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Michael McDonald

Day 685 - The interconnectedness of the Good and Bad

What's interesting and is often neglected is the correlation of events and the influence and impact that different events/actions cause as a rippling effect and outflow in seemingly far away places...where one could think that nah it's all good here....the problems over there ... —

Day 684 - Profound

What I find interesting is that everything here is really rather profound. I mean the fact that I am here typing on the computer as an accumulation of networking relations really... I mean how many relationships are networking within the physical body? What I find interesting... —

Day 683 - Solution Focus

It's interesting to see how our Attitude effects our ability to focus solutions that are best. Gratitude is the Attitude...the One and only really... Because, have a look.... Anything less than gratitude as the attitude...puts in you a fear state of sorts as less than the po... —

Day 682 - Reading into Reactions

Continuing from my previous post, Day 681 - Reading Ability Have you ever questioned your Reactions? Questioning your reactions is a way to Read into the explanation of your Reaction. What I find interesting about our Reactions is the opportunity that exists for a split sec... —

Day 681 - Reading Ability

Questions facilitate insight. Recently, I have been extensively questioning my reading ability...and specifically, my reading potential. I have been examining the process in how I was educated to read. I have been questioning this process. For instance, I have noticed tha... —

Day 680 - Genuine Interest

"It is the individual who is not interested in his fellow men who has the greatest difficulties in life and provides the greatest injury to others. It is from among such individuals that all human failures spring." Alfred Adler This is a point I have found myself guilty of... —

Day 679 - What are We Doing Here?

It's interesting to examine the relationships one has. In always all ways. I mean look, how many relationships do we in fact even have? Does any One person Know how many relationships they are in fact a part of? It has become obviously apparent to me the vast interconnectednes... —

Day 677 - Effort-full

"I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for having resistance to learning with effortless ease" Day 676 - Life...Learning...Teach Ability...Opportunity and Fortune This statement jumps out at me as I re-read through my previous blog entry. I ponder on the point a ... —

Day 676 - Life...Learning...Teach Ability...Opportunity and Fortune

I would like to start here with some self-forgiveness in relationship to the words in the title of my blog here today: I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for fearing Life. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing to fear for my life. I forgive myself for ac... —

Day 675 - Supplant Fear with faith

“Supplant fear with faith”. What is faith? Faith is the self-trust and self-responsibility in taking care for self-honestly determining our very own fate. See, this is an interesting point of correction. To succeed fear is to stop accepting and allowing fear to take over as ... —

Day 674 - The Fee Our

This blog is a continuation from my previous blog, "Day 673 - Fear is the Fare we Pay". My sharing today is a presentation of my creative investigation....a work and play with my writing focused on "Fear"....the word....the relationship.....Fear entity....a str... —

Day 673 - Fear is the Fare we Pay

So the word Fare within Fear has been kind of jumping out at me as of late. It's interesting because I have in recent years defined fear to be a rather negative thing...and it's interesting because the word fear shouldn't really be defined to exist within and as a polarity de... —

Day 672 - Waiting for Life to Happen

I just listened to "Waiting for Life to Happen". I suggest clicking on the link to the interview. There was a lot of cool points brought through within the recording. To make a point of sharing a point that has come through in relationship to my living is the point that "Noth... —

Day 671 - The Confusion of Polarity

So, I've come to notice how when things get complicated in my's because there is conflict in my word where there is this dissonance....and I's like I've been incorporating dissonance/polarity/separation in my vocabulary....ever since ... —

Day 670 - What Choice?

The question about Choice has become more and more self-evident. What choice do I have? The idea that Free will is the Choice between Good and Evil. How stupid is that? Stupid from the perspective that to even consider evil is quite alarming. I mean...the free will to do ... —

Day 669 - Work and Play

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for having a negative energetic charge in relationship to Work. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for having a positive energetic charge in relationship to Play. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing m... —

Day 668 - Devotion

Continuing from my previous blog: "Charisma""Within looking up the dictionary definition of Charisma, I had a reaction to seeing Devotion within the definition....and I thought, 'I can't use's too religious...I don't want to attract devotion...people being devote... —

Day 667 - Charisma

The word "Charisma" has been brought to my attention many times recently. I suppose there is some irony in saying that "Charisma" has gotten my attention...because within the definition of charisma means, "a compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in other... —

Day 666 - Compounding Prayer

"As we humans as a collective whole, become more and more effective with our words....Our world will reflect this....As our world is a reflection and presentation of and as our acceptances within and as our Word relationships." Day 665 - The Math within Technological Advanceme... —

Day 665 - The Math within Technological Advancement

Continuing from my previous blog, "A World of Regard" So, to begin with where I left off: "I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to distract myself from the basic mathematics required to see how in fact a better world can be created for all life here that is mo... —

Day 664 - Technological Innovations for Sustainable Development A fantastic discussion about Technological Innovations for Sustainable Development can be watched Here. (Click the Link) I've been thinking about the math behind the development of technological innovations for sustainable developm... —

Day 663 - Where there's a WILL there's a WAY!

What's fascinating to me is WILL. I'm sure most people have heard the saying, "where there's a Will, there's a Way"...or something along these lines, which specifically showcases the significance of WILL within and as being an integral component within the Creation process he... —

Day 662 - Habit Change and Routine

I've been investigating the point of "habit" and "routine". I've noticed an interesting thing within these investigations. Making an adjustment to a habit and routine...can carry over into influencing other areas of your life. Meaning that by adjusting a habit/routine with re... —

Day 661 - Debt Servitude in Word and World Relations.

So, I noticed some interesting points that were buried within myself in relationship to Money...and so here I outline the specifics and specifically rectify my misfortune and lay a new foundation of structured support to assist and support the expansion and creative developmen... —

Day 660 - What have I already Created Unknowingly?

I suggest also reading the blog I am attaching here: "How I've changed since re-defining the word Daring" What I have found interesting within taking Responsibility for myself here is specifically facing my acceptances and allowances. To really look at acceptances and allowa... —

Day 659 - Creation and How to Make it Happen

I've noticed an interesting thing within my life in terms of creating things for myself. That being in many instances I require to "just go for it" and some instances even "dare myself to go there". Why do I say "just go for it" and "dare myself to go there"? I've noticed th... —

Day 658 - Creating the Success of Ourselves Here

I just watched a Ted Talk called, "Programming Your Mind For Success". In the beginning of the video, the presenter asked for a volunteer to come up on stage. There was resistance amongst the audience for anyone to just jump up and go up to the stage. The presenter said a f... —

Day 657 - Self-Responsibility, The Buried Treasure

Here I am with an abundant of opportunity to move and dictate the manifestation of my destiny...and the funny thing's difficult for me to create direction for knowing that I can do whatever I want...and that because I have such potential...I see there is ... —

Day 656 - Old Boy - Revenge

Please read the following post before reading my post. This is a great post here about the Korean Movie entitled, "Old Boy". My sharing here will act as an addition to the sharing within the post that I urge you... —

Day 655 Facing Change and Learning

Sometimes in moments of facing something new...or something that I haven't mastered, there are moments of resistance I am faced with. The resistance is specifically defined as a point of impatience and anxious. See, this is an interesting combination because within the resista... —