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Born in 1983 and raised in Washington in the USA, I discovered the Desteni material in the course of studying / experiencing 'Spirituality' and 'Ascension'. I immediately understood the Desteni message and material as it was the first practical Common Sense insight into the nature of the 'Human Experience' I had ever heard - which I immediately was able to verify myself through simply looking at myself self honestly.
I began applying myself with Breathing and the practical self-tools of stopping the mind as Self Honesty and applying Self Forgiveness in late 2007 or early 2008 and have experienced within my self application a process of Self Realization and Self Perfection unfolding gradually as I started to take apart my mind and release myself point by point, layer by layer from the preprogrammed, illusionary alternate reality of the mind consciousness system.

As I began stopping myself existing as a mere programmed system, and began living and expressing directly Here as Myself in every moment of Breath, I found myself becoming a much more effective Human Being, as I am now able to take responsibility for everything that I experience within myself, and come to a direct understanding of what is going on inside me, and also what is going in this world / existence and what practical action is required to be taken in changing ourselves and changing this world - to bring about a New World / Existence that is Best for All as Equal and One.

I naturally express myself with Music and Singing, which I am busy developing and perfecting. Quite a satisfying experience, as previously I had suppressed my natural expression through the mind - where I was not aligned with who I really am at all - but only existing as / experiencing myself as a programmed system consisting of patterns of thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, anxieties, fantasies, etc. In my Process I have experienced a fascinating emergence of myself - emerging from the alternate, mental reality of self delusion and suppression and conditioning - emerging as who I really am as Life, Equal and One with All - and within this - WOW - there is a lot to be expressed because - when standing as All as One as Equal - standing Equal and One with what we have created, accepted and allowed ourselves to become, and our world to become, you can see -- we have quite a mess on our hands. And now it is time to use our hands in ways that practically accumulate towards a new world and way of living that is Best for All.
Within this, daily I am investigating, exposing, and expressing what I am seeing and realizing within and about the daily goings-on and events in this world, and sharing how we can apply ourselves as Human Beings within taking Responsibility, Standing Up, and bringing about a new world through Stopping the accepted and allowed abuse, suppression, and separation within ourselves, through which we have manifested / created the current manifested reality of consequence as this world as it exists, and bringing about a new world / existence through re-birthing ourselves Here as Who we Really Are as Life, as All as One as Equal -- 'beginning' with the practical step of implementing an Equal Money System to support everyone to transcend their self programming, and also end Poverty and Starvation and Crime caused by / created by our current accepted money systems of inequality.


Matti Freeman

Dictionary Words Discussion: Evaluating Definitions

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Price Elasticity & The Cost of Emotional Investments?

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Amazing Disgrace is the Holy Place of the Human Race

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The Power of Namaste! Spirituality for Dummies

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Exploring Spontaneity of Action 2 - Process Vlog

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Exploring Spontaneity of Action 1 - Process Vlog

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Equal Money for Dummies: Ill Will of Current Economy Causes Starvation

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Human Behavior is Not a Mystery

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Equal Money for Dummies - United we Stand, Divided we Fall

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Google Monitoring Vs. God Monitoring

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Real Morality

An Equal Money system is real Morality - because it will function in all ways based on the actual Equations of what supports Life and will not leave anyone out of the equation due to excuses of make-believe inequality as in the current system http:... —

Latisse Eyelash Mind Control

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Great White Light - Lightworker Path

why are we so possessed with 'the light'? why limit ourselves to a picture called 'the light'? I am Here - I do not need or require 'the light' why would life itself need 'the light'? It does not make sense Light is a Blight that blinds us to the Plight of Life - Here on Ea... —

Equal Money Ecosystem for Human Beings 1

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Equal Money 4 Dummies

You wouldn't demand that a saltwater fish must earn its right to the salt it needs to survive -- thus, why do we demand that human beings must earn their right to money to survive? Why accept such cruelty? 1+1=2 the simple math of Equality obviously, within an Equality... —

Gay Marriage

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Getting Married is Inequality Part 2/3

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Getting Married is Inequality Part 1/3

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Money Has Choice - Humans Don't

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YouTube Proves Equality is Best

Intro music by Matti Freeman So when you look at youtube, youtube is a basic example of an equality system where you have a system in place that is functioning within the principle... —

Equality is Simplicity

Equality implies all are equal in all ways - implies all are one and the same in essence, in source, in manifestation, in ability, in knowledge, in awareness, in expression, in value. However, this does not mean that individuality does not exist within Equality. It means that ... —

Breathing and Emotions - Update on Quitting Smoking

Since I've quit smoking I've stabilized more in Breathing and remaining in breath when a difficult emotional experience arises -- whereas when I was still smoking, I used smoking as an energetic experience within which I suppressed certain emotional experiences and made myself... —

I am the Point of my Existence - Process Support Vlog

Process Perspective on wanting / needing attention from others and how in accepting and allowing such wanting and needing of attention one is revealing that one is dependent on energy being generated by 'attention from others' and then 'attention' as energy is being made / acc... —

Bashar - Changing Core Beliefs - Revelation

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We Are All Dictators - Skinhead for Equality

We call hitler evil - but we don't want to see the evil we all give permission for every day Self Honesty shows the Raw Truth of who we are Join the forum and assist and support yourself to Stand Up and become an effective, self-honest human being w... —

Golden Rule of Spirituality

Okay so I'm talking about someone who has, on youtube - is explaining spirituality for me in 'simple terms', commenting on my Bashar response video called 'Negativity and Reality'. He says - this is 'jagg1951' and he says: "let me explain spirituality for you in simple terms'... —