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Michael McDonald

Day 561 'Investigate'

So I started to look at the word plays that exist within the word 'investigate'. I didn't have any real expectations about how many words I would find. As I started to investigate the word investigate, I was surprised that I continuously was seeing more and more word plays. I'... —

Day 560 How to Investigate!

Investigate. Invest-I-GateIf you look at the word investigate within the word you can see the expression of support in assisting you to understand how to Investigate.Start by looking at all the ways in which you can see words within the word investigate. Investigate the soundi... —

Class Education

Class Education support and assistance. What is Class and what is the classification within and as our Class Here? How is it we are all in the same class? See and realize how effective and efficient We are capable and able to be in expanding our learning ability when and as we... —

Oh You Sweet Merciful Desire You

Talk/Play/Expose on Deeeeeeesire. These I's are. —

Day 559 Practical Living Beyond Pursuit of Desire

I had some judgement come up within my mind today about why I am not further pursuing desires that are readily available to me. At the moment I am living in a world class ski resort community and I am fortunate in having a job that is a lot of fun. My job is skiing, specifical... —

Day 558 Facing Myself In My Dream

So the point came up within my dream this morning where I was faced with seeing an individual who I knew who was causing havoc for another individual that I knew. The individual who was bothered by the havoc beingcaused was trying to discourage and scare the being into stoppin... —

Poverty Mind Set

Investigating the poverty mind set and looking at the big picture functionality of the collective consciousness of humanity, and seeing the interconnected interdependency that exist here in our shared reality and Looking at the solution as practical living steps for the sustai... —

Day 557 Violent Reflection

In dreams I've had recently just before I woke up I could see that I was instigating/perpetuating violence. Like there was this anger in me that acted as like the reasoned excuse and justification for violence as a necessary measure of retribution. Like the belief existing in ... —


Seeing and Realizing how I have restricted my access to resources here. Making the decision to give myself access to my inherent resources here. —

Day 556 Human Resourcefulness

"Humans process information with amazing efficiency and often perform better than highly sophisticated machines at tasks such as problem solving and critical thinking"(Halpern, 2003; Kuhn, 1999). See the Link for the entirety of article Here. If you look at the word resource ... —

Day 555 My Precious

The question comes up within myself: "If everything exists within myself, how is it that I can have my precious most sacredly valued relationships that exist within myself?" I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for creating polarity within relationships. I fo... —

Day 554 What's In a Name?

Today I woke up this morning speaking the name of a person I had not considered nor regarded in almost 20 years. I looked at the name and the memory attachments as the particular energy associations I had charged towards the name. What I saw was quite shameful. The name relate... —

Day 553 A World in Need of Self-Direction

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for neglecting and postponing instances of self-direction which is in and as support and assistance for the betterment and sustainability of All Life on Planet Earth.I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for seeki... —

Day 552 Fundamental Human Rights by Equal Life Foundation

Check out the video link here to the video "Fundamental Human Rights" by Equal Life Foundation 1. The Right to Life 2. The right to Resources 3. The Right to Food 4. The Right to Water 5. The Right to Have a Home 6. The Right to Education 7. The Right to Work It's in... —

Climate Change

Discussion about climate change. http.// —

Day 551 Teacher Student Relations

I experienced a little bit of agitation, frustration, annoyance and irritation within teaching ski lessons today.The scenarios's that triggered these incidences were when a student or students were causing the rest of the class to wait upon them. What bothered me was that the ... —

Day 550 Drama Corrections

When and as I see myself experiencing/drama/conflict/a problem, I stop and breathe, I look and question the issue within myself to see/realize and understand the practical living solution that is best for all Life. I realize and understand the answer/solution always exists wit... —

Day 549 Facing the Drama Here

In my previous blog I said, "I don't really have much drama in my life if any." I reflected upon these words here and I see this as a result of me having been isolated within my own mind where I have been disconnected from the total physical reality here. Because the total rea... —

New Years Eve Celebration

Perspective and Consideration with regards to New Years Eve Celebration. —

Day 548 Relationship Drama

I've been reflecting upon the point of relationship drama. I don't really have much if any drama in my life these days. I've come to realize and understand the practical living solution for resolving any issues of drama that come up within myself as the tool and application of... —

Day 547 Life Drama

Continuing from my previous post, "Drama as a Guilty Pleasure"I've been reflecting upon my Life as a Drama originating in conflict. I see there are many dimensions to this.The main problem I see is that I've abused myself and contributed to the perpetuated abuse on planet eart... —

Day 546 Drama as a Guilty Pleasure

I was looking at the point of "Drama" this evening. I was looking at the definition of the word "Drama". I just started playing with the word Drama as I write here...Draw ma,,,Dr. am a. a play out of events...shit happens unexpectedly...or what would appear unex... —

Day 545 Stupid Conditioning Corrections

Continuing from Previous Blogs Stupid Conditioning Part 1 and Part 2 I commit myself to living passion and compassion. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to become stressed within situations where things do not work out according to my plan and or expectatio... —

Day 544 Stupid Conditioning Part 2

Continuing from my previous blog post, Day 543 Stupid Conditioning.I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for judging and defining my student as stupid based upon their learning ability.I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and unders... —

Day 543 Stupid Conditioning

A very interesting point came to my attention today. I noticed how sensitive I was in reacting to moments of stupidity. I had a student today who was quite stupid from the perspective of lacking common sense and being very slow witted. This bothered me a little bit. Where I fo... —

Day 542 Planet Time Share

If you look at earth as Everyone's home here....we have a great big Time Share. Like everyone here existing within and as a Time Sharing. Like how things are done are within physical space and Time. Now the question is...why is it that our time is not talked about about? Like ... —

Day 541 Christmas Elite

In my last post a few points came to surface where I see that I have had the attitude of a super elitist. I made point of things like"I don't want to be vacationing when everyone else is vacationing"...thinking about over crowding within doing activities like skiing or snowboa... —

Day 540 This is Why Christmas is Bullshit

I just watched the video, "This is Why Christmas is Bullshit" A point within the video that sticks out that is totally fucked up is how congested everything gets. Like shopping malls, airports, and highways. Movement becomes seriously restricted because everyone is trying to ... —

Day 539 Making Sense of Assumption

I was faced with a couple of scenarios today where I temporarily mind fucked with making sense of an assumption. 1st scenario which happened more then once was while teaching skiing and the amount of times I had to educate a student about how to carry their ski's when heading ... —

Day 538 Shame Story

Today was my first day of work in the ski school, and early in the day I had the thoughts of wanting to quit my job. What's interesting about this is that I had some slight discomfort because I didn't know the routine of how everything works and it was a totally new environmen... —