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Have been watching videos since the beginning, started to participate a bit after. Stopped for a relationship then joined back again mid 2010.

Paul Quessy

Day 504 - Competition and Comparison within Process

Before I continue with the point of comfort I am sharing these points in relation to myself in process I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want and perceive that giving up is a good idea when I see that I am not effective with a point of I am strugg... —

Day 503 - More Dimensions of Comfort

There is another dimension of comfort that I am see coming up within my reality. I had a good chat with my agreement partner about what a dream that I had meant and why the dream was there and what it was relating to. So the dream goes like this: " I was in a dorm room and ju... —

Day 502 - IDeas of Myself

I commit myself to do my best to remain in breath when in communication with individuals because I realize that when I am not breathing and I am not completely aware of the words I am speaking or the interaction that I am making with other individuals then I am usually giving ... —

Day 501 - Removing Ideas and Standing as Self Comfort

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to focus on another individual entirely when I am communicating with them, focusing and looking for an expression in which I can define myself in relation to, look for a point that I can relate to in the other individual... —

Day 500 - Allowing Myself to Relax by Living Self-Honestly

In my last post I was writing about how I was meeting up with a good friend and how within that time that I was hanging out and chatting with him I noticed a discomfort come up within me and this discomfort was a fear and a tension in which I could not and struggled with relax... —

Day 499 - Tension In Communication and How do I relax?

Today I had a chat with a friend and this friend I've known for quite some time. We are quite comfortable with each other and can communicate very easily as we have a lot in common but there was this one point that I was noticing within myself that I was going into and that po... —

Day 498 - Comfort with Myself and Ideas of Myself

When the ideas come up I see that there is a specific instance in what I am relating to, like within the mind I am trying to convince myself of/as the idea of what I believe myself to be in relation to the task at hand. For example this point can be like washing the dishes and... —

Day 496 - Idealization of Self

A while back I wrote a blog on what I was experiencing daily and did quite a lot of the time which was go into the mind and think about myself within certain scenarios and contexts and environments and think about how/WHO I would be within those scenarios. Now at the time that... —

Day 495 - Reacting To A Memory

I recently spent six months on the desteni farm and during those six months a lot of cool point opened up for me and I changed myself quite a bit, particularly in relation to other people and myself. Previously to going to the farm I was quite insecure with myself and judgm... —

Day 493 - Lessons Learnt about Stress

Today was another day of application of myself within stress and the point of future projections and anticipation/expectation of results of my application within points/objectives. This means that today was another day where points needed to be directed and things went not acc... —

Day 494 - Being Here Vs Stress

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to get lost within a point that I am focusing on, losing myself in the sense that I am focusing too much on the point in and of itself and not on myself within/as the point that I am directing I forgive myself that I ha... —

Day 492 - Is Stress Really Needed?

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe and see stress as the only mechanism that I have in which I am able to deal with change or with points that need to be directed, believing and perceiving that I need something outside of myself in order to wa... —

Day 491 - Who am I as an Image?

Before I continue on with the point of stress and future projection there is this blog post that I have not posted that is in relation to the blog "From Fuck It; I'm Giving Up to Fuck It; I'm No Longer Accepting This Shit". It is further self forgiveness on the whole point of... —

Day 489 - Fear of the Future

As I wrote in my previous blog the point of projecting myself into the future and stress is related to a few factors. These factors are a lack of trust in myself, fear of falling back into patterns that I have lived before and fear of having something happen that will collaps... —

Day 489 - Projection Into the Future and Stress

Now with the projection into the future with the fears of failing and/or the fears of something going wrong in life where a severely collapse of my reality manifests has been occurring for quite a while. Within the point of becoming an adult and having to take care of more res... —

Day 488 - Stress and Future Projections

I am having a hard time sleeping recently and this is because I find that I am stressed. The indicator of the stress is scratching the folliculitis as the scratching has been the indication of stress for quite some time, as this is the reason why I scratch when I go low becaus... —

Day 487 - Escaping Reality

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize/understand that my allowance of myself participating in the feeling of comfort within watching movies and series and playing video games for a long period of time is only allowing myself to ignore this... —

Day 486 - Escaping With Comfort

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to revert to a state of comfort within my mind when I am faced with a difficult point in myself and I do not necessarily want to face the point within myself where I allow myself to distract myself from the point throug... —

Day 485 - From Fuck It; I'm Giving Up to Fuck It; I'm No Longer Accepting This Shit

I have been tired recently. Tired of life, tired of fighting with the mind, tired of process, tired of it all. I have just wanted to give up, say fuck it to it all, say fuck it to correcting myself, investigating myself, fuck it to relationships, fuck it to moving myself in a ... —

Day 484 - Distractions and Comfort

I have yet to establish a clear grounding/starting point for this pattern because I am seeing that some days I go into this pattern and become bubbly and excitable in relation to the escapism and comfort because the positive energy provides that sense of comfort and that posit... —

Day 483 - Comfort Within Wants

With this point of comfort that I have been facing I have noticed a peculiar thing and that is that happiness is closely linked/related to this point of comfort and I have experienced anger when letting go of comfort. This anger is related to not having life the way that I wan... —

Day 482 - Comfort Zones and Pushing Past Them

Comfort has been a large part of my lifestyle. I look for a sense of comfortability within much that I do and look to be comfortable when facing hard tasks or facing hard points. It is like the experience of comfort will allow my to face whatever I need to face and do whatever... —

Day 481 - Escapism

I remember when I was younger I would watch tv endlessly and I would play video games as much as I could. I would not do homework, I would not do chores and I would severely resist doing anything in relation to responsibility and I used playing video games and watching tv as w... —

Day 19 - Don't be Depressed About Diabetes, See it's Opportunities

Depression with diabetes can certainly exist. We may become depressed at the prospect of losing limbs, of kidney disease, of blindness, of heart failure and at a life being controlled and limited by insulin dosages, lows, highs, testing apparatuses, a limitation on medication ... —

Day 480 - Rational Consumerism

Recently I bought a laptop and had it sent to my residence back in Canada and I have bought this laptop specifically for business because the laptop that I have at the moment has faulty keys that I cannot allow a person whom I am presenting to use because it will certainly com... —

Day 479 - Slowing Down Part 2

I commit myself to slowing myself down and bringing myself back to breathing while I am in this state of high energy and excitement and the idea/belief that I am happy/exited when/as it is only the movement of energy I commit myself to doing that which is necessary to bring ... —

Day 478 - Slowing Down

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not slow myself down when I am in a rushing mind set wherein the who I am is bubbly and excited and rushing within the mind meaning I do not have a guard over my mind nor my mouth and am spitting out everything that i... —

Day 18 - Diabetic Depression Part 2

With depression and Diabetes there is another dimension that will drastically alter the way insulin and carbohydrates reacts within the body and that dimension is the depression itself. When one goes through depression there are chemicals running through the body and the body ... —

Day 477 - What's In An Image?

With masturbation and the addiction to it the one thing that always sent me down the `road to hell` was an image. A single image could send me into this mind spin of arousal where I generate and create all of these ideas about the image that I was seeing, be it on an advertise... —

Day 476 - Points of the Mind

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that the energy running around within the mind is me, meaning that when/as I become emotional or even within feelings that they are `me` not realizing that the real me, the beingness is being exposed to the mo... —