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Born in 1983 and raised in Washington in the USA, I discovered the Desteni material in the course of studying / experiencing 'Spirituality' and 'Ascension'. I immediately understood the Desteni message and material as it was the first practical Common Sense insight into the nature of the 'Human Experience' I had ever heard - which I immediately was able to verify myself through simply looking at myself self honestly.
I began applying myself with Breathing and the practical self-tools of stopping the mind as Self Honesty and applying Self Forgiveness in late 2007 or early 2008 and have experienced within my self application a process of Self Realization and Self Perfection unfolding gradually as I started to take apart my mind and release myself point by point, layer by layer from the preprogrammed, illusionary alternate reality of the mind consciousness system.

As I began stopping myself existing as a mere programmed system, and began living and expressing directly Here as Myself in every moment of Breath, I found myself becoming a much more effective Human Being, as I am now able to take responsibility for everything that I experience within myself, and come to a direct understanding of what is going on inside me, and also what is going in this world / existence and what practical action is required to be taken in changing ourselves and changing this world - to bring about a New World / Existence that is Best for All as Equal and One.

I naturally express myself with Music and Singing, which I am busy developing and perfecting. Quite a satisfying experience, as previously I had suppressed my natural expression through the mind - where I was not aligned with who I really am at all - but only existing as / experiencing myself as a programmed system consisting of patterns of thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, anxieties, fantasies, etc. In my Process I have experienced a fascinating emergence of myself - emerging from the alternate, mental reality of self delusion and suppression and conditioning - emerging as who I really am as Life, Equal and One with All - and within this - WOW - there is a lot to be expressed because - when standing as All as One as Equal - standing Equal and One with what we have created, accepted and allowed ourselves to become, and our world to become, you can see -- we have quite a mess on our hands. And now it is time to use our hands in ways that practically accumulate towards a new world and way of living that is Best for All.
Within this, daily I am investigating, exposing, and expressing what I am seeing and realizing within and about the daily goings-on and events in this world, and sharing how we can apply ourselves as Human Beings within taking Responsibility, Standing Up, and bringing about a new world through Stopping the accepted and allowed abuse, suppression, and separation within ourselves, through which we have manifested / created the current manifested reality of consequence as this world as it exists, and bringing about a new world / existence through re-birthing ourselves Here as Who we Really Are as Life, as All as One as Equal -- 'beginning' with the practical step of implementing an Equal Money System to support everyone to transcend their self programming, and also end Poverty and Starvation and Crime caused by / created by our current accepted money systems of inequality.


Matti Freeman

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capitalism is where those with less money clean the toilets of those with more money

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91 year old Yogi Supreme Wisdom

"91-year-old yogi, Bernice Bates, began practicing and teaching yoga in 1960. Before even getting out of bed in the morning she does a series of seven or so poses to get her blood flowing -- how awesome is that?" Decades spent as a 'yogi' with no practical solution to chang... —

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