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The unnecessary is added to placate. I am reading this article on vaccine practices and I notice another practice. One where emotion and justificat... —

Reflections of self in the defenses of others

Today, in facing and talking with many people, in applying what I was talking about to what I was actually facing, within and without, I thought….. I am trying to tell a persona/superstition- which are one and the same to me, that I have a tool for expansion. Now, there is a p... —

deconstructivist learning process means we are programmable

So last night, when my friend was telling me what she believed, she was hysterical, and there was no reason to be, she had not really been told everything by me. She went into a rant about how she lived, why she did what she did, and then she said that nothing matters, she liv... —

De-tail-ing of a system.

In my mind there is constant connection to men, to support from without, to support through the presence from a man or a god or a father. One moves from father as child, to god as young adult to male companion/husband/lover. Some remain with God, become nuns, but always for wo... —

Gas Industry Drilling/ Fracturing practices, eco-no-me.

fracturing. Farmers are losing their land, fish’s gils are dissolving in rivers because of surficants. Faucet water ignites into a blazing flame. Clouds of noxious brown tinged fog cover the landscape. Water is no longer clear but brown, sometimes yellow, sometimes a thick slu... —

The human physical body is a tropical environment.

Fats, a fact of life. In researching about the foods we eat, the simplist was to explain how our bodies work with the fats is to consider the temperature of the human body. It is a tropical environment. This means the fats in our body have to be able to sustain themselves in a... —

associations as the mind program

Our minds function by association, and therefor miss the whole; life being the whole. Stop this limitation that is the function of the mind so that we realize life and clean up this world to create heaven on earth. Stop living by association. include all that is here. Hell is... —

“Judge not least you be judged” is not the end of the line. Keep going.

My son worked in a local convenient store this spring to earn some spending money. He would come home and complain about how the customers would come in and buy cigarettes and lottery tickets. He described these people as looking worn out and dressed in drab, loose clothing, u... —

Interest lending is a con-game.

I understand that the present money system consists of borrowing with interest to have purchasing power, to develop a product to sell and make money. So, if the banks print up money and lend it out, with interest, then each transaction this money moves through devalues the mon... —

A Local Fish Store is Attacked and the Victims are Lobsters

A Local Fish Shop Is Attacked and the Victims are Lobsters. A local fish shop was attacked on Cape Cod the other night. Someone had gone and poured gasoline into a vent that went to the lobster tank, killing the lobsters in the tank. Upon arriving at her fish market in the mo... —

Q and A – E.M.S: Nonsense or Come-On-Sense?

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Self worth, speaking, orchestration.

Self worth. Pushing my self through the friction to speak. Birthing pains. I am worried I will be told that I cannot speak, that I have used incorrect words, that I am not doing something as it should be done. My whole life, at home with language, being this. The “wrongs” in t... —

My experiences with the “white light”.

My experiences with the white light. The first time I stood in this “white light” that I remember was in about tenth grade. I was performing in front of my class, and my best friend, was accompanying me on the piano. There I stood and suddenly I was being “faded into” a white ... —

Woman Who Hates Women That Hates Men (OR: Why I am becoming a Feminist) – PART 1

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Put yourself in the shoes of an e-coli bacteria.

The bacteria of the world are trying to tell us something. Bacteria, a life form on this earth that far exceeds any other life form, that benefits all of us, that now has mutated and causes death because of abusive human practices. Is the bacteria world trying to let us know t... —

Facing my self through the physical

Self Forgiveness releases the human physical body of the weight of accumulated thought, emotion and feeling, the very persona of what is believed to be self, but is the , limitation of the mind, the weight of belief, idea and opinion, separate and limited and heavy in the non ... —

be/breath no anger, realign the physical

Today, as I was talking with an elementary secretary, I noticed her anxiety, her fear, as my fear, as one with me the same vein, running through all of us, the same fear, as words, as thoughts as beliefs running through my head/her head. The manner in which the hiding occurs. ... —

The Harem Effect

I worked in many different schools. In one middle school, I had been working for about six months. One day, walking down the hall ways I suddenly stopped. In this moment I realized that many of the women had the same sensuality. They all “wore a little of this on their sleeve”... —

We live in a concentration camp

The media concentrates what we are supposed to believe, to separate us from awareness of what is best for all. The beliefs,opinions and ideas -spewed by the media, who seek advertisers for money - the money of corporate products-passed as need through the political arena- that... —

Critical Literacy

In today’s world, all information must be met with a critical eye, all forms of advertising, statistics, news presentation, media, journal, periodical and internet. Often the ads in the newspaper will tell you who pays the salaries of the writers, and naturally since the ads p... —

Our soil is a living breathing organism

Wheat seeds, seven days after sprouting, from plants grown in an microorganism rich environment, a bio-dynamic environment, contained 42 percent protein compared with 23 percent protein for wheat seeds grown chemically. Wheat harvested in the summer from a microorganism rich ... —

Conditions of family as behavior abdicate self.

Energy is like a cloak, is a superstition. Something we believe is real, a thought, an emotion, a feeling. Instead of remaining here, in “being” we put ideas, beliefs, opinions on a pedestal that is our human physical body. We live something that is not real. I feel this way a... —

Altruism is acceptence of inequality

Altruism is focus on accepted hierarchies , which is the mind in polarity, separate from the unconditional self expression as life as what is best for all as all as one as equal. Stop the existence of the conquered and the conquerer, of the victim and perpetrator, of altruism ... —

ARTICLES :: “The Prophet of Garbage” :: Popular Science :: MICHAEL BEHAR

“Many landfill operators are used to getting a million dollars a month out of debris,” says U.S. Energy’s Paul Marazzo. “They don’t want a converter to happen because they’ll lose their revenue. via ARTICLES :: “The Prophet of Garbage” :: Popular Science :: MICHAEL BEHAR. Rate... —


have gotten stuck in the point of there being no God, and haven’t moved beyond this, and in so doing have turned this concept into a point of ego, where they move as the energy of a belief in contrast to the believers of there being a god. They are stuck in the satisfaction of... —

Daughters of Bahrain and Life as Unconditional Self Expression

The daughters of Bahrain and the sons of the middle east, a precious asset undeveloped through the present system. Read my Blog to find out about Desteni I Process and the way this world functions. http://www.des... —

Self Honesty verses Honesty

The difference between existing in a bubble of belief, where only a relation is seen and not what is best for all, in fear of losing the relation. I support an Equal Money System. I cleanse the resonance of my self, of the limitations I have allowed our present system, to ... —

Assumptions, Common ground, System of Profit

Read my Blog to find out about Desteni I Process and the way this world functions. Support an equal money system, be what is best for all, be the realizat... —

equlity improv 2 violin

STAND UP AND VOTE FOR AN EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM Read my Blog to find out about Desteni I Process and the way this world functions. Support an equal money sys... —

Our system is a bully for profit

Stand as all as one as equal Stand up as equality Discover self, forgive self, join Desteniiprocess. Equal Life Foundation Support an equal money system, be what is best for all, be the realization of equality. St... —