Sylvia Gerssen

51. The Laughing Lady

On our walks, sir Oliver and I, meet new people. Some walk bye, some say hello and others take a moment and chitchat. Some weeks ago we met a lady with a Maltese dog. Our dogs seem to like each other, up to a point where they calmly sniffed each others scent without being too ... —

50. A Little Homesick

This weekend was the weekend sir Oliver had to be taken to our dog-sitter. It was as exciting for me as for sir Oliver, only my excitement took place before the event and his during his stay with the dog-sitter. We picked this couple to be our dog-sitters due to getting to kno... —

49. The Smartphone

A few weeks ago I committed myself to take my smartphone with me when going for walks with sir Oliver. I then didn’t realize that it wasn’t a commitment, it was more a point of common sense that I wanted to make into a habit when going out with sir Oliver. In other words the i... —

48. A white ball with feathers

We did our evening walk with sir Oliver as usual. In winter now, we during the evening in the dark. Whenever sir Oliver is sniffing the ground, in the dark, I tend to watch him closely to see if he is not eating anything along the sniffing process. Which means that I am walkin... —

47. Garbage Hunting

Litter Art It’s on our morning walk that sir Oliver and I walk past houses who’s front door verge on the sidewalk. And it’s the third day that there is more litter on the street than normal. We had some storms and garbage day, and those 2 are not really best friends. There is ... —

46. Traveling

We had to travel to visit family and we decided that it was a great moment to introduce a different home to sir Oliver. So far he only has been in our home and only a few people came over to see him, therefore it was time to expand his world, and see how easy he is with travel... —

45. Vaccination time

Today we went to see the vet with sir Oliver to get his annual vaccine. A combination shot that contains: Parvo inactivated, Parvo live, liver disease and leptospirosis, that should prevent him from getting really sick. I Googled vaccines for dogs, to reassure myself that most... —

44. Balancing Our Relationship

The stop and stare to the sky method we started applying 2 days ago, due to sir Oliver pulling on the leash, is becoming more natural for me now. Where I first had to consciously think to stop, now a pull on my arm is enough to stop.  I cannot stop just anywhere, when crossing... —

43. The Dog Poo Piston

From the day on that we had sir Oliver in our lives, poop bags became one of my best friends. My philosophy is that everybody should clean up their own shit. And since we are the legal adopters of sir Oliver, we adopted his poo as well. It was all in the package, so to speak. ... —

42. Where Did My Leadership Go?

Over the weeks I started to be more easy on sir Oliver and myself when it came to leadership. I had decided that it was okay when he walked a bit in front of me. Still thinking of sir Oliver as piteous for walking on a leash. Feeding my mind with, it is okay to give him a bit ... —

Dag 390: stomende ketel

Tijdens het winkelen met mijn dochter moest ik in een winkel iets afreken. Beneden stond er een immense rij met mensen, dus stelde ik voor om naar boven te gaan waar het meestal stukken rustiger is. En inderdaad er stonden een 6 tal mensen toen wij aankwamen. Terwijl wij als 7... —

41. The First Law Of The Beagle’s Constitution

The first law of the Beagle’s constitution is: eat whatever seems edible. The moment we got sir Oliver, we were prepared for an eating machine, and almost the opposite was true. He had to be encouraged to eat. Only over the weeks he is getting more and more back in his Beagle ... —

40. No Shot Today

The plan was to get sir Oliver his annual shots today, reality was a tiny bit different. Sir Oliver started having diarrhea 2 days ago, and it worsened over the next days. This afternoon on his walk it was as if he was spray painting in the color ochreous. It’s not that he’s b... —

39. Exploring The Vet’s Practice

We knew that at some point we had to take sir Oliver to the vet to get his annual shots. It was also a point that we tried to delay. Not knowing how sir Oliver would react to an medical environment, being a former laboratory Beagle. And I might find it more tensive than sir Ol... —

38. Lost-And-Found: a promise

It was a cold evening and I was walking sir Oliver by myself. I was almost near the school and the cyclists crossing, the very point where there is no lamppost. Sir Oliver had been walking perfectly, maybe a little bit too fast, and I had to step up a bit to keep up with his p... —

37. That Dog Sitter Is Mine

I was presented with a dilemma  when I needed a sitter for sir Oliver, half December when we have a golden wedding anniversary. It’s a party that will take up the entire afternoon and evening and where we cannot bring sir Oliver with us. While payed dog sitters only offer thei... —

35. Playing Without Expectations

According to my previous idea to make sir Oliver a toy, today I made him a toy with rabbit skin/fur. I had some left over rabbit fur strips with no purpose in my haberdashery stock. I had been hiding these strips for the cats, so I figured it must have some attraction on anima... —

34. Playing Playful Play

The period in which we prepared for sir Oliver to come and live with us, my daughter bought several dog toys. It became quite clear early on, that he had not really an idea what to do with the toys. He simply ignored the toys at first. We then found out, by doing some research... —

33. Dreaming

Day dreaming is for some of us a way to escape reality for a moment. For others dreaming is their worst nightmare when they close their eyes at night. Sir Oliver has no problems with sleeping, let alone dreaming. For dogs dreaming is a quick way to process their day to day exp... —

32. Great Grandparents Visiting

Sir Oliver is now living with us for 8 weeks and the only strangers he has seen in the home, were the men of the foundation with 6 weeks. It was advised to not have a lot of new people in the home, before the dog had settled in a bit. My parents decided to come over at our pla... —

31. Who’s Playing Games With Who?

The walks we do with sir Oliver are coming more and more to a point where we, my daughter and I, are able to firstly direct ourselves and within this process and as an outflow of this process, we are able to direct sir Oliver as well. We actually needed more change than he did... —

30. When The Rebel Comes Through

Yesterday we had, the 2 men of the Laboratory Beagle Foundation, over for a house visit and we absolutely had a pleasant gathering. There was only one point that offended me, in a way that I immediately started questioning the information that was given to me. I could partly s... —

29. They came

Today it was the day that we were honored with a house visit from the foundation, whom my daughter got sir Oliver from. We knew that around week 6-7, they would come over, and see how the dog is doing and how the adopting caregiver is doing with the dog. Somehow, in anticipati... —

28. So Lucky It Is The Flu

Since a few days I am walking all walks alone with sir Oliver, except for last weekend when my partner walked with. My daughter has come down with the flu and a cold, yeah she’s got the flu/cold, and was thus not able to join the walks. Maybe it sounds weird when a mom is glad... —

27. Sir Oliver Showing My Responsibility

Especially in the previous weeks where walks were not always easy with sir Oliver, I tended to blame anything outside of myself, for things not going smooth. Now, when following the natural dogmanship for most part, I now know sir Oliver is my direct feedback of my own interna... —

26. Scary Things

Every dog owner knows that dogs can be easily scared by random things, and even things they are familiar with. Over the last weeks we had several things sir Oliver had issues with. It went from being surprised to almost too scary. On our morning walk we walk on a dike with dik... —

23. Sir Oliver’s influencial powers

Several years ago we wanted some pets and started of with 3 abandoned cats. Then 1 died after the vet dewormed her. The male and the female cat that were left grew up healthy. Before we could spay the male cat he started spraying all over the apartment. Then when he was spayed... —

25. Natural Dogmanship

Last night, along with other nights, I had been reading about natural dogmanship. I’ve seen some videos of Cesar Milan and I wanted to prepare myself to become that leader of the pack. I chose a few things from the knowledge I had taken in, to apply this morning in sir Oliver ... —

24. The leader of the pack

A dog is capable of reflecting your true intentions. You may pet a dog and say: good boy, and at the same time fear the dog will turn against you. The fear is what the dog picks up and he will act accordingly. This kind of knowledge is common sense and not that difficult to un... —

22. Dressing up sir Oliver

My daughter expressed that she wanted to buy sir Oliver a raincoat, after his first experience with an autumn downpour. I immediately had an reaction. I didn’t want to expose sir Oliver to any dress up games. To me that is so animal unfriendly and only joyful for the pets owne... —

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