Rebecca Dalmas

Day 533 Self forgiveness on the thought, "Why do I have to sort this out."

I have had a thought come up based on recent events in my family. The thought, when walked in detail, in relation to what is a practical solution would direct me into solving the self pity of the thought, as I have allowed an emotional value, based on judgement to be included... —

The Economy of the Ecology Mining Ore and DNA

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is an Eco-Terrorist Scientists have found that our memories can be passed down through our gene... —

Day 532 Dropping literacy rates and the consequence of special needs.

I am reading Weapons of Mass Instruction, by John Taylor Gato. This is a quote from his book: "WWII was over in 1945. Six years later , another war began in Korea and several million more men were tested for military service. This time 600,000 were rejected. Literacy in the... —

Day 531 I can't hear if I am not here.

I have had pain in my ears, this morning in my left ear. Just before this, I had a memory of an old “ friend” speaking with me on the phone. She had called to give me advice. I questioned her advice by asking her if she had all the information. I woke up thinking about peer p... —

Day 530 Being in Charge.

I get charged up with being unable to answer to what is essentially objections. The thought comes up that I “ don’t know where to go” or that I can’t answer it” and then I have no standing, I allow myself to become inferior and my fear is that of losing ground, which means I ... —

DAY 529 The drama of ego upon structure.

I had a talk with my son today and he said that he learned to remain calm and follow the structure of a process and in so doing he ended up being an exemplar in his responsibility. What he noticed was the ego game going on around him, the others making things into big issues a... —

Day 528 I forgive myself for allowing and accepting a separation from life. The process of Equality.

I was walking my dog, and I walked past the home of someone who held an annual party. About a block after I passed the house, there I was. It was like I placed myself in a projection play-out as a fantasy. I was not even aware of the physical world around me, because I was so ... —

Day 527 Remove the hegemonic eye, and become an earth that is a field of life. So, this study suggests that an increase in a minimum wage, within a measure of digits in a study that is not present, has no significant difference. Well, that is the problem then. The propos... —

Day 526 Limited focus creates zombies

I was listening to a Noam Chomsky lecture that referred to something Adam Smith said about people. He said that having someone be a gardner or a butcher only lead to ignorant people, because people were too creative to be forced into limited expressions, and that the allowance... —

Day 523 A culture of division and a missing plane. The manipulation of an ability to measure here.

I had a dream the other day, where I walked with a man to a pool of water. The water was deep and down in the water was a cobblestone type of street, a perspective view of a city, like there were cities upon cities in the water. It was like the water was a glass ball and I w... —

Day 522 The missing Limb and what we build in our children.

I came across an article about how someone who has lost a limb can continue to have “ feelings” that seem very real about that missing appendage. This is how strong the inner ideological map can be and become. So real, that despite all reality, one feels that what no longer ph... —

The Price of Sugar Ecocentric Economy

Ecocentric Economy. The human is a perfect machine to build a capacity to identify the physical world. To suppress this capacity, or to act as blame towards that lack of a natural ability to identify, is criminal, and the consequence of this is not a productive form and commo... —

Day 521 The ominous cunning Fox

Last night as I pulled into my driveway, I suddenly was scared to exit the car because there has been this fox wondering around my house at night crying. The sound of a fox crying is loud, piercing, like a baby or a person crying out. It cuts through the house. I feared the f... —

Day 520 Self Corrections on Cross Purpose

When and as I find myself believing that something outside of me defines me, I stop and I breath, and I see realize and understand that I am here, that I am on a physical planet, that is creation, and as such is the expression in and as life, and as such nothing can define me,... —

Day 519 Cross Purposes - Journey to Life

I walked into a store today and noticed that I became what I call “ loopy” very much like I am “ vibrating within, which is myself losing focus here. I say this because I have this happen, especially when I read about finances and money. The twists and turns of how we are simp... —

Day 516 Facing Cruelty and Conjecture

When I talk with others and explain things about spatial awareness, it is like there is nothing there. And then I go into fear. And then statements come at me, stated as though this is the way it is. And compassion is wanted. I take this personally, as though I am supposed to ... —

Day 515 The worth and quality of life is earth in equality.

I was looking at the word ‘judges.” and the verb of this word is ‘ to estimate worth or quality.” The noun being an authority who is able to estimate worth or quality. To judge is to form a critical opinion of something. So, our authorities set these laws to follow because th... —

Day 514 through the veil - to be directive in the way of becoming of sound mind.

I have been looking at facing other people, talking with them, interacting with them and remaining non-reactive, non protection and self defense, non-paranoid of the supernatural energetic emotions, and feelings as the mind. I have to slow down and not react, and within this s... —

Day 513 The Paranormal Veil as Mind Mis-take and the Solution as Income.

The habit of wanting to go into blame instead of addressing inequality, which is facing opposition, which is projecting a “ wrong” assuming one is right - an act of spite - is myself moving into the impatience of forcing an issue, myself no longer addressing limitations and b... —

Day 512 Why not use out ability to attend to detail to create Heaven on Earth?

I have been reading this really long article about a whole series of changes in balancing out money flow back into a country. It appears to me, that endless changes happen to move debt onto the public, and tweak profits that are moving out of the country, this is the capital f... —

Day 511 Tactical in War, Thinking Magically Everywhere Else. A Collective Abdication of Common Sense

If I look at the design of the military, I realize it is very measured, very tactical, it plays with physical objects in every way. There is no magical thinking here. Everything, from propaganda, to the building of armament, to preemptive strikes in countries with emerging mor... —

Day 510 Blaming myself and realizing there is no quick fix. Self Forgiveness and Corrective Application

I am looking at two past events, where I was told that my words were not the right ones to use, and another event where i was told that my words were not to be listened to because I was brainwashed, which means what I was saying as words, as tactics, was disruptive. Within th... —

Day 509 Facing the Paranoia of the Paranormal

In working with people recently, I noticed reactions within walking a simple process. I realize that the process can seem overwhelming when first presented. One response was, “ I am not as disciplined as you!” another was “ Why can’t the schools do this?” and yet another was “... —

Day 507 The ghost in the machine is the ghost on the machine

What is a ghost as a thought but an abstract picture as an idea of our world, this physical concrete world. We can meditate but when we open our eyes, this form as this physical earth remains. As mind consciousness systems, we are a machine of ghosts as abstract thoughts t... —

Day 506 Reacting to words of blame: addressing limitations.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to feel that the words of others define me. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that words of others are my responsibility. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that I am re... —

Day 505 Resistance to words.

I spent a lot of time working with my younger son in middle school. The memory I have is sitting down and looking at every single paper he had to write. What I did was check if he had structured his papers correctly. I allowed myself to get to a frenzied point of dreading to c... —

Day 504 Self Forgiveness on the thought " Now look what you have done."

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to allow the voice in and as my mind, to go into believing that I have done something wrong as I blame myself for reactions in another, as though what I said and what I did was the cause of the reaction. I forgive myself for ... —

Day 502 What is paranormal?

What is the Paranormal? I remember walking around in New York City and looking at people’s backs. I remember this sense that there was something there, inside. I have two specific memories. One is of myself walking towards home from having done street performing. I am on a ... —

Day 501 Addressing the Paranormal story of Chile

I was reading about Chile, and the nationalization process, and I notice that the criticism used for a change, from privatization to public ownership or from public ownership to private ownership is that the one that had control did not take care of the infrastructure. In othe... —

Day 500 Addressing the Paranormal: Our Cognitive Maps

Addressing the Para-Normal, our cognitive maps. In my life I have encountered entities floating in the air, voices coming out of a white light, neon crystals floating above my head, bluish neon lights in front of the eyes of children as they spoke as though they were reading... —