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Mind Sex vs. Physical Sex

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Self Forgiveness: Facing SELF

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Facing 'Going Blank' during Speaking and Writing

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Walking the System = Walking the Physical

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The Private Worlds of Self

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Self Forgiveness and Time

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I am Destonian: Walking the Desteni of Existence

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Destonians and Self Leadership

Destonians and Self-Leadership Desteni is not a following and Destonians are not brainwashed - How each Destonian is walking their individual SELF-process, and walking WITH each other in/as the principle of equality and oneness -- standing-up and taking responsibility for SE... —

The human physical body move BREATH by BREATH – this is physical, actual, real ‘time-space’ movement within/as actual, real physical-reality.
BREATH by BREATH is the only way we’re going to and can walk to stop, change and stand-up from what we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to be/become as human-beings towards ourselves, others, the earth, nature and the animal-kingdom as how we’ve created, designed and manifested this word in the first pace – through an accumulation of breaths and how we lived/acted/spoke in/as those Breaths.
We are the only solution to ourselves, this earth – for ourselves as well as everything and everyone within/on this Earth; and we’re only going to solve the problems we face on this earth, through actually stopping and changing the problem: Ourselves, within who we are and what/how we accept and allow ourselves to live/speak in/as EVERY BREATH.
The McDonald’s desire for instant-solution as a delivery of Jesus/Ascension is a Mind/Consciousness delusion, as the mind exist in/as/of ENERGY and so, preoccupy itself with fantasies that have no relevance to actual, real reality. One has to step out-of the ‘fast-food industry’ of/as the Mind as Energy/Adrenaline-addiction and get into walking with/as the Physical as BREATH, Here to see/realise/understand the extent to which self has become obsessed/possessed with/as beLIEfs in/as the Mind while the physical-reality within and around self has been falling apart/self-destructing because the occupant has been distracted and extracted into/as alternate realities of delusion, instead of living, directing actual real reality here with/as what is here as the physical, other human-beings, nature, the earth and the animal-kingdom.
Stop waiting for the delivery…it’s not coming; there’s no speedy-solution or ‘miracle-whip’ that’s going to save our already-burning asses that’s fallen into the flames of hell that this world has become and is becoming consumed by/with as more and more the demonic nature of man is stepping-forth. We’re already in Hell; and the only way out – is ourselves through ourselves as ourselves; BREATH by BREATH – equal to and one with how we created this mess in the first place.
Piece yourself and the world back-together again, breath by breath, piece by piece, person by person.
For those that are ready…let’s start walking the Breath-walk and get this done.

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The Mind: The Creation of Resonances

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Physical-Mind Systems: The Family Crest System

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Self Forgiveness: Taking Self Responsibility for Self Change

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Introduction to Desteni Forum • View topic - Practically Facing KARMA

Practically Facing KARMA by SunetteSpies » Tue Oct 25, 2011 10:41 am Daily WOW - When we say the Physical is the Way to Life, we mean that the physical will force us to become self aware, force us to understand creation, force us to stand up for what is best for all life, ... —

Studying, and came across the word: catharsis – “the purging of the emotions or relieving of the emotional tensions esp. through certain kinds of art as tragedy or music.”​m/browse/catharsis

One do not need/require music/art to purge/release/relieve self from/of accumulated / built-up energy that one manifested through/as time, breath by breath as self accepted and allowed self to participate in/as thoughts/memories of/as mind, as all the issues that self has not directed/resolved/solved within/as self.

Only releasing/relieving/purging self from/of such emotions/feelings is not a long-term/eternal solution that’ll bring change within self and self’s world, because the cause/source/origin of what manifested/created the reactions in the first place hasn’t been identified and so, if one only accept/allow self to purge/release/relieve the energy, self will walk into a time-loop and recreate the same conditions and even worse, because the same unresolved issues/problems within self will layer and layer and layer and eventually manifest self into a possessive-state and take-out self’s unresolved issues onto/towards others or one’s world as the manifested-consequence for not facing what self is accepting and allowing to hide/suppress/ignore within/as self.

Assist/support self with self forgiveness together-with self-corrective application, become the catharsis within/as one’s own world/living – through taking responsibility for one’s internal issues/problems and reactions by releasing self from the energy-reactions and at the same time, through writing – establish effective, directive solutions for the issues/problems self face within self and self’s world and accordingly change one’s living/behaviour to that of solutions; rather than hiding/mulling within the problems within self and self’s world making one’s life unnecessarily more difficult than it’s required to be.
In this, self assist/support self to identify the issue/problem – stop the energy-reactions, find and establish a solution and so make a change within self and self’s world where self will no more accept/allow the same issues/problems to accumulate / manifest and in this process, actually expand self within ‘who self is and how/what self live’.

Be/become a being of change/transformation and expansion – join us in the process of writing, self forgiveness and self-corrective action.

Introduction to Desteni Forum • View topic - Daily Practivism: Facing Self-Victimization

Daily Practivism: Facing Self-Victimization by SunetteSpies » Mon Oct 24, 2011 12:15 pm Daily Practivism: Facing Self-VictimizationSelf-victimization has become a constancy within and as our accepted and allowed ‘way of life’ towards ourselves, our worlds, others, the envi... —

Introduction to Desteni Forum • View topic - Daily Practivism: Facing Self-Blame

Daily Practivism: Facing Self-Blame by SunetteSpies » Sun Oct 23, 2011 12:11 pm Daily Practivism: Facing Self-BlameWhen one accept/allow self to blame self for something/someone that manifested within one’s world/reality – it stands within the context of accepting and allo... —

In the process of studying and came by a word: Substantive – “possessing substance; having practical importance, value or effect.”
To live practically, to assist/support self in/as learning how to live within self-awareness, self-responsibility and self-directive principle – equal-to and one with the physical, where each breath and action is done within self-awareness: is to be/become of substance as the physical-reality, where self become part of earth/existence and actually contribute to LIVING and having practical importance, value and effect on self, others, one’s world, the world, animals, nature etc.

So, become substantive, become REAL – assist/support self to stop the illusion as the mind/consciousness and re-birth self into and as the physical, to see/realise/understand the extent of separation self accepted and allowed and the responsibility self have towards self, others and the world as self.

With Desteni – we apply/live ‘Practivism’: “practical activism” as a directive-action living in/as/through the physical in our practical process of assisting/support ourselves to change ourselves within and without, to become LIVING EXAMPLES of the Principle as ‘what’s best for all as equals as one’. With ‘directive-action’, meaning where SELF is the DIRECTIVE PRINCIPLE, directing self in/as breath in/as living with the physical while standing as the principle ‘what’s best for all’.

We’re in the process of fine-tuning, specifying, exploring and designing/programming ways for the human-being to assist/support self to live effectively, practically in this world while walking-through/stopping and changing our manifested-consequence as the mind consciousness system within ourselves and the world-system without that we created, designed and manifested as-ourselves.

Practivism is thus what we walk/live through applying the Tools – writing, self-forgiveness, self-honesty, self corrective action to make an in impact on ourselves and our lives to stop re-cycling the past within ourselves and our lives, remaining stuck in the past and falling/stumbling throughout life as we accept/allow our pre-programming to control/influence/determine ‘who we are and how/what we live’.
Within Practivism, we face ourselves within/throughout our daily-lives – the people, relationships, conflicts, resistances, fears and walk-it within self-awareness as we challenge ourselves within such moments to direct such moments within self-honesty/clarity/directness instead of energy and reactions of mind/consciousness. This the practical process of releasing ourselves from energy of mind/consciousness as pre-programming to living beings that direct/live in the moment, within trust, stability, calm and certainty.

Assist/support self to release self from the motions of energy and the pre-programming of consciousness to be able to effectively direct-self’s living here in/as the physical, to so stop blame/projection/comparison/spite/revenge onto/towards others/the world/money/systems; but start to take self-responsibility and realise; that it’s always in all ways been self that’s been responsible for self and self’s world and that, in stopping the blame/projection/comparison/spite/revenge onto/towards others/the world/money/systems one will find the starting-point to actually change what is here.

Stop defeatism and self-victimization, take responsibility for self and self’s world and give self the power to in fact make a change/difference/transformation to self and self’s living/experience in/as this world.

Walk practically, walk here – it starts with self, and join us at Desteni where we’re daily developing/finding/establishing ways to face the mind and walk the physical as we push/challenge ourselves in/as our daily living as we practically walk Practivism within ourselves and our lives to become self-directive principles walking into and as a world that can/will be best for all, equal and one.
But, first – self must be/become the living-example.


And…the ‘world is going to end’…tomorrow…again. And, again – it will not end. ‘The End of the World’ has become a desire/want/need for/of Ego/the Mind to ‘have it easy’ on the manifested-consequences we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to create and manifest that has become ‘who we are’ within ourselves and the world as a whole.

For lifetimes, human-beings have - instead of facing consequence and taking self-responsibility for our self-creation and world-creation; actually in fact learning and changing: accumulated ‘karma’ as we layered ourselves and passed onto generations our consequence, passing-on the burdens of the consequences we ‘left-behind’ after we have spent a lifetime on this earth.
Lol – Now, literally all of existence, everything and everyone that has participated within existence is right-back here in/as this physical-manifested existence in all forms/manifestations – to face one thing: SELF as all manifested-consequence self accepted and allowed to create. Thus, each part/being/manifestation in/as this existence is currently walking this process of walking-through and facing self’s consequence/karma.
The real manifestation of Karma is here – as we face ourselves in our own consequence within ourselves, our world and the world as whole and so all are equal and one in/as this process of facing consequence.
Any thoughts to/towards others within blame/spite/nastiness of ‘wishing upon them Karma’; is in fact a mirror-reflection of/as self and self is actually simply confirming/validating one’s own Karma onto oneself.
There is and will be no escape from facing ourselves as this existence as the manifested consequence as karma it is and has become.

The ‘end of the world’ is simply another delusion of hope projected into the future as an ideal to attain within the Mind as an action of escapism from the physical to not have to face our own karma/manifested consequence as-ourselves and the physical. And so, we separate ourselves into a god/religion/spirituality and the physical into a heaven/ascension/bliss – all the while, self and the physical is still here, but attempting to hide behind self-created beliefs/illusions.
The ‘experience of it being/becoming’ “The End of the World” is simply the mind’s programming not being able to compute the extent of the manifested-consequence we’re in the process of continuously/constantly creating, designing and manifesting as we continue participating-in and living-as the Mind as the very source/cause/origin as-ourselves that’s created this existence as it is in this moment.
Thus – the “End of the World” will not come…everything will only get worse, and worse, and worse in intensity and extensivity as we spiral down into the abyss of our own self-created eternal-damnation…and this will continue until we STOP THE CYCLES OF INFINITY that we’ve throughout lifetimes enslaved ourselves into and as, stand-up within and as the darkness, face the darkness we’ve become and walk-through the darkness as manifested-consequence as karma and as we face-ourselves as our consequence, we at the same time change; to not again accept/allow ourselves to fall in the trap of time as the past of consciousness/the mind.

“The End of the World” has become but another pre-occupation religion to separate self from self and the physical from taking self-responsibility in/as the physical as self and sorting-out/directing what is here as reality.

If/as any fears/reactions within self emerge in relation to the ‘End of the World’-point, then it’s a cool opportunity to utilize this point to see what of self self has not yet faced, taken-responsibility for, directed, released and/or sorted-out. So – from that perspective, the point serves a purpose, lol.
So – stop waiting for god/the end of the world which is yourself = stop waiting for yourself. Start here, start with breath and walk the process of facing/stopping/changing you for you and the world as you.

We’re not going to get the ‘easy way out of this one’. We’ve created a fuckup, WE’VE CREATED it. We’re not just going to ‘miraculously’ end it – it’s going to take a long time to get ourselves and this world changed as we’ve created, designed and manifested it…so; we better get started! And it starts with self. So be one self that ‘get’s it’, that ‘wakes up’ and walk-with.

Join us. Be the Desteni of yourself and the World – we haven’t even started yet within existence, so technically…there can be no End, lol. Thus, let’s be the beginning…the start of LIFE.

“If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself, if you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.” – Lao Tzu

The words have always been here, yet – not actually in fact lived within a practical-context that bring-about actual change within the human-condition and conditioning/pre-programming as we’ve continue to exist by/as symbols, images, pictures, patterns, memories, thoughts…all parts/components of a system as the mind as consciousness that has been the god/creator/source of ourselves, our lives and the world as our creation.

To ‘awaken all of yourself’ – is to self-realise self as equal-to and one-with the Physical, then one’s immediate-environment and then the world as self expand in/as self’s standing as equal and one with and as what is here as reality.
We’ve definitely been asleep as consciousness in the Mind, not in fact living/directing or even creating within this world. We can no more/longer hide from our own creation as what has become of this world/humanity.

Thus, it’s time to ‘wake up’ within the context of realising/seeing/understanding our self-responsibility as creators/gods as the source that’s manifested ourselves and this world as it exist in this moment. We created/manifested it – throughout our lives within, as and through breaths as we’ve abdicated responsibility to a system as the mind of consciousness. Living by Energy instead of in fact in/as the Physical. This separation is so clearly demonstrated in the demonization of human-beings, as each human-being live for/towards the next energy-‘fix’ as money/sex/relationships/pursuit of happiness within a world-money-system that only cater for a select-few while the majority of the earth’s population, including nature and animals suffer in starvation/famine/poverty and abuse.
We’ve neglected/abused/destroyed what is real as the physical, as nature, the earth, the animal-kingdom, each-other – as we’ve been asleep in our minds as consciousness with our pre-programming existing for and as us.

Time to unplug the systems, release self from the mind and transcend consciousness to self-realise LIVING through/as equality and oneness here in the physical, and ‘return to self’ as the physical, nature, animal-kingdom and humanity to in/as that return, assist/support others to wake-up as self’s has awoken.
This process of ‘waking up’ is not ‘beautiful/majestic/spiritual’ – all of that is delusion and deception as it does not in fact exist in/as this physical-reality that is here. As one ‘wake up’ – one will start seeing/realising/understanding the mess, the consequence, the abuse that self is responsible for within self, self’s world and the world/humanity as a whole and it is/will be a practical breath by breath process to walk-through and face the consequences of one’s own creation as self, self’s world and the world/humanity as a whole.

As we’ve also explained – to stop/change the world, you’ve first got to start with yourself – to understand/realise the world as self, and so – through changing/standing within self first, self will assist/support others to stand equal-to and one with self and so we change the world through the equality-equation 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 ….

Let’s start LIVING words practically to IN FACT manifest change/transformation and no more accept/allow words to be/become only ‘stories of the past we monetarily reminisce about and then just as soon as we heard them – forget about them’. Then, such statements have no worth/meaning or validity – equal-to and one with what we and our lives become in accepting and allowing moments as windows of opportunity to pass us by instead of actually, really in fact changing within ourselves and our lives.

Walking this process of self, the world – is a LIFETIME COMMITMENT, it’s not a moment of pondering on the words of a philosopher / memory of a being; it’s in fact, actual, real, feet in the soil/earth growing change that self commit-to – that self must tend-to to in fact reap the fruits of one’s labour.

Therefore, become a + 1 in the process of changing self to change the world, to place Lao Tzu’s words into and as an actual living-application as living-words that becomes-self within and without, through ‘waking up’ from consciousness, transforming self from system to living and stopping the accepted/allowed abuse/suffering that we’ve created within ourselves and our worlds through stopping the separation we’ve existed-as. And so stand-together as living-examples, of taking-responsibility for our creation as manifested-consequence, walking through-it, stopping, standing-up and changing who we are, and what/how we live to bring about a world that’s best for all, equal and one.
For more information on the practicalities of how to apply the tools of walking/living this process – join us at /

Anti Desteni Movement

Anti-Desteni Movement -- This movement forms an integral part of the Desteni process. The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start participating in democratic elections. Join the Desteni Forum for discus... —

"Daily EGO - The ego will try its best to find one reason to not be or do what is best for All Life. Any justification to stay in self interest and to make it seem like what is best for All Life is impossible. Yes, What is best for All Life IS IMPOSSIBLE for Ego as Ego is NOT LIFE. What ARE YOU? Do you Justify why what is Best For ALL cannot exist?" - Bernard Poolman

Assist and support self to take the step, in and as one breath and de-program the programming of/as one’s mind as thoughts and energy that has come to influence, determine and control one’s behaviour/actions and overall life and relationship-experiences.
The EGO is the ‘spirit personality’ of one’s ‘god’ as the mind consciousness system that is all-encompassing / permeating one’s persona’s in protecting the pre-programmed system within oneself and one’s world to remain enslaved/trapped in cycles of the past as one remain pre-occupied in and as one’s thoughts and energies of/as reactions, judgments, comparisons, jealousy, nastiness…Realise/see/understand how self accepted and allowed a mind, a system to be ‘god over/of self’ from the perspective of having such futile-things as thoughts, memories, pictures, images, beliefs and energies control/influence ‘who self is’ in a moment and accordingly determine one’s living. EGO is that part of this System that functions as a ‘protection mechanism’ as part of the pre-programmed design of the mind consciousness system to keep you enslaved/trapped in/as the pre-programming of the past, memories, thoughts and energies to – from birth to death; remain a slave to the system.
Birth yourself as life from the physical – transcend EGO and transform self into and as a self-directive living being in and as the physical, to stop existing as a slave to the system; both within self and the world as a whole, but change self’s living to what’s best for all as equals as one to in fact become a LIVING-being that considers/regards others, nature the animal-kingdom and the earth to be/become a Custodian of the Earth which is what we as human-beings were supposed to be in the first place.
EGO is the abuse/manipulation of/as the System to protect-itself and not change, but only considers/regards itself within self-interest, greed and survival. We’ve become EGO’s – separating ourselves from reality, the physical, earth, nature, the animal-kingdom, human-beings, ourselves – and in that manifested-consequence; created, designed and manifested the horrific-nature the world and humanity is/has become today.
Drop the EGO. Face one’s mind/pre-programming. Stop. Change. Stand-up for self and the world and make something more out of self and self’s life/world than just living towards death as a slave both within self and the world as a whole.
For more information on how to practically stop EGO and self-enslavement to the mind and world-system – visit and

“Daily Resource Wisdom - There is ONLY ONE resource on EARTH and that is LIFE -- it is SOURCE and RESOURCE. Anything else is incidental to support LIFE EQUALLY unless you Prefer Abuse. Equal Money is Incidental in correcting the Past where Life were disregarded and NOT REALIZED as RESOURCE and SOURCE. Be a Sorcerer of LIFE. Its your Desteni.” Bernard Poolman

To return to SOURCE and give LIFE as RESOURCE of/as the EARTH to all equally as one for a dignified-Life in/as One System as Equal-Money; practically-manifest the Forgiveness of the Past on an Existential-Scale - is to stand and stand-up for an Equal-Money System. One will with researching the current World-System and ‘who/how we are ‘ in our personalities and behaviour, realise the extent to which the current Money-System; based-on ‘survival of the fittest’ – define the very fabric of our physical-conditioning in behaviour/mannerism and determine/control the very essence of actions/decisions that come to create our lives.
This can then be pulled-through to each and every human-being in this world: we’re who, where, what, how and when we are has come to be because of and due to MONEY based-in greed, profit, survival, self-interest where we’ve come to fight for money at the cost of BILLIONS of lives; instead of living with money in equality and oneness that’s best for all.
With EQUAL-MONEY – Life as each part of existence, will be regarding in/as equality and oneness and is thus the solution, together with a changed living-principle of ‘who we are and what/how we live’ as ‘what’s best for all in equality and oneness’ to the current state/condition of the human and the world.
Become the Desteni of self and the world.
Visit and for more information