Rebecca Dalmas

Remaining grounded even with the politician of the mind Day 728

The ending point is the the staring point. The power within staying the course. I had a confrontation with a group I help run. I had explained to another person within whom I share management with this group to keep things simple, meaning, one remained within a schedule,... —

Taking things for granted and the smallest of movements Day 727

Taking things for granted and the magic of the smallest of movements. One of the things I realized in my journey of playing the violin was at the end, withiin a degree of mastery, the importance of remembering the smallest of movements as being the means to the end. What... —

Automated time-lines of self accepted information in animation Day 726

In doing a walk though my past, to see, realize and understand how I have constructed personalities within and as me, as movements from my past, where I essentially did not do the math of existence, as common sense, and instead manipulated myself within to compensate for what ... —

Day 701 Revisiting paper work. Remembering to slow down and become practical.

I notice that I get anxious when I think of dealing with the paper work systems. I have an idea, in opposition to my reality within this. Why? Because in my reality I have done a lot of paper work, and managed to walk through it, even correcting mistakes. I have created a rela... —

Day 670 the voice of the words ' no' and the word 'LOOK' within and as me.

Lately I feel like I am being crushed. Yet is this being wound up in the mind? Then I remembered that what goes on in my head, is not real. And that in this process, things can get more intense the smaller they appear to become. Sometimes it takes me by surprise. No matte... —

Day 699 How can this be?

I am again looking at my experience within playing the violin. I remember in my thirties, especially, when had two small children and I spent time practicing. I realized through those years that if I practiced with a part of myself resolving problems, which is myself being in... —

Day 698 I love words. Yet not in the way I think.

I have been told that I am, or have loved, to be intellectual. Yet, this being true to some extent, it never really quite fit. I loved words in many ways. I loved it when someone said something in a different way. I could read very badly written books just to hear how the per... —

Day 697 The separation from existence in the resistances to the real story.

The separation from existence in the resistances to the real story. I can see when I resist. I can see this because I fear telling the real story, and instead I hold onto the lie. I know when I lie because I resist the real story. I see this when I react, whenI suppress exp... —

Day 396 Does Consciousness work differently than we think? What is the simple?

The simple makes the steps small, outlines them, structures them. The simple grounds, lends ease and turns inflated ideas into possibilities, into measurable applications. Fear inflates values, causing chaos and the loss of communication with life. This is a loss of connec... —

Day 695 The allowance of self discovery.

The allowance of self discovery. In slowing down and learning to listen, I realized a point in building relationships with others. It is also a relationship with myself. I slow down and listen to what thoughts, opinions and ideas accumulate and are allowed that then define... —

Day 694 Does the degree of automated behavior match the degree of a lack of presence?

There was a time when I was cooking every night for my children. Someone had given me this small tv, so I put this in the kitchen and would watch the news as I cooked. Then, as the news ended and a tv series would come on, I suddenly found myself watching the series, and it st... —

Day 693 The system mirrors what I accept and allow over time.

The night before last, I reacted to some information. I had to breath and slow down, reforming my value judgement into a practical measure that realized an outcome that would be what is best for all. I have to realize what forms I am within, change and reorder over time. What... —

Day 692 The richness of potential. It is always here.

In people I notice that there is something soft and fluid. A sharp edge can appear and yet, it will yield to a softer openness, and change. I tend to look at what is sharp, and avoid this. I forget the softness that is always there, something always within reach. Just as i... —

Day 691 What is seven generations? Does the value judgement hide the means?

Coming out from under the a lack of responsibility to what is here. I have these memories that appear so vague. I would not say they are a back chat of words, they are in themselves a form that has no word. A recent one is a movement of myself feeling like there is this pr... —

Day 670 Changing my own self absorption.

There is a tension in my right arm, this is information, and it is heavy as the information that is me is limited, it does not fit into the physical world, move with here, with ease. I have accepted and allowed ideas, beliefs and opinions to define what is real. I have used my... —

What is automaticity and what is a thought?

In the education system there is something called automaticity. This is when some information, some measure about something has been ‘ owned.’ Meaning that one knows it so well, they have integrated that information. When a musician practices something, again and again, u... —

Day 687 What rings into eternity? Equality and oneness. It is a physical life.

I have noticed in talking with people, that there are these moments when a thin film comes towards me, like a wisp. And then I noticed when I do this myself, as this is like a separation from being grounded here in this physical world, a much more stable state of being. This s... —

Day 686 Revisiting Blame. Realizing the practice of self forgiveness and self correction.

When I go into anger I go into fear. My reflection is then based on limitation, as I am fearing survival more than being present here, equal and one to the math of existence, a physical existence. I mean, why does television effective? Why is the measure of it so ubiquitous? ... —

Day 686 Am I really insignificant? I am here, I am physical. The value is being life.

If I expect others to infer any emotional poles behind my words, are I not expecting others to see the emotional pole within me as something as real as I believe it to be?? ( This is actually insane!) And if I have to expose that emotional pole, and a solution is given to me,... —

Day 685 The Caregiver Archetype continued. Self Corrective Statements.

The Caregiver Archetype Today I had a meeting where I had to evaluate information I had accumulated and listen to perspectives about that information. I then had to frame the perspective in practical ways, calling measure by name. For example, the description of an embedded... —

Day 684 Continuation of the Caregiver Archetype. Day 2.

In relation to the caregiver archetype, I have had pressure on the back of my neck for some time. Also, there appears to be some pressure behind my eyes. When I would go and look at the pressure behind my eyes, I would experience thoughts about my sisters. It was that my siste... —

Day 683 The archetype of the caregiver. My journey to life.

The Caregiver Archetype Placing value in being needed by others. This has been character that I have been aware of for some time. I realize that this is not being self responsible, it is seeking meaning through being needed by others. It is character picked up from my mother... —

Day 682 Is the metered measure within, as personality, grounded without as the practical necessity of real living on a physical world?

The longer I walk the process of my journey back to life, I realize how much music is very similar to this process. In music one can sometimes play a piece that changes the time signature from measure to measure. This means adjusting one’s sense of measure in time and space in... —

Day 681 Our greatest gift becomes our greatest weakness and is the means to change.

I had a moment yesterday where a woman arrived while I was working with a child. The child was taking an assessment and the woman came and called out her name from a distance. I went and said to the woman that the child would be done in a moment. The woman reacted. Yet she t... —

Day 680 The process of what I allow within and as me.

In the process of self forgiveness, in begin to realize how much I determine who and what I am in a moment. Before, I would be so lost in ideas, beliefs and opinions, finding one to define who and what I am. It is like using myself within to form a measure that defines me. I ... —

Day 679 Opening the Chest To Heaven on Earth.

At the moment I read books where I realize there are comparisons that appear to spin in a contradiction, making some things within the association have meaning that is not at all clear. Defining the words and making sense out of a spin as an idea, means speaking up and pointi... —

Day 678 Who am I Within How I Focus Myself Here?

I notice I have something accumulating in my solar plexus. I woke after clicking on a tarot card notice that brought up the card ‘ comparison.’ And I have been worried about money. It is this idea that I am limited in my movements based on the amount of money I have at ... —

Day 677 What are you auditioning with yourself?

At times, recently, I am in a situation where information is ‘ coming at me’ and I suddenly feel overwhelmed. Numerous thoughts comes up, each one not myself standing here, assessing what is here. I want to make some value huge, where I go into doom and gloom , or specificall... —

Day 676 Becoming aware of emotional/feeling bodies on my physical body. Who am I within Presence?

Lately, I have noticed while interacting with others, that a moment can happen that appears like a swoon, as how I want to describe it. It happened specifically while sitting with another person, where I noticed their body swung in my direction and they laughed. It appeared li... —

Day 675 Where is the presence of me?

I have been talking a deconstruction of the order of belief, as the construction that sounds itself as the thoughts in and as my mind, as the very measure of my perception within my experiences in my life. The latest deconstruction of what I accepted and allowed has the word c... —