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Day 512 Branding and Marketing part 4 Style

This is part 4 of Branding and Marketing blog series. For context from the beginning click Here. "At some point I kind of reacted to the point of liking to style myself in particular ways...and kind of revolted as like like dissing my own styles by being like whatever, who gi... —

Day 511 Branding and Marketing Part 3

In the initial blog I wrote entitled, "Branding and Marketing", I said, "When I was quite young I regarded name brands as quite cool, as like there being a certain prestige the goes along with supporting a name brand. Then as I got older it was more about refining my brands, ... —

The Word Market Brand

Playing around with what I say while looking at the words "branding", "marketing", and "company" while making note of the profound awesomeness of the Equal Life Foundation which has spawned the Living Income Guaranteed. Note: In this video, You will witness; Silly expression i... —

Day 510 Branding and Marketing Part 2 Commitments

I commit myself to stop demonizing the words branding and marketing. I commit myself to stop reacting to the words branding and marketing. I commit myself to stop charging the words 'branding' and 'marketing' with energy. I commit myself to understanding 'branding' and 'mar... —

Day 509 Branding and Marketing Part 2

Continuing from my previous post entitled Branding and Marketing. "Looking within myself with regards to the words branding and marketing I see how I have accepted and allowed some negative energy connotations with regards to these words as how they work in the the world sys... —

The Win/Loss In a Time System of Debt

The mentality within our shared reality of a win/loss time system of debt. A solution to prevent strain and stress is possible despite believing it to be in possible. —

Day 508 I Wasn't Expecting That

Brief detour from my previous blog which will have a continuation. Today I want to write about dealing with the unexpected that comes up that requires immediate attention. So, I had a situation that came up today where an error resulted on an investment I made which was due ... —


Exploring Cool. —

Day 507 Branding and Marketing

The point came up about branding and marketing myself. There's been some discomfort within myself with regards to the point of branding and marketing myself. Looking within myself with regards to the words branding and marketing I see how I have accepted and allowed some neg... —

Day 506 Fishing For Reactions No More

This is a continuation from my previous blog post Fishing for Reactions. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding how subtle a reaction can be within myself. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing an... —

Day 505 Fishing For Reactions

I was at the comedy club tonight checking out a show. It was a real nice venue where the stage was real close to the audience, in a not too big of a room that had about 200 people. I liked the set up in that people were packed into the place. A few judgments came up in me thi... —

Fishing For Reactions

A great video sharing here. A secret is revealed. You're Welcome ! —

Day 504 "You're a Mouth Breather"

So, I was at the dentist yesterday and the point came up with the dentist where she said to me, "You're a mouth breather"....I then apologized to her, saying oh sorry, ....and she was like why are you apologizing...and I figured I must of been really breathing in her face with... —

Delayed Responsibility

Seeing how I have been addicted to abdicating self-responsibility in moments where the opportunity exists for my immediate response. check out this link: Understanding Self Pity http://... —

Day 503 Too Young, Too Old

Check this cool link, "Too Young, Too Old." A specific memory comes up within me upon listening to the recording Too Young, Too Old. I remember having been early into my tree planting career and having the thoughts that I can carry a lot of weight using my back and shoulder ... —

A Story About What's Going On

A Children's story about what's going on. —

Day 502 Reality of Judgement

The point of judgement has come up a bunch recently. Earlier I was asking myself the question, "How much of my communication has been within and as a starting point of judgement?" I furthered questioned, "how it is I can speak without judgement ? " Just looking at these words ... —

Time Talk Management Priority Effectiveness

Looking at how I can be more effective within my day to day living. Making the commitment to become a master of efficiency. —

Day 501 Useless Habits

So lately I've noticed how I have been in the habit of quite religiously checking my phone for messages and emails. Like often I would do this before I get going on a particular priority/task/obligation that I am about to begin focusing on. What I noticed within myself is that... —

Blame Game

Self-righteous authority within the blame game, like shit talking epidemic. Sharing practical living support to stop the self righteous authority-blame game. —

Day 500 Self-Righteous Authority

It's been so easy for me to talk a little bit of shit about another person. Like you know, just a little bit, whether it be to them directly or indirectly through a form of self talk or gossip with another. This type of behaviour in any capacity in simply unacceptable. I see... —

Slouching Support

Slouching attitude linked to early childhood acceptances and allowances. —

Day 499 Standing and Sitting Up Within Myself

So I noticed the point where many times I'm sitting down...and I'm slouching, like I don't really want to sit up right within sitting upright seems difficult almost, like more effort than I'd care to use. And I noticed recently how sometimes when I'm standing up,... —

Happiness Delusion

"Happiness is the delusion of those whose emotions are superficial" Ayn Rand —

Day 498 Atlas Shrugged

I suggest watching the movie Atlas Shrugged, or Reading the book. Many cool points are presented that align with Supporting a Living Income Guaranteed. The book/movie will encourage the contemplation of why our shared reality is the way it is. The point is fantastically illu... —

Day 497 Living Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy: The practice of claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case. Synonyms of Hypocrisy include: sanctimoniousness, sanctimony, pietism, piousness, affected piety, affected superiority, false virtue, cant, humbug, pretense, posturing, speci... —

5 Minute Authority Authorization

Taking 5 minutes to talk about Authority and what it means to stand within and as the point of Authority. Playing with Authoritative Expression. Haha, See me flow in the moment as I go from word to word saying it so. Check my Authority Blog Here, written fresh today: ht... —

Day 496 Authority

How I see Authority: Authority is the author of "it" why ? Like why 'it' is what 'it' is. The writer/participant/actor/character within the play. The one who enforces/directs/regulates behaviour, as like the standing embodiment of principles/rules as like what is and is not ... —

Can I Tell You Something ?

The effectiveness of telling someone something because You think they should know what You know —

Day 495 Substance

Playing with and as the word "Substance": So You Be Stance. Subsistence. Sub-Stance Stance = posture, body position, attitude Sub = short for several words beginning with 'sub' Subsistence = The act or fact of supporting oneself; Denoting or relating to production at a l... —