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The resonant stories of time and space Day 804

I noticed this morning when I woke up a wave of wanting to give up. Red flag. I decided to just move with this. I breathed, slowed down and read the story of information within me. Looking at the emotional pull. It is usually that I do not have enough information, or that I am... —

Drowning in the imagination Day 803

Drowning in the imagination We spend 13 years in a box, being told stories about this world, a general scaffold of information in separation is imparted through a direct instruction model without real direct access to the real movement of this reality. We practice this in o... —

Whorling / Worlding What does a structural resonance ? Day 801

Recently, I have noticed information flow in a way that moves to normalize what is not normal. It does so through repetition, the infamous way of repeating something again and again until it is considered a truth. This even gets to a point as statements made that appear to be ... —

PETRIfication and changeability What is a structural resonance? Day 800

Petrification and changeability One of the things I notice, especially in talking with people, is interest yet also, a sense of an inability to move, as in take the next step into following through. This would suggest, that an ability to realize in inherent, and yet that ab... —

Using change to understand in order to find solutions Day 799

I remember some years ago complaining when interacting with a public servant. I was irritated when an answer to a question went from the collective into the personal. Meaning, when I asked a question about a process, and the answer moved into “ I don’t know,” I became irritate... —

Continuing with the word ' protean ' Day 797

Continuing to look at the word ‘ protean.’ One of the things I realize is how much I move into my imagination. This is change in itself. This reflects an ability to change, in a moment. From one moment to the next I find myself imaging things, imaging scenarios. I am no lon... —

Looking at the word ' Protean ' Day 796

Looking at the word Protean This week, I remembered AS KING myself in my twenties how I could be more able to change to meet the expression of a musical piece. Anecdotally, how could I be more changeable within in one moment, playing a more classical piece of music by Moza... —

Thinking Big, Acting Small Day 795

Think big act small This is a phrase, that I find myself repeating at the moment. I ask myself what does this mean? It is to utilize the what, where, why, when, and how. All of these a basic math, as one recognizes the present, this moment, as such lends attention to t... —

Changing the goal post Manipulation wth words Day 793

Two things I carry with me, as a measure, as a tool, to help me to help myself, are the terms, the words, for a moment as a tool so-to-speak, ad hominem and hyperbole. An example of ‘ ad hominem’ is another way to reveal a change in the ‘ goal post.’ I was talking with a ... —

My ikonography of too muchness Day 792

A couple of days ago, I was with my mother. I had invited her and a visiting sibling over for dinner. The conversation then went to other family members, and all the doom and gloom emotional states of being, one of my siblings was , from my mom’s perspective, existing wit... —

Is sudden onset of erratic breathing normal ? Day 791

Regret, as a form of self pity. That it is too lateness, that is a composition of sadness, that is in itself an illusion, as the joy of self calling -out-by-name is the means to the end, to become auto-didactic, self determining. To realize the interference ( inter fear-ness... —

Reviewing the practical Day 790

I notice that I have back chat that I do not do enough, or am not doing enough. This then generates anxiety about that “ not ding enough.’ In many ways, as a western east coast woman, this would match the general ideological class program of believing that I have to work ... —

Looking at the word 'meaning' Day 789

Meaning and Compassion What is meaning? Or is meaning already here, as the physical in expression? Something that cannot really be described because if one is focused on that, the act of describing is inherent in the doing, and therefor cannot really be described, because ... —

Looking at the word " sharing ' Day 788

Sharing, redefining the word sharing. Show air, open up the form, bring it forward to rebalance within principle of and as what is best for all. The principle of oneness and equality, into what respects all things, taking that which is good and does no harm. This being a... —

More deconstruction of MLM forms Day 787

I have had this back chat that is, as always, a complaint, which is a projection of blame and spite to and towards things around me, as expectations of how things should be. This is myself not looking here, not doing the math, to see, realize and understand here, this reality,... —

Teenagers and Multi Level Markets Day 786

Yesterday I was talking with a father about their children. There is a lot of conflict with the children in terms of being self directed and at ease in their world. I have to remember that we as humans are happy when we are focused and anxious when we are not. When I was in... —

Feeling and Structure and walking a dog. Day 785

I notice that there appears to me to be two sides happening. Somehow they are within utilization of an inherent absorbent ability and utilizing structure. Somehow, the gap, must come together between the two as I see it at the moment. It appears to me that there are two sc... —

Mental Graphic Novel Business Day 784

This week I was working with a child, who I noticed as the behaviors, was, ‘ standing in something’ that was the best match for what they felt. I likened this to how absorbent I am, we are, as our innate capacity to understand. The child appeared to me to be trying this out, b... —

Looking at Stories ; Continuing Obstructions Day 782

I am looking at stories. I am looking at meter, at measure, at time. There is something called a mini-day schedule. It is where one has a form of measure of time, where during a certain space in time, each day, one takes care of certain actions in relation to one’s enterpr... —

A sense of falling Day 781

What is a sense of falling? Why have I come to a point where I sense a movement of falling? I remember this sensation when I had to do an audition, or perform in a lesson at times. I remember saying no, and focusing instead. Somehow that focus lent a steadiness, the sense o... —

The distraction of the #obstructionist Day 779

Usually, in the morning I wake up and something comes forward within me. This morning, subsequent to talking to someone the day before about learning, what came up is how what we inform ourselves, as what we allow to be placed within ourselves and comes to automate the body. M... —

A dream coat of a mind-consciousness projection Day 777

If I want presence of and as all things, I have to become that presence. This means I have to hear the life around me as the physical reality. Facing the metaphysical bubbles of self interest, that move as a colored energetic emotional swirl, visible in the subtle and visible... —

Progressive separation Day 776

A sense of rushing, where rushing is racing towards something. Rushing to where, for what, when I am here. Why would there be any where but here? Then one becomes tired of the rushing, rush -hing rustle hinge, What is the sound, how colored is this sound with hindrance’s of my... —

The storm is only as big as I allow it Day 775

Yesterday a local person I have known for years sat and talked with me. The degree of the use of hyperbole, which uses labels intensified with value judgements, in the words and descriptions used told no real story other than techno-colored dream coat. lol. The word ‘ techno’ ... —

The pressure of thin-king on the heart Day 774

What does it mean to stand as a word that is grounded and aware of itself, in relation to considering all things? How does on have a command as a faith in who and what one is as a starting point as what is constant and here, in all ways? At present, I feel like I am per... —

Being in sink or being in synch Day 773

One of the things I have encountered in my life is how to carry on a conversation. I remember my husband asking me this one time. It would be difficult to carry on a conversation, if one had a lot of memories coming up, with emotional poles, pulling one in a direction. It ... —

LOOKING at anger Day 771

LOOKING at anger. Fear can be so blinding. one cannot see the forest through the trees. As one is so focused on the lack, as the fear, which is a loss of presence and what is natural as common sense. Fear is not being in solution. It is being in projection. I cannot ... —

What is LOOKING ; continued Day 770

What is LOOKING continued. Lately, I so notice when I have missed what is right in front of me. An example is having used a kitchen device. This device has a tool that comes with it, to process the food more effectively. The other day, while using this device, I stood there a... —

Segmented practices that show us who we are. Day 769

Why do I fear LOOKING? In performing, I have practiced being focused on myself, the movement of music around me, as parts and the overall whole. This is what looking is, and when accepting of what is, one sees the greater structure, and can retain more presence , even withi... —

The ungroundedness of self interest Day 767

Two days ago I had an interaction with a man. I had been waiting to use an ATM. He was the next in line. For some reason, I assumed he was with the person in the ATM. Perhaps because he was standing somewhat at a distance from the AT> The person in the ATM came out, and I move... —

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