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Day 499 Rapping, State divestment of Fossil Fuel supported Pensions and the Virtual Senate

The music industry being told to rap crime behavior to support pension/investments, and the state agencies being told that their pensions were supported by the gas industry, thus the people in the system working against what is best for them PHYSICALLY, yet what provides for ... —

Day 498 Learning to Self Correct Behaviors of Frustration. DIP Lite

More and more I realize where I become frustrated when talking and interacting with another or with words on a page as a form of description. The moment I begin to become frustrated, tension is sensed in my head and other parts of my physical body, sometimes it feels like the... —

Day 496 Democratic Behavior, Childhood Cancer and Reality on the Ground.

"Researchers have raised young monkeys and rats in ways such that they are allowed other types of social interactions but are deprived of play. When these animals are tested, in young adulthood, they are emotional cripples. When placed in a moderately frightening environment, ... —

Day 497 A Difference by Degree: Bridging the Judgement Gap

A difference by degree: Bridging the judgement gap Within a limited value system, as what the human has accepted and allowed, the units of measure in total are minuscule - mini-school - as the gamut of what is used to direct self. I mean, we just need to look around and we ca... —

Day 495 Minimum Wage and our Children: An Addiction to short sounds bites of knowledge and information.

Many understand that the minimum wage is not a Living Wage, does not take too much to understand this. A person who is going to work every day in any of the steps required to get a hamburger, for example, onto a plate, must have enough income to pay their bills and exist withi... —

Day 492 The extremes of suppressing life. The solution a Living Income Guarantee

John Perkins from the documentary The Four Horsemen “I have met many terrorists. I have never met one terrorist that wanted to be a terrorist. They all want to be with their families back on the farm. They are driven to terrorism because they have lost the farm. Its been inun... —

Day 491 Walking the process of the pain into a lightness of being. DIIP Journey to life.

Pains come up with becoming equal as in walking the journey to life, the journey back in equality and oneness to and with the physical. These pains appear suddenly, feeling like needles are ripping through the flesh of the physical body that we humans have ignored, separated o... —

Day 490 Our soldiers that are the living dead. They are us, we are them. “But here's the thing: I may not have been on the ground in Afghanist... —

Day 489 The babble of limited association.A tool of suppression self accepted.

What is suppression and how does it work? I look at myself and what I allow in total to occupy myself here, what values do I chase, what parts of here do I choose to look at, to see. What do I avoid? What am I direct about and what do I place out of the picture as though it i... —

Day 487 Self Forgiveness on Thinking. What is thought?

Sometimes I allow myself , when moving through a point to procrastinate. It is that I am allowing the point to be HUGE and it is not.Once moving through a point, there is a sense of “ duh” so I realize that I am making it difficult. I can’t blame anyone but myself. Today I as... —

Day 486 Is our ability to sense the fabric of here suppressed? How do we read?

Sight reading (Photo credit: discopalace) We need to read much faster, process at our natural ability to process just as I could read musical notes at seventeen, so should I have read words to see and realize the patterns of the words, the form of them just as I noticed for... —

Day 484 Communication that with stands the test of time can be a process of joy.

One of the things about friends is mutual understanding. This leads to open communication. Such understanding takes time. The process of this should be a joy within the realization that this leads to open direct communication. Thus, if humans understood their world, meaning we... —

Day 480 Minimum wage, Corporate Welfare babies, the metaPHYSICAL tool of the mind in disfunction.

The programming of our minds has become of beliefs systems that are outdated, which reveals that we have not learned to use the tool that the mind is in fact. Our minds are not fluid, flexible, able to take an image and look at it from many many dimensions to discover what we ... —

Day 60 I forgive myself for allowing and accepting my self to believe in love.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe in love. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to believe that I love someone when this feeling passes and I go on to love someone else. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not s... —

Day 54 Accumulated back chat and sleep

Day 54 I forgive myself for allowing and accepting my self to feel tired. I forgive myself for allowing and allowing my self to want to sleep I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to not realize that my desire to sleep is resistance to facing the chains of be... —

Day 53 Rejection and expectation are Image Nation

Day 53 I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to feel that I have been rejected by friends, by people that I have known throughout my life. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to feel that I have too much to do. I forgive myself for allowing and... —

2012 Love Week

Clean up fleeting obsessions and possessions with self perfection products at Check out self forgiveness blogs to deconstruct the resonance of obsessive LOVE at http;// —

2012 Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Go-dot I was intrigued by Samuel Beckett, I read biographies about him and his play Waiting for Godot. This story has stayed with me because somehow I could not figure out what he was trying to say. What I know about Samuel Beckett was that he married a woman who w... —

Day 1

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting my self to believe that all there is is family. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing my self to believe that the only concern I have is my family. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting my self to care for my family as be... —

We brand our cattle/we brand our children

I recently read an article about children in India from poor areas that had been given access to a computer with instructions to figure out solutions to problems presented on the computer. Now these were children that had nothing, only a slum. The children game together in fro... —

FEAR WEEK Fear of father With destonian wiki —

Fear of being buried alive With destonian wiki —

Masturbation is MIND POSSESSION! The Master Baits.

Masturbation is MIND POSSESSION. In realizing we all have a “halo” around our heads, which we see in all those pictures of saints in so many of our churches and man made images of Christ, and stopping and asking why this “halo” exists, what would we see/realize/objectively con... —

It is the Cow’s fault it has mastitis and therefore should be beaten.

2012 – It is the Cow’s fault it has mastitis and therefor should be beaten. I recently watched a video taken in secret of workers in a dairy. The workers were beating the cows. Placing them in a stall where only their head was exposed and unable to move, the worker proceeded t... —

Make Sense of a Senseless World With destonian wiki —

YouTube - The Story Of Atlantis!

Skapa kontoLogga in —

equal money system transformation

Our physical bodies are an instrument of life. Our present profit/survival based system controls through division, or in-habits ( which we accept and allow). Self-forgiveness, as the desteni i process, is to take back ourselves as life, where full consideration of life as all... —

2012 What does it mean, the Mayan Calendar?

In a blog from Discover titled “Why Did Consciousness Evolve, and How Can We Modify It?” is a quote from a psychologist Bruce Bridgeman who wrote in 1992 that “Consciousness is the operation of the plan-executing mechanism, enabling behavior to be driven by plans rather than i... —

Practical Forgiveness 111 History of Mankind

History of Mankind 111, Jack discusses practical forgiveness, the process of walking out of the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind. Self perfection as all as one as equal products See life coaching join the fo... —

The Secret of Earth 63 History of Mankind

HOMO63- The Secret of Earth The realization of man on earth as all as one as equal. The realization of oneness in equality, where the existence on earth is the practical application of "giving as one would like to receive" in fact. The rivers and streams, the plants and the ... —