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Paul Quessy

Day 4 - Systematic Limitations With Diabetes

With diabetes we're obviously going to face some things within the system that are going to be limiting. Money is the biggest one. If we don't have insurance then money is going to be a larger issue for ourselves and a massive limitation. Money always has been a limiting facto... —

Day 562 - Removing Self Judgements

So with working on the point of self judgement what I have been applying myself within is not going into the thoughts of self judgement. So like when I sleep in for quite a while or when/as I am not active in writing and/or I am lazy then I apply myself in not entering the tho... —

Day 561 - Self Defining Ego

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to backchat about my ego, backchat about ego, wherein I allow myself to think and backchat about justifying my actions or excusing my actions and making myself feel and believe that I am right when/as I particularly feel... —

Day 3 - Embracing Diabetes

In the previous post about Social Stigma I left off with a point of embracing ourselves within diabetes and this is something that I would like to touch upon within this blog. Embracing yourself when having an illness or a disease can be a difficult thing to do. We will us... —

Day 560 - Self Judgement and Sensitive Ego

As I have been walking the point of self judgement and have been investigating it I see that I certainly have created a sensitive ego, and this is what I have been looking at as of late. Within self judgement I have wanted to create this idea of being perfect or of being super... —

Day 2 - Social Stigma When Having Diabetes

When I was diagnosed I was in grade 8. This is a time right before I was about to attend high school, and at that time I was choosing a high school that 4 of my friends were attending and the rest were attending a catholic high school so it was going to be a new environment w... —

Day 559 - Basic Self Forgiveness on Self Judgements

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to take a look beyond the judgement of myself when/as I see a point that I have been living which I see has limited myself or have connected a negative connection towards, and in looking beyond the judgement, underst... —

Day 558 - The Process of Self Judgement

Self judgement has been a large stigma for myself for, man, quite some time. I have struggled with the point for a long time because, well, I really have not made the effort to try and stop it nor see what it really is within myself. I believed for a long time that within the ... —

Day 557 - Looking for Ego within Purpose

Excuse the long hiatus. Obviously within the hiatus I have been working on the point of purpose, but there is a point that has hindered me from expanding within it and that point is self judgment. So after this blog I will be walking a process on self judgment, investigating i... —

Day 555 - Purpose and Living It

The point of purpose I have struggled with even though it has always been right here in front of me the entire time. For context and information depression has been a point that I have been walking for quite a while within process and a point that has been coming up again ... —

Day 554 - The Relationship With Myself

As I have been establishing and working on this point of relationships with others and the relationship with myself a few cool things have been coming up that I have been noticing. The first point that I have been applying in relation to others is letting go of the want of pos... —

Day 553 - Time on a Golden Platter

I am going to take a moment out of walking the relationship pattern that I have been investigating to write about a point that came up recently I was driving home listening to my mp3 player on random and an interview by Anu came up called investing in your process. Now this i... —

Day 551 - Fear of Being Alone

The fear of being alone is another dimension that I have been looking into in relation to the who I am within relationships, and the fear of being alone or standing alone or standing by myself and leading myself is a point that I have been facing recently wherein I have seen a... —

Day 550 - Developing Effective Relationship With Self (Self Forgiveness)

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to look for approval from another person in order to define myself within the point that they approve of I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to make a comment or a joke or interact with a person fr... —

Day 549 - Developing Effective Relationship With Self

A point that I have been looking at recently and walking through is who I am in relationships, not only within sexual relationships but also friendship relationships and relationships that occur at work and things like that. The who I am within relationships has been a followe... —

Day 548 - Self Limiting Thoughts Part 3

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to go into this experience of dread while entering work with `knowing` that I will be there for 12 more hours and within the thought about `how long` 12 hours is going to be, accept and allow this experience of dread wit... —

Day 547 - Self-Limiting Thoughts Part 2

Continuing on from the last post where I was writing and describing how there is an experience of dread of myself and my life when there are constant responsibilities to take care of and an experience of dread due to the specifics of the life that I lead within the system. I... —

Day 546 - Self Limiting Thoughts

In the previous post I was touching upon a point that is associated to this point of self-sabotage that has been opening up and it is in relation to emotions of lethargy and feeling lazy for most of the day and not moving myself and accepting a specific personality program of ... —

Day 22 - Highs, Apathy and Thought Part 2

Continuing on from the previous post concerning the relationships between the mind and the body within diabetes and how high blood sugar levels can influence and affect the state of mind that one is in and how correcting those points within self will also assist and support se... —

Day 545 - Self-Honesty within Life Decisions

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to take a step back from the movements of morality and the thoughts that are moving around in the mind in which I feel that I am forcing myself to follow rules and limitations and the reactions therein within the tho... —

Day 544 - Morality and Separation

Continuing from the last post about being hard on myself within the idea of morality or what is right being a separation from myself here in breath and here within walking a decision equal and one. There is one point here that I would like to touch upon which seems to be an a... —

Day 543 - What Does Being Hard on Yourself Create?

Being hard on myself has been a program that I have been facing since I started the process of self investigation and self correction. I have found it a hard program for myself to stop and correct because I have held many many beliefs about morality and what is good and what i... —

Day 542 - Being Here vs Being in the Mind

A point that I have been working on, specifically at work, and with the mornings, is bringing myself back into physical awareness, so that I can pay attention to myself here, pay attention to the environment and keep myself stable in the physical reality. Recently though I hav... —

Day 541 - Defining Ourselves By Experiences

So with the point of work and reestablishing myself with the point of work, working on the resistances and reactions towards working what I have found is a point of enjoyment within work. Previously when I was working at my previous job the same reactions would exist, the job ... —

Day 540 - Victimization of Myself Within the System

With work another dimension opened up with anger towards the point of working 12 hr nights and the point that this job is really pushing the body to it's limits when it comes to diabetes, so in this I allowed myself to get quite pissed off last shift because of the thoughts th... —

Day 539 - W-urk

I have been facing a point within work recently and what this point entails is a diminishing of myself and my expression within work and then this point carries over into my home life where I diminish myself at home and like start to beat up on myself So with more specifics t... —

Day 538 - Self Absorbed Self Forgiveness

In the last post I was writing about the topic of being self absorbed in the mind and how I often only consider what I want out of a situation or an equation rather than seeing all points involved and considering all points in equality and then moving myself within what is bes... —

Day 21 - Highs, Apathy and Thought

Recently I have been waking up with high blood sugars and by high blood sugars I mean much higher than what would be `ok` for me to handle. For reference sugars should be between 4 and 8 mmol/l and I have been waking up with 20's to 25's in the past 2 weeks - not everyday but ... —

Day 537 - Self Absorption

In my last post I was writing about self victimization and how it felt, at times, that the system was directly attacking me and or going against all my wishes and wants and looking deeper/further into the point I see a point of self absorption - meaning all my focus is on me -... —

Day 20 - The Relationship with Being Low and Being Here

I had an interesting experience with a low yesterday and what I noticed is that it can become really dangerous when self is not here in awareness in/or/as self within/as the physical reality For context; I was feeling a bit high when I was leaving to go out grocery shopping, ... —