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Michael McDonald

Day 654 Forgiveness and Surprise

It's always interesting to see what can open up and develop when we utilize our potential . I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for having neglected to to face problematic issues in moments because the outcome of such a situation is not certain. I forgive my... —

Day 653 - Surprise is the Sure Prize and Sure Price?

It's fascinating to see how I have in many instances... Actually resisted giving myself the surprise... As the point of pushing into the unknown of myself here because there is no "energy" and "motivation" to do so... Like there is no pulling and or pushing "Energy Experien... —

Day 652 The Art of Communication

Effective communication is like a communion of action where there is a coming together in and as an agreement. What I find fascinating about this is the very fact that this is based on comprehension of what is being said/articulated. Meaning, there can be many different points... —

Day 650, Self-Censorship and Propaganda

This blog begins with having initially looked at two particular principles within and as the Desteni of Living Principles which can be seen in a previous blog titled " The Desteni of Living" 22. The realization that for me to be able to change myself in thought, word and de... —

Day 648 - Come Petition...Calm Petition...Competition

Competition sounds like "Come Petition...and Calm Petition." If your look at Competition from a starting point of "Participation" and "Performance", You can see that Stellar Participation and Performance is Synonymous with being/becoming "Calm". It's interesting to notice ho... —

Day 647 Response Ability and Our Action

I find it fascinating to see how throughout my life, much of my behaviour has happened as a result of my thought/feeling/emotion associations. As I have investigated my thoughts/feelings/emotions, I've come to understand Re-Actions. What is so interesting I see here is how q... —

Day 644 The Desteni of Living

My Declaration of Principle: 1. Realizing and living my utmost potential 2. Living by the principle of what is best for all - guiding me in thought, word and deed to always in all ways direct problems to the best possible outcome for all 3. Living by the principle of s... —

Day 639 Tree Planting Chapter 3 Over Time

So, Today was an interesting day Tree planting because there was a bunch of unexpected things that happened. For instance, the cut block that we were planting didn't have very good road access...and...this required a bit of a hike...well quite a bit of a the very bac... —

Day 638 Tree Planting Chapter 2

It's interesting to see how each of us is the starting point of integral importance in self-determining our effectiveness within and as the point. Let me clarify here, what it is that I mean: This morning I noticed many thoughts coming up within my mind as to why it is that ... —

Day 637 Tree Planting Introduction and Chapter 1

OK, So, I am here in Vanderhoof British Colombia at the moment in a motel apartment. I am tree planting for the next three months. Staying in a motel apartment while tree planting is considered luxurious accommodations. Most people who go tree planting stay in a bush camp som... —

Day 636 Relation Dynamics

Day by Day I am really beginning to appreciate all the moments of sharing that happen throughout the day. What I am realizing and understanding is how many moments are present to fully appreciate as a result of being here in myphysical body.I forgive myself for accepting and a... —

Day 635 Perseverance

Perseverance sounds kind of like "personal endurance"...though it is not exact, yes, I realize that, however I do see the similarities in the sounding of the words here. Also, let me look here at Perseverance some more: Per Severance. What is a Severance? What first comes ... —

Day 634 Creative Word "Adjustment"

Ok, I feel tight and cramped…like my muscles are strained maybe a bit from the walking I did but I think more so it has to do with the consecutive days in which I have been hunched in front of the computer…like no real accountability for the pose as the post that I was express... —

Day 633 Premier

Premier is so prime as the the primer that it used to prevent destruction and therefore it so Premier to realize and understand Yourself as the World Premiere...and the Words Premier and Premiere..Because it is only within and as our self-reflection here can we see and realize... —

Day 632 Seeing, the "I am Patience" within a Moment of "Impatience"

It's interestingly cool to see the, "I am" within and as the word "Impatience". What's so interestingly cool about this is that within seeing a Word for what it is...You can clearly See what it is not. The more clear the understanding of what something is...the more clear the ... —

Day 631 Moral Dilemma

So, I've noticed how sometimes I have over committed myself within the words I have spoken. Where for example I make a statement about something or say that I will or will not be participating in a particular activity. Within looking at this point, I've come to see how in some... —

Day 630 LazzzzzzzY

It's funny and fun to see words for what they are. I was looking at the word "Lazy" today. I wanted to understand why "Lazy" is in fact what it is. L-A-Z-Y LAZY L A-Z Y La Z Why the french "the"....also I noticed that "La" means an imaginary paradise.....a dream... —

Day 629 Information Transaction

It's interesting how we live here in and as Information. Like the happenings here are a result of and as Information. Like We are here in and as an Information transference...Like All the time Transactions are happening. Have a look at how money moves as a point of Transaction... —

Day 628 Conceited

It's Fun Funny and Cool to play with the sounding of words to see what is sometimes missed within and as the actuality of what is here in and as a word relationship as how the letters come together in producing a structured sound expression.I'm looking at the word "Conceited" ... —

Day 627 Self-Obsession and Mastery

For Context for my writing today, please check out, "Activist's Journey to Life - Day 525 Self-Obsession and Mastery" Most people are completely obsessed with one thing and live their entire lives within the pull of this massive force of gravity that is their obsession. That ... —

Day 626 Procrastination Energy

Problem: Having an energetic experience of "I don't feel like doing this now...even though I know I have the time and opportunity to do this particular thing I need to get done" Prolonging inner-turmoil as a result of allowing a point to be lingering as a result of non actio... —

Day 625 Human Stupidity

Perhaps the most profound stupidity of Humanity is our detrimental reliance upon feelings and emotions within making decisions. Logically rationalizing the justification of our actions/reactions as being right and righteous within and as the makeup of our moral convictions. Wh... —

Day 624 Writing My Journey to Life

Writing my Journey to Life blog is cool. I enjoy it. I enjoy reading other people's Journey to Life blogs. What I do not enjoy, is when I miss a day of writing my Journey to Life Blog.I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for having excused myself from being as di... —

Day 623 Information Assessment

When and as I see myself looking at information where I have a particular formed relationship connection/impression, I stop and breathe, I say, "I am here", I see/realize/understand the impracticality of taking personally the information I am examining/investigating. I see/rea... —

Day 622 Information Application

Continuing from the previous post.What is interesting about the point of information application within myself is that as I investigate my mind it isn't so much that I actually stop the information from existing within me as it is that I self-correct my relationship to the inf... —

Day 621 Information Application

Information without application is useless.What's interesting is that sometimes I've allowed the information that exists within me be used in application that is less than the best application. Basically using information in some instances to create a corr... —

Day 620 Persistence

So, very sheepishly of me, I did not realize and understand the practical living support within and as the word “Persistence”. I had come to associate the word “Persistence” with the saying, “Whatever you resist will persist.” And this particular saying I had associated with t... —

Day 619 Waiting for the Right Moment

So, this evening I found myself waiting and looking for the right moment to begin writing my blog. this was a ridiculously absurd like the point was here...and it's like I was wanting a particular energy to direct me...and...momentarily I was allowing this waiting ... —

Day 618 Relationship Association

So, I've become aware of how I have little moments of accepted and allowed justified judgement within myself as a form of self-talk/backchat...where within this behaviour I am sitting/standing within a point/heir of self-righteousness where I create this better than perspectiv... —

Hi, Hello, Wave, Greetings, Acknowledgement

People like to be acknowledged. It can be cool and fun to acknowledge people in your environment with small gestures. Give it a try. —