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Is Population a Problem?

We as human beings tend to separate ourselves from ‘problems’. We say, ‘this is a problem’ or ‘that is a problem’ all the frickin time. I catch myself with this blame construct every time I have a reaction and sit down and investigate how it came to be. Saying ‘population is a... —


I started a new job 2 days ago. In my last job I had a bad habit of sleeping in, coming in late to work etc. I stay up late because there are more activities that I enjoy doing at night. The past two days I’ve come home from work exhausted, it may be because I’m starting a new... —

SF on self trust

In my law class I was asked to write on 10 news articles. I struggled with these articles because I hadn’t been following the news. One place in particular that I found myself struggling with was writing on the war- because I hadn’t been following it and I did not trust myself... —

Self Forgiveness on Laziness

Thought “I’ll do it later” I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to participate in the thought “I’ll do it later” I forgive myself for accepting and allowing the thought “I’ll do it later” to exist within and as me Trigger When I see garbage, I will think to mysel... —

Self Writing

How self writing has assisted me I never did well in school growing up. Homework was a point I struggled with. I would usually escape assignments and homework with art. Now I am receiving top grades in my class because I write often. Self Writing has given me confidence. Since... —

health care

In class we were asked to get into groups and decide what the the government should pay for within the health care system through taxes, and what the individuals should pay for out of their own pocket. The purpose of health care is to support physical and mental health for eve... —

Recessions and Food Articles

 ’Why Recessions Are Good For Freedom’ by Charles Kenny. States the average per capita GDP growth of the Middle East over the last 30 years has raised just over 1 %. College enrollment for Egypt has increased from 14-28% in the last 20 years. In Tunisia, college enrollment has... —

Organ Harvesting

Since the 1980’s organ transplants has increased enormously. Due to our specialized techniques we are able to supply human body parts to an international market.. For a price. Selling organs from the living creates a society in which the lower class is exploited to serve the u... —

Self Forgiveness on Morality and Guilt

Early in the month, I had a reaction come up within myself when I was in class, to a question my law teacher asked: ‘ what is the problem with basing laws on morality?’. My first thought was: ‘when we base our laws on morality we judge the event or situation as either right or... —

SF on school

space-time decisions and school I’ve made my schoolwork priority, because the courses are very short and ‘intense’. One point that I want to support myself with is using my time effectively, because I give myself time though its not ‘well spent’. I have resistance to doing ass... —

No Guarentee for North African Migrants

Thousands from North Africa migrate to Italy in an attempt to escape the violence and turmoil. The migrants have given up everything in order to leave their country, their homes, jobs, possessions, family etc. to set sail on over-crowded ships, some not fit for the sea or run ... —

Making Decisions

Documenting. The past couple of weeks I experienced an immense amount of fear. I saw that I was still reacting to points weeks and weeks ago and today I finally realised that I have to make a decision. I never considered actually looking at the point I was existing in fear tow... —

Facing in the Physical

Within the past couple of days I have been faced with my past as who I was a year ago both in my writing in thought constructs, and through people. I’m now considering different approaches of taking responsibility, ones that I have not done before- actually facing a person who... —


Ive decided to redefine my correction from 21 days of writing on my blog to simply 21 days of writing, this way I can use my time more effectively to work on assignments, research, self writing and blog posts. Managing and organizing my time effectively is something that will ... —

back to breath

Breath. I’m making this a point to myself. I haven’t been breathing, and breathing is living my words as the corrections I have given myself. My new focus is on breath- new in every moment- living self forgiveness- and giving my power back to me here. 1.) Instead of allowing m... —

Walking through a time loop

Within the past couple of days I have been writing with myself about fears, desires and energy. And I’m tired of repeating information to myself. I’m making a stand to stop my desires, fears and the energy that I participate within that. I’ve been hiding. I wanted to write abo... —


Today while I was working there was a family near my till. One of the little girls asked something about me being a girl or boy to her parents- or this is what I am guessing. Immediately the parent says SHHH! keep quiet. I found this happens often, children are often curious a... —


of loss. I realised that in the of loss I exist as a threat to that which I losing. Also in the of loss many backdoors exist, and they are memory based self definitions. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to losing my participation with desteni. I forgive m... —

energy possession

I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to act on the realization that I must keep busy and balance my day with physical work and instead submit, give into, and give my power to the thought ‘I want to lay down’. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself... —

Backchat Diary as Support

The past couple of days I was feeling drained, lethargic and a little sick because I had been reacting to myself in what I perceived was separate from me. Throughout my experience with the desteni material many reactions would come up within me in specific words, articles, vid... —

Within 3 years, 800 Rhinos killed

800 African Rhinos have been killed within the last three years by crime gangs for their horns. Last year 333 were killed and this year 70 which means the killing are on the rise. This is happening because there exist a market in South East Asia where the people believe that R... —

exposing myself

Last night I did a lot of reading of blogs people posted, fear of being equal, honest sharing as abuse, and vulnerability is the ability to be open. I made a huge mistake with my post go-sipping. Im exposing myself here as a threat to the group because I did not actually apply... —


A couple days ago I was looking at the word vulnerability and how I have defined it. My definition of vulnerability was placing trust within another in allowing oneself to share what exist within as a weakness, inferiority, mistakes etc. What I saw about the definition I have ... —


Earlier today I made a vlog on a point that my mind was continuously presenting myself with- which was accusing and blaming a person in my world for being a nasty gossiper. Here is my video: Im continuing with my self forgiveness stat... —


I have a lot of resistance to writing. Im not going to allow myself to stop writing for such long periods of time because it becomes that much harder to start again. Ive become judgmental towards myself and because all of these points have accumulated without applying myself..... —

Balance in Blogging

Ive been looking at how to become more effective in blogging. The first point that comes up is speaking about world issues or my perspective on happenings in this world. There must be a balance within blogging from focusing on self and writing/reflecting on world events to not... —

process update: the tools

Self forgiveness, self corrective application, self direction Join the Desteni Forum for discussions Visit the Forum at See Life Coaching at Equal Money at My Blog at http://sall... —

Who am I in this moment?

The difference in how I apply the tools since joining the desteni I process has changed dramatically. But the point I want to expound for myself is common sense, seeing and living the correction in the moment. 2 days ago I had a reaction come up within me and I went about tryi... —

Predators and Fault Finding

  Earlier today I started writing and the what came up was : (quote/unquote) the system sees itself as perfect, and thus will look for one flaw to allow itself to continue its dishonest existence. Now that may not be what the sentence was exactly but that is how I remember it.... —

Doubt and Validation

So, as part of my correction that I have started- I am pushing myself to write and speak more. I havent completely finished the correction, but its no excuse not to start applying myself now. Already I am finding myself within red flagged moments where either I choose to act o... —

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