Rebecca Dalmas

Day 608 Not seeing the connections right in front of me. Judgements as beliefs as mind con-sciousness.

I was at this meeting; a new group. I listened to the women speak and then at the end of the meeting, began to talk individually with various women in the group. I realize that I had, in the course of the group presentation, unconsciously picked which women I thought I should... —

Day 606 The Living Word Grounding us Here in Equality

I had a phone conversation with a business man, who complained that no one knows their words anymore. With the use of expediting words within texting words, abbreviations have become a norm for younger people. But, like our cultivation of plants, that over time, as the Americ... —

Day 605 We are programmable, which means we can change.

I was sitting and talking with someone the other day. From the onset of the conversation this other person told a story about what they wanted, and what their father wanted for them. By the time I finished talking with them, my impression of what they wanted completely changed... —

Day 604 The Misplaced Creative Ability of The Concrete Made Abstract. Self Forgiveness

I recently had an interaction with someone, where the creative ability of a person can take parts and create a picture, built of beliefs, and opinions and ideas, to construct a justification around having made a choice. If I look at this as an ability, it reveals how humans ar... —

Day 603 The resiliency of silence

Trying to cover too much ground at once. I notice that I don’t always “ pan out”. I tend to focus on one thing, and forget to notice the world around me. But this is like a tunnel vision, one that zeros in on what catches my eye. So, how do I slow down and pull back and take... —

Day 602 Understanding the space and time of practical existence, communicating here. Self Forgiveness

Understanding the space and time of practical existence, communicating here. Back to the basics of self forgiveness in every moment I speak. I find that I can communicate more readily with others, even within evaluating limitations and speaking up, but still I can move into... —

Day 601 Real Cyber Attacks are the Presentational Use of False Dilemmas

I realized in the years that I practiced an instrument that any and all emotional values I allowed during my focus within the act of practicing remained. I had to be clear, I had to have a focus that was what I would call total. We as physical instruments are exactly the sam... —

Day 600 The veil is thin. The practice of value touting vs. practical application.

I had a conversation with some people and reacted when they continued to tout their point of view. I went into a reaction as a non-reaction within just realizing they were being egotistical. They were presenting one dimension that was not necessarily wrong, but really very lim... —

Day 599 Who I am within the culture of woman. Day 5 Self forgiveness and Self Correction.

Day 5 Who I am within the culture of women. I have been so busy reacting as being in expression of judgement as imagining that I am not being substantiated- all of which is based on self defining labels, that I have distracted myself from my own common sense. I even fear th... —

Day 498 Who am I within the culture of women. Day 4 Self Forgiveness and Self Correction

This is a point of projecting value judgements onto situations and the objects outside of me as those involved in the situations that are actually normal interactions I must walk logistically in space and time. All of this is a form of protection and self defense based on a se... —

Day 496 Who am I within the systemic culture of women Day 2 Self Forgiveness and Practical Application

My reactions to women commiserating cont. Day 2 Going down that road of commiserating, leads to more problems than it is worth, or so I believe. Situations such as this are fickle and can change in a heartbeat. I believe that such creates a burden where one should be there w... —

Day 496 Who am I within the systemic culture of women? Self Forgiveness and Practical Application. Day 1

I have a morality point where I get pissed off when others are commiserating, especially amongst women. I see such as a social expectation where woman gather around and support emotional states, building ties as each carry the needs of the others, or that the connection is som... —

Day 593 My Personality with Women Cont. Self Forgiveness

Continuation of My personality with women. The behaviors of suppression in fear of losing a friend as a consequence of this past event where I lost a friend because of criticism/evaluation-taken-personally of that friend’s mother by my father, I built a personality of fear... —

Day 592 My Personality with Women Self Forgiveness

In the next blogs I am going to walk a point within my relationships with women. My personality with women. I had a memory come up during a conversation about women and how it is more difficult for me to talk with other woman then it is with men. As I talked about the me... —

Day 591 The gift of Self Forgiveness

I notice as I step out and talk with people that I have so often not listened to the words the other speaks, as I have allowed myself to judge them based on how they dress, the way in which they use their words, the mannerisms they move as while they speak. I can become so oc... —

Day 590 Repetitive Play, the Opportunity to Collect Data.

I have had a new person in my life for a few weeks. What I find so cool, is how much I am able to not take things personally, which I attribute to the Desteni I Process. Within this process I begin to see how my mind works, how thoughts work and how the accumulation of though... —

Day 589 The Lag of Self Definition towards a Natural Expedition in Men

As each faction in our society looks in self interest into its own survival, there is a limitation within the collective communicating and sharing developments that lead to expediting actions needed to improve efficiency and give the space and time to understand practical real... —

Day 588 Moving through the limitation of " I am uncomfortable."

I had a conversation with another person, where they began to use statements such as “ I am uncomfortable with this” as part of what I was speaking about. I have to realize that they are within their existence existing as a mind construct that is of belief, opinion and idea, n... —

Day 587 Suppression: believing the entities of belief are real.

Suppression Character I have had some problems in my chest, it feels like there is this shield there. The pressure from this has been bothering me for some time. So, I looked at this point as a point of suppression. This suppression comes in a form or constriction, and if ... —

Day 584 How did I remove negativity from my life?

I realized that we live in a practical physical world. I realized that the thoughts I have are of opinion, idea and belief. I learned that these thoughts are often a judgement, in itself not a good or a bad, but when allowed to be a final definition in a physical existence, a... —

Day 583 ISIS is mice confined in lack, unable to see the parts and the whole.

I heard directly from someone who had participated in a study with mice. They had placed mice in a limited structure to live together. As the mice reproduced and their numbers grew, they began to separate and build walls between themselves, eventually attaching one another in ... —

Day 582 The Slow Motion of Entities as Mind Constructed of Thoughts.

Substance is a fluid thing, one that can take many forms, and even become something less than that of a solid sound structure. A thought is such a thing, and it has not real self directive relation to practical reality, though a thought can be a directive, but this is all, as ... —

Day 581 What would you want for yourself?

We understand that plants need water and the stuff of soil: minerals, enzymes, sunlight etc. We understand that children need education, which means exposure and opportunity to grow. If a parent does not have a wage and/or the time to expose a child to many things, then the c... —

Day 580 Instead of Restricting Speech, Remove Anonymity.

If we decided to legalize drugs then many of the problems associated with the “ war” on drugs would come to an end, and the use of drugs would become more transparent, meaning visible, open, and as such the moving into solving the problems that lead into an excessive use of a ... —

Day 579 How come there is organization to replicate lost keys, but not solve poverty?

The keys to my car have recently been lost, the spare key forgotten. I called the car dealership to find out if there was a way to get another key. They said, sure, just bring in the registration and a new key can be made. I got two. lol Such organization, where numbers of t... —

Day 570 Transnational movement is a reflection of our minds of separation. —

Day 569 Reacting to the statement " too much reality." Self forgiveness

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to react to another when they react to too much reality, and as such move into limited value instead of seeing the conflicting beliefs that are often different sides of the same coin, in a world where such exists as the expre... —

Day 568 Moving " upon" the section of a group.

In looking at words and what memories come up, a thought and memory came up with the word ‘ upon,” which means to be “connected with.” I read this word as up on, and then I was in a memory of sitting in an orchestra section and having the thought “ Move up on.” It was the ide... —

Day 567 A belief as " having to contend with a group."

Memory pops up of middle school. Lost my “ best “ friend. When I found out she was running for Orchestra President, I decided to run too. I ran and I won. She cried at the bus stop that day. I was a mixture of elation at having won and guilt that I had run in reaction. I reali... —

Day 566 Self Forgiveness on Getting too Occupied with Organization in mind ONLY.

I notice at night that I become overwhelmed with reading posts etc. And I remember when my children were younger and I went back to school, I felt that I had too many logistical things to do in terms of taking care of a house and then sitting and learning an order of words, as... —