? What is Postal Banking? How can we contribute to developing the commons in our own... —

From Avoidance to Communication - Practical Self-Empowerment

What is at the root of contempt and cynicism? How does someone approach their own avoidant conditioning and vindictive mindset? How can creativity be used to process the self-conditioning that stems from child abuse without necessarily reinforcing it? Join us in our Hangou... —

434. Hissy-Fit: Trance-Ending it.

Yesterday I noticed an interesting pattern that I had probably not seen with as much detail as before, simply because there has been a tendency to allow the kind of ‘short fuse’ situations to become a normalcy, especially when walking in the city. So the story goes this way: i... —

433. Humbleness and Consideration

I want to share about a process of living certain words to correct certain traits like being demanding/exigent, controlling, bossy and authoritarian, imposing my views/my ways onto others in an almost dictatorial way. I had not become aware of this until I started walking a re... —

432. Don’t Want To Be Part of Life?

Something interesting happened when I considered writing about exigencies and enforcement, since I can relate to having those aspects coming through me when lacking humbleness and consideration toward others. Today I received a comment to one of my previous blog entries sharin... —

431. Recognizing the Potential in Ourselves

One of the points that came up for me today was the ability to recognize the potential in others and within this, be able to use that awareness of what we see another is able to be and become. I consider this is one of the things that have assisted me in being able to see past... —

430. Recognition

When looking at redefining a word,  an exercise is to see what kind of associations do I have in relation to it, what kind of memories are attached to this word that could prevent me from actually redefining it and living the word in a supportive manner. So this is a work in p... —