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Michael McDonald

michael's Site - Sex and Ejaculation

Ok, so i'm going to see if i give myself more clarity and insight and practical self support by digging deeper about Ejaculation. I had previously written a blog post titled " Ejaculation as Fear of L —

Check Out These Abs

Process talk exposing my stomach belly abs. check out awesome links of excellence: —

Fear as What is Best for Everyone?

Fear talk and letting go of the definition of fear as bad and negative for an agreement that is best for everyone as oneness and equality. see the following link Recruiter Michael McDonald —

michael's Site - Resistance towards Schooling

Ok, so i m gonna start with some ranting and raving about university particpations.University Participations: Ok so i have kind of a shitty attitude towards doing university —

michael's Site - Fear of Fucking up my SRA Assignment

ok so i'm going to start by ranting and raving about the fear of fucking up my SRA Assignmnet.So, while going through the material of the DIP course I look at the assignmnet i must complete fo —

Response to Ridiculousness of Mind Fucking

Giving specif examples of mind fuck possessions and assistance and support on stopping a mind fuck possession —

YouTube - Ridiculousness of Mind Fucking

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michael's Site - Structuring Myself with Writing

Ok, so I realise the support i give to myself with daily writing. Therefore i also realise the lack of support i give myself by neglecting daily writing. Daily writing is an act of facin —

YouTube - Fear and Control Investigation and Exposure

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YouTube - Time Fear Rant

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YouTube - Do You Know How Scared You Are?

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YouTube - Do You Know how Fucked You Are?

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YouTube - Crazy Funny Shit

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