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Day 769 - Exploring the Word "Lame"

I have a little bit of a negative tinge towards the word "Lame" as like arghh, ahhh,, fuck, god damn, not cool, cannot look, must look away, beyond embarrassing, uncomfortable....and, unfathomable to continuously think about. So, that is what comes to mind in relationship to ... —

Day 768 - Lame Communication

I am working on developing my effectiveness in communication. I see communication as Paramount. Communication is Life. Communication is integral in building the best quality Life Here. Communication is Everything. I bring up these seemingly obvious points about Communicatio... —

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Day 767 - Maleficient

Ma-Lef-i-Cent....Mal-ef-i-cent..Maleficent... I first recall seeing this word when the movie came out with the title "Maleficent". I was kind of intrigued by this word because I was not familiar with the time, I did a quick look of the word and found it to be synony... —

Day 762- The Psychology of My Inhumanity in Regards to Christmas

Christmas has some pretty cool points about it: Time with family and friends. Sharing in activities...from preparing more recreational and leisurely activities. Getting and Giving cool material things. The present swapping. A sense of jovial regard for those in ... —

Day 761 - The Flow of Money Reflects the Brutality of Our Everday Flow

The "making of money" within and as how things exist now is so much so the art of war...the manifestation of separation, constantly and consistently perpetuating dissonance as our information relationship definitions....evolving and upgrading the rules of law/war as the re... —

Day 759 - What Word is Synonymous with, "The Mother of all Fuckup's?"

ASSUME ASSUME - is so much so the mother of all fuckup's So much bullshit, as unnecessary consequence is created through the participation within and as the relationship to the word "ASSUME". To put assume loosely is a guessing game of sorts. In many instances Assume can ... —

Day 760 - Restricted Flow of Money as Central Banking and Bitcoin

I think the way in which central banking exists is total bullshit. The strangle hold that exists within and around the movement of money in this world is a disgraceful disregard and abdication of Life regard and recognition. This I see is a reflection of our our collective i... —

Day 758 - Ass You Me Mix Up's

Maybe you have heard the saying: "when you ASSUME, You make an Ass out of You and Me". First of All, an Ass kind of looks like a Heart.....So is this Love...the symbol of know the heart...the thing that looks like an Ass that Cupid is shooting an arrow into? When ... —

Day 757 - The Flick of the Con

I've learned some ironically funny things about Conflict. Specifically, myself relationship within and as primarily so much so it is a decision of myself to accept and allow such relationship ridiculousness as the particular dynamics of various degrees of conte... —

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Day 755 - What's Your Deal?

Check out the video I made, "What's your Deal?" The video was created as an expansion and outflow of the writing of the blog: Day 754 - "Funny Thing about Deals" IN-JOY! :) —

Day 754 - Funny thing about "Deals"

If you look at the word "DEAL" and you move and play around with fact reverse the order exactly...You get "LEAD" For the point of my writing here is the acknowledgement of "Deals" like the deals we make with ourselves and each other....but primarily ourselves. See w... —

Day 752 - Consistency and Moderation

Moderation: Is the process of eliminating or lessening extremes. It is used to to ensure normality throughout the medium on which it is being conducted. Being within reasonable limits; not excessive or extreme The state or an instance of being moderate; mildness; balance T... —

Day 751 - Word Consumption

We live in the Information Age....Information is at our finger tips. More then ever before, arguably, access to information exists. At the same time, there is so much information everywhere...all over...good information, bad information...misleading information, disinformatio... —

Day 749 - Word Recognition Continuation

Continuing from my previous post: "So, what I would like to reiterate in this sharing here today, is the point that often times, there is a particular moment of reactionary impulsing to particular language that is used...and this is often reflected back to us or another in an... —

Day 748 - Word Recognition and Exploration

It's fascinating to examine the specifics of our communication. Like for instance, when sharing words with another here, often times, we will pick up...or the other will focus in on a particular "word" within the exchange of many words. By giving attention to the particular wo... —

Day 745 - Supple

Continuing from the post: Day 743 - The Irony of Effort "One cannot work effectively well for a consistently long amount of time with a strong stamina to have excellent output performance if One isn't at ease within and as the work/play. Isn't it fascinating that we often... —

Day 744 - Doing Fucked Up Shit Because Authority Said So

Are you familiar with the Milgram experiment? Click the link to read about how average people will kill people because Authority told them so. To watch a video showcasing the influence and susceptibility of humans to following along with bad advice because an Authority figur... —

Day 742 - Brushing off a Reaction

Have you ever experienced a moment where you are discussing something with someone and the person you are communicating with gets upset rather abruptly with something you said? I have. I have often reacted within myself to such situations as like taking offense as a form of ... —

Day 741 - When The Going Gets Tough – The Moment You're Tired

When The Going Gets Tough – The Moment You're Tired So I am Here in this moment pushing myself to share a bit of myself here in further establishing a new consistency in writing my blogs. I have been looking at the dedication and determination within and as the Self-respo... —

Day 740 - Self-Responsibility within Dedication and Determination

Continuing from previous blog entry. Self-Responsibility is a gift in and as self-empowerment. It is a gift you give give to yourself. Self-responsibility is part of the epitome of practically living any and all words. It's the Authority self-authorization to move and express... —

Day 739 - The Terms of Determination and The Education of Dedication

Continuing from my previous posting: "So what I see here is the practical structuring of and as my Dedication...because within and as my dedication is the Determination....and within my determination is the Law of my being here as my Obligation. Dare i say moral ob... —

Day 738 - Determination

Determination - "A firmness of Purpose" Let's play with the word "determination' for a moment here: Determine a tie to make the terms in at ion.....the terms of term in a shun......determination.....deter mind —

Day 737 - Who's Responsible When Somebody You Know Dies?

This is a topic that doesn't really get all that much's like it's just something that is dealt with after the fact. Yes there are precursors you can take to prepare your estate/affairs for one you are dead...but ultimately somebody close to you has got a bunch o... —

Day 736 - Cat Punching on Facebook

I learned of the phenomena of "Cat Punching on Facebook" a little while ago. Cat punching on Facebook is just as it sounds. Now, obviously it is common sense that Punching a Cat in the Face is not a Cool thing to do to a Cat. Nor is it considerate or appropriate behavior for ... —

Day 735 - Self-Forgiveness

Self-forgiveness is a Profound tool of and as creation here. It's the epitome of self-actualization. A noble application. A mark of greatness, compassion, consideration and the highest regard. The greatest gift really. Let me explain. All Life, is Self-Forgiveness. What? ... —

Day 732 - Movie Review SubUrbia

A really good movie for young people to watch. It really encourages the point of self-reflection into what one is doing with their life. What kind of potential oneself has...and how if we don't really challenge ourselves to move then we will just go through the movement moment... —

Day 729 - Self-Regard

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding what is in fact self-regard always all ways a point of practical living common sense. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to disregard self-regard in moments where I am faced... —

Day 728 - The Easy Attitude and Outlook

The other day I was talking to someone about the attitude and perspective One adapts within the work was in doing as being a critical component to the success/enjoyment/ability One has within a point. My reflection on this point comes as a result of my experience from going fr... —

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