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HOM44 - History of Mankind - Akashic Records.wmv

the HOM series will unfold before you how we got to the point we are at. this is a series of interviews done by jack through the interdimentional portal, and within it you will find answers to many questions humans have asked for ions of time. from the history to the practi... —

Passive Income – The capitalistic dream

passive income – the capitalistic dream why do we want passive income? Because we don’t want to fear survival, we don’t want to be enslaved to our job, we want to be able to be free to do as we please and not have to worry about money. how can we create a passive income? By le... —

Drugs - by Bernard Poolman

A discussion with Bernard Poolman with regards the influence of drugs. Follow the blog books regularly which are available at the Desteni Store along with many o... —


The Equal money book is now out and for sale, you can find it at the desteni equal life store where 50% of all sales go directly to the equal life foundation. Within this part of the interview series, Bernard will be laying out the basic structure... —

Master Your Mind

Another interview by bernard poolman exposing reality another interview by bernard poolman exposing reality Master your mind, the real truth about mastering your mind in this reality can be seen in all those that are promoting the master of the mind purely for the sake o... —

What will happen to Warren Buffett’s 64B$ ? Equal Money System – FAQ

In an equal money system – what will happen to Warren Buffett’s 64B$ ? Warren Buffett has been documented as the wealthiest person in the world in 2008, and the third wealthiest in 2011, with a net value of 64B$ (give or take a few bucks). Can you even grasp that? 64 billion d... —

Who will provide funeral services in EMS ? Equal Money System – FAQ

In an equal money system the focus of everything within the system will be shifted from the value of money as individual profit within the polarity of loss/gain, to the value of life as the benefit of all as equals within the principle of what is best for all. Within an equal ... —

Money as Motivation – the Desteni Mega Store

I am walking this process of self realization within self honesty and as such, experiencing many ups and downs, I am yet to walk within stability and consistency – but am walking none the less. I am still not yet stable within the point of self motivation and I have seen this ... —

Gymnastics and Equal Money

When I was a child I was a gymnast, I went to a gymnastics class twice a week, and I loved it. There were two levels of my enjoyment – the one was the physical activity, pushing the bodies limits, doing amazing things such as cartwheels, handstands, flips and other cool stuff…... —

Great Philosophers of the Past are Dead Meat

an interview by Bernard Poolman —

Insight as Practical Example

interview by Bernard poolman —

heaven on earth

It’s interesting that the word heaven has been a very popular word in my blog search engine. Everybody is searching the web, looking for heaven… Where is heaven to be found? does it exist and waiting to be found? or does it need to be created? is it something that needs to be ... —

writing - part 2

I committed myself to writing every day, I am now home after a really long day, within which I took a 3 hour nap cause I couldn’t keep my eyes open… I’ve been struggling with jet lag since I got back from the united stated 2 weeks ago – it’s never been so severe, and every tim... —

nature versus profit – who will we allow to win?

Will nature always be second best? There have been lots of social protests in Israel in the past few months, and all around the world as well. People are waking up and becoming more and more aware that the current system in which we live in is not supportive of us as a whole a... —


I have this idea in my mind that I do not like to write, that I am not a good writer and that I don’t have anything to write about. The cool thing about writing is that once you start the words come out and sentences are get built, I could never have known that this is what I ... —

one step at a time

this is something i must remember every day - one step at a time... i have stopped shaving my head a few weeks ago and i can see the pattern of impatience come up- how will i look as it grows? how long will it take to grow? will i have the patience to see it through? or will ... —

Equal Money and the Formative Years

A discussion with Bernard Poolman about the Formative years of children in a system that is Equally Supportive for All from Birth to Death. The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start participating in dem... —

tag you're it - waking up in an equal money system.wmv

what would it be like waking up in an equal money system - in a world where profit isn't the motivation - where we are not directed by fear of survival - a world where we can all support each other instead of abuse and manipulate one another as it currently is today within the... —

Follow my NetWorkedBlog - exposing myself until we stand as one and equal

inviting you to follow my blog at as i share my process of self realization and at: as i share my perspective regarding equality and the equal money system check out the desteni "I" process to find ou... —

eating as self abuse

eating is a form of self support when it is done from a starting point of support i have noticed that i am eating from a starting point based in self dishonesty, such as compensating myself for feeling bad due to self judgment, and punishing myself within that as a form of se... —

self judgment - self supporting self to see

realizing how i can use judgment to support myself in seeing what i am showing myself, where am i not aligned with equality and oneness, with self as breath. Through judgment I can see a point I am not clear about, a point I am defining as 'bad' or 'wrong' and clear up the def... —

gardening as self support

Sharing my gardening experience. I have planted a garden and i am faced with many points within myself. the garden experience is reflecting me back to myself. I'm facing the points of Patience, responsibility and commitment. Comparing the process with the garden to the self re... —

Forgiveness as manipulation Vs. self forgiveness as support

Forgiveness as a construct is a based on manipulation, deception and polarity. One must clear the word in order to live it as the living word, not limited to the polarity based definition of the mind. Within clearing the word I have found that the only forgiveness that valid ... —

Maslow's hierarchy of needs is supporting the equal money system

Maslow's hierarchy of needs is supporting the equal money system. check out: and —

Animal abuse -- we are all equally responsible

After watching a very graphic video of a dog being skinned alive, I couldn't hold back my tears of the pure cruelty that is allowed by us humans. I applied self forgiveness and saw my participation within abuse. I then realized how our survival based money system is forcing pe... —

simply self expression stopping the judgment

expressing myself as the simplicity of myself, no big statements. vloging as a tool for self support to face myself and see what i have allowed myself to be and become so i can stop the patter/system that is me and birth myself as life, express myself as life. —

vlog 2 - resistance to self forgive

Sharing my experienced resistance towards self forgiveness. Applying self forgiveness from a starting point of comparison and expectation, instead of actually forgiving myself within breath. —

First vlog - saying hi

walking through the resistance of vloging —

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