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Born in 1983 and raised in Washington in the USA, I discovered the Desteni material in the course of studying / experiencing 'Spirituality' and 'Ascension'. I immediately understood the Desteni message and material as it was the first practical Common Sense insight into the nature of the 'Human Experience' I had ever heard - which I immediately was able to verify myself through simply looking at myself self honestly.
I began applying myself with Breathing and the practical self-tools of stopping the mind as Self Honesty and applying Self Forgiveness in late 2007 or early 2008 and have experienced within my self application a process of Self Realization and Self Perfection unfolding gradually as I started to take apart my mind and release myself point by point, layer by layer from the preprogrammed, illusionary alternate reality of the mind consciousness system.

As I began stopping myself existing as a mere programmed system, and began living and expressing directly Here as Myself in every moment of Breath, I found myself becoming a much more effective Human Being, as I am now able to take responsibility for everything that I experience within myself, and come to a direct understanding of what is going on inside me, and also what is going in this world / existence and what practical action is required to be taken in changing ourselves and changing this world - to bring about a New World / Existence that is Best for All as Equal and One.

I naturally express myself with Music and Singing, which I am busy developing and perfecting. Quite a satisfying experience, as previously I had suppressed my natural expression through the mind - where I was not aligned with who I really am at all - but only existing as / experiencing myself as a programmed system consisting of patterns of thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, anxieties, fantasies, etc. In my Process I have experienced a fascinating emergence of myself - emerging from the alternate, mental reality of self delusion and suppression and conditioning - emerging as who I really am as Life, Equal and One with All - and within this - WOW - there is a lot to be expressed because - when standing as All as One as Equal - standing Equal and One with what we have created, accepted and allowed ourselves to become, and our world to become, you can see -- we have quite a mess on our hands. And now it is time to use our hands in ways that practically accumulate towards a new world and way of living that is Best for All.
Within this, daily I am investigating, exposing, and expressing what I am seeing and realizing within and about the daily goings-on and events in this world, and sharing how we can apply ourselves as Human Beings within taking Responsibility, Standing Up, and bringing about a new world through Stopping the accepted and allowed abuse, suppression, and separation within ourselves, through which we have manifested / created the current manifested reality of consequence as this world as it exists, and bringing about a new world / existence through re-birthing ourselves Here as Who we Really Are as Life, as All as One as Equal -- 'beginning' with the practical step of implementing an Equal Money System to support everyone to transcend their self programming, and also end Poverty and Starvation and Crime caused by / created by our current accepted money systems of inequality.


Matti Freeman

Equal Money is Heaven

Everyone wants Heaven. The problem is no one is being Self Honest about what Heaven actually is. Why do people want to be billionaires 'so frickin' bad'? Why do people want to win the Lottery? Why do people walk into gas stations and buy scratch tickets? Or indeed, why do ... —

The Church Supports Inequality, Allows Murder "ARLINGTON, Texas – A convicted felon was arrested Saturday and faces a capital murder charge in the slaying of a pastor at his Texas church in an apparent robbery, police said." So, obviously god's 'syste... —

Capitalism Manufactures Criminals: Equal Money Ends Crime.

"A central Georgia couple has pleaded guilty to having their 14-year-old daughter engage in sex with a man so that they would not have to make monthly payments on their secondhand minivan." Full article: —

Equal Money and Slumdog Millionaires

"'Slumdog Millionaire' star Rubina Ali's family home has reportedly been destroyed by a fire. reports that Ali, 12, and her family have been left homeless after a fire blazed through the slums of Mumbai on Friday night. The fire left 21 people injured and more ... —

Promise of Rebirth Ends with Death in Sweat-Lodge Ceremony

"Camp Verde, Arizona (CNN) -- Jurors in the trial of self-help guru and speaker James Ray, accused of three counts of manslaughter in a 2009 Arizona sweat lodge ceremony, heard a recording Wednesday in which he previewed the intense ceremony and told participants how it would ... —

Matti on Facebook NetworkedBlogs

Check out my blogs in Facebook 'NetworkedBlogs' - just search for 'matti freeman'. go to and make sure the app is enabled, then join in and participate by following and sharing blogs, and voting up blog posts! Also register your own blogs an... —

Multidimensional Spiritual Insight

Discussing my experience with 'multidimensional spirituality'. Stop the Dimentia of the Mind-Created excursions into 'spiritual' fantasy lands that distract from the Matters at Hand. To discuss this video and others, go to the forum Here: M... —

Capitalism Manufactures Criminals: Equal Money Ends Crime.

"A central Georgia couple has pleaded guilty to having their 14-year-old daughter engage in sex with a man so that they would not have to make monthly payments on their secondhand minivan."Full article: —

Bashar: Happiness and Integrity

To discuss this video and others, go to the forum Here: Matti Freeman Standing One and Equal with the Matters at Hand. Bringing Heaven to Earth to Birth Man in Matter as Life. To Live a Life that Matters in Matter that support in Establishin... —

Authority and Knowledge and Information

I was writing about the point of fearing to challenge people who appear 'authoritative' to me, where I then tend to go into a 'self effacing' personality -- and realized it does not matter how someone 'appears', as the only Authority is what is Best for All - where 'authority'... —

Stopped back ache with Self Forgiveness

I just remembered that for many years I had, you could say, 'chronic' lower / mid back ache that I used to experience every day at some point. I didn't know what it was. When I began working with Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness within investigating and stopping my mind -- at... —

Practical Equality in Dishwashing

A simple example that many people can relate to, of acting on Principle, doing what is best for all, resulting in a better experience for self, is the 'dishwashing example'. If you have not experienced the following example, I would suggest implementing it in your world to te... —

One Equally Developed World with Equal Money

To discuss this video and others, go to the forum Here: The Equal Money System ends the unnecessary existence of 'developing economies' throughout the world. Common Sense: there is enough of everything for ALL countries, ALL areas of the W... —

Buying and Selling: An Existential Look

The only way to look at the 'big picture' is to look at what is here from a starting point that is Equal for ALL - the 'utmost' starting point for each, in common sense, will be Equal. Fortunately, that starting point is not something one must spend years to attain through med... —

Apply the Equality Equation to Anything! WOW!

Here I've pasted all the tags from my posts in this blog. Consider that the only thing I am doing on this blog is investigating what is best for all, applying the Equality Equation to whatever point I encounter. equality self honesty equal money self forgiveness common sense... —

Houston Daily Crime Report: 95.5% Theft and Robbery Here on's daily crime report on February 10th 2011 for Houston, Texas there are 226 crimes reported. 95.5% of the crimes reported are 'Theft', or 'Robbery'. Throughout the entire month, as you can see here: http://spotcr... —

Any Sane Being's Goal

The goal of any sane being should be to eliminate the existence of 'buying and selling' from existence - what a disgraceful manifestation - where value is not life, not ourselves - but is something placed in separation of self that is transferred as a possession through the us... —

ONLY State of Being Matters! Important advice for 2012

"Circumstances don't matter, only state of being matters". What is not being seen by those who participate in this belief, is that the 'state of being' one tends to participate in within ones mind as thoughts and beliefs and ideas and self definitions, is largely influenced... —

Equal Money: the real Zeitgeist

Some Common Sense to consider in relation to Practically evaluating ones individual power to actually make a physical difference in this world: consider a bank - consider the massive amount of people, computers, machines, labor, logistics, mathematics, electricity, water, foo... —

From Aliens to Equal Money

When one takes Responsibility as the Creators of what is Here, and trust oneself as Life to do what is Best for All - aliens and ufos become irrelevant. Because when one looks at this world with Common Sense - we can see we are responsible as its creators. In abdicating respon... —

Raw Foods! the solution to starvation! (NOT)

Someone on YouTube commented to me, that starving children 'should be able to afford a raw foods diet'. (Implying that starving children are merely choosing to not use their non-existent money to buy raw foods). These are words coming from someone who lives the 'raw food life... —

Upliftment with Equal Money

forgiving criminals and sending them 'love' (as in spirituality) is a perfect example of how people deceive themselves, believing they are 'helping uplift the vibration' when in fact the criminal exist not because of a 'low vibration', but because of their particular birth cir... —

Economics of Spiritual Oneness and Forgiveness

Matti Freeman Standing One and Equal with the Matters at Hand. Bringing Heaven to Earth to Birth Man in Matter as Life. To Live a Life that Matters in Matter as a Free Man. For Universal Equality and the Creation of Heaven on Earth for All as a Matter of Physical Fact starting... —

Remove stress with Equal Money

Look at the common sense of having a conscripted labor period as part of the Equal Money System: you put in a few years of work to help maintain the system, developing some practical skills while you're at it, meeting people -- and then you have the rest of your life to do wha... —

Doing what is Best for All is Real Choice.

What we at Desteni are doing is actually living real 'free choice' -- actually living real 'free will'. How? Well, let's look at the Common Sense implications of the statements "I live' and "I have free choice". To say that 'I live' implies that I am Life. Because obviously,... —


To stop something existing within and as me, there can be no judgment - as judgment always require a point to be directed at -- thus judgment always give permission for the existence of that which it judge —

"Appropriateness of affect"

"Appropriateness of affect. The extent to which an individual's emotional response to a particular situation is considered (from a 'normal' or 'acceptable' point of view) to be appropriate. Inappropriate affect is, generally speaking, the hallmark of all psychological or psych... —

Trust In A World Where Money Is God

What is Trust in a World where Money is God? How do we Learn to Trust Ourselves and Each other in a NEW world where Money support all Life Equal and One and NONE exist within fear of loss? Investigate Self Honesty and Common Sense - Investigate what is Best for All Life.... —

All Humans Lie Under Oath

To discuss this video and others, go to the forum Here: All Humans lie under oath -- swearing on the Bible is actually swearing on Money - as Money is the Real God in this world that humans fear the consequences of be... —

The World from a God's Eye View

In this world, those of us with money have access to information technology. And when one looks at the extent of our information technology, when one looks at the access that is granted us in terms of being able to view what is happening anywhere on Earth -- we can see that we... —