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Michael McDonald

Day 494 Gentleness

Gentleness: adj. gen·tler, gen·tlest 1. Considerate or kindly in disposition; amiable and tender. 2. Not harsh or severe; mild and soft: a gentle scolding; a gentle tapping at the window. 3. Easily managed or handled; docile: a gentle horse. 4. Not steep or sudden; gradua... —


Talking about being Camera Shy. —

Day 493 Questions Today

I asked myself questions this evening....the question are; When did I first give up on myself ? When did I quit/give up on myself ? When did I first decide that I can slack off on self-willed commitment ? When did I decide it was OK to stop learning something that was ... —


How it is Possible for Perfect Law to Exist. Explaining and Exposing how and why our laws reflect imperfection. See How it Is within Our ImPerfection that Our Perfection is Possible. See and Hear Here how Our Physical Words are the Building Blocks of and as Our Physical Embodi... —


Freestyle Discussing self-responsibility and self-accountability for the effective distribution and circulation of our blood within our body as like our blood reflects money and the heart of the banking system,,,and we are responsible for remedying the maladies that exist with... —

Day 492 Walking through Resistance

I was out walking with Daisy the Dog this Evening and I noticed a peculiar thing. I was getting pissed off when ever she was resisting to go a particular way. Like for instance we had got quite far from home and we needed to get turned around and back towards the house, becaus... —

Day 491 Vote

Looking at the word "Vote". I'm looking at the word "vote" because I've come to realize how my Life is a result of a series of votes. Like my every participation comes down to a vote. Do I or don't I, Should I or Should not I, Stop or continue, which decision do I choose, thi... —

Individual Democracy

Looking at how my Life is made up of a series of votes, and how each individual living democracy determines the the total collective democracy we share here together as reflective of the principle; One Man, One Vote. See my blog from today where the topic was "Vote" for mor... —

Day 490 Mouse in the House

While I was laying in bed a mouse came quite close to me on the ground...I said something like, "oh Hi Mouse...and just kind of looked at the mouse for a moment...then the mouse scurried off somewhere...and a few minutes later the mouse was climbing up the curtain. I was surp... —

Hierarchy of Care

A story and consideration about care taking for Life. —

Question; Do You Care?

Questions regarding Life. —

Day 489 Who am I ?

I found this writing in an old note book today, I'm quite certain these are some of Bernard's words that I copied down because I figured I would be helping myself in writing out these particular words. So, here I am writing them out again, and sharing them with You! Who am I ... —

Economic Forces

Insight and practical knowledge and information with regards to the nature of economic forces. —

Mr. He/She, She/He Economy

Perspective and Solution regarding Economic Forces. A message and order for Finance Ministers. —

Day 488 Undermining My Own Authority

So, the point has surface this evening with regards to this law paper I am writing about justice and dominance with regards to distributive means. The point being, that I am doubting myself as source authority within writing. Like, I doubt the validity of my own words, well ... —

Day 487 Time for Fitness Exercises?

How much time to I need to exercise? I noticed an interesting thing yesterday, I don't really need any extra time to exercise. What I mean by this is that the time to exercise already exists everyday, regardless of the schedule. What I mean, is that it is just a matter of in... —

Day 486 Fitness Training

Fitness training is a point I'd like to open up in writing. I like physical activity, yet the idea of training to improve performance within specific physical activities/sports has always been a huge point of resistance for me. I'd like to start with some self-forgiveness in ... —

Poverty is a Complex Issue

"Poverty is a complex issue" is a bullshit statement that has been perpetuated throughout history. —

Day 485 Memory Lane

So, the point kept coming up within me about having a cigarette. And for awhile, I couldn't figure out why. So I started investigating the point, asking myself questions, and I had a particular idea about smoking, as this specific energetic experience of myself while smoking, ... —

Money Secret

I reveal a hidden truth about money. Watch the video and expand in money opportunity awareness. —

Day 484 Daily Blogging and Vlogging

The support that we are able to give to ourselves and others within blogging and vlogging is tremendous. Our words are seeds of support and assistance. I know our days can be quite hectic with a jam packed schedule of time managed responsibilities and obligations. What I do ... —

The Message I've Been Waiting to Hear

Characterizing a message I would like to hear from Presidents and Prime Ministers. —

Day 483 Runner Runner

I just watched the movie Runner Runner which stars Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake. Without spoiling the plot, the movie is all about money, making money, the risks involved, the consequences of gambling. The movie begins with a point being made about how our total reality i... —

Money Matrix Global Consciousness

A self-reflection investigation into the nature of how all my relationships are reflective of my relationship with money. Some consideration and perspective of how it is possible to correct the inherent abusive money relations existent as our global consciousness. —

Day 482 Walking Points into Completion

I was just looking at the point of delaying to walk a point into completion. Like, knowing what I got to do and postponing the application of scripting the correction for myself. Like, for instance my blogging here tonight, I see that I didn't walk self-corrective statements y... —

Important Economic News Development

Important economic news development that couldn't be postponed till morning. Live broadcast from my bed. You gotta here this. —

Day 481 Legal System Forgiveness

Continuing from my previous blog. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for looking at law from the perspective of wanting to know how I can exploit and manipulate the law. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for believing that in order to be succ... —

Story of System Exploitation and Manipulation

Sharing some of my story of exploitation and manipulation from within the veils of self-righteousness. see my blog link here that goes into some of the specifics with regards to the legal system: —

Day 480 Exploiting and Manipulating the System

I've looked at law from the perspective of trying to figure out how I can exploit and manipulate the legal system. My justification has been that the legal system is totally fucked up, so if I can manipulate and exploit this totally fucked up legal system for my own personal b... —

Day 479 Some Resistance to Writing My Blog Tonight

I've gotten into the habit the last little while, where I write my blog towards the very end of my evening, like just before I go to bed. And the point came up tonight of me thinking about not writing my blog, thinking that I'm too tired. And it's really a bullshit reason just... —