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Day 359 – Doors of Hell are Open to Leave

One more analogy. My last post was about Smart Contract as Self-and Relationship Agreement, today: Self-dishonesty as Hell There was a cool statement within one of the Lucifer episodes(TV series) I saw recently. Lucifer walks Earth and tries to be a good guy, helps the police ... —

Day 358 – Smart Contract with Self

I am learning about Smart Contracts. It’s something what is emerging and slowly but surely taking over the old-school contracting and business models in the world system. It relates to crypto-currency but the idea is originating from the automatizing the if-then conditions, wh... —

Day 357 – Projection to forgive

Still walking relationship-projection decomposition and preparation to live the change. I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to not being aware of being insecure about fear of losing relationship, projecting out values, qualities and experiences towards someone and get... —

Day 356 – Honesty and Reflecting to Life

Let’s go back to a point I am walking through, a self-dishonesty personality pattern first and then open it out to see it more deeper and broadly. Describing the problem first. (This was revealed by support of Quantum Change Kinesiology): Projection of (positive and/or negativ... —

Day 355 – Fearful Emotions vs Living

There was some period some while ago when I gave into the Fear of loss, which I address here today to prevent happening again. The dynamics is the following concisely: I experience something, I enjoy it, I value it, I get attached to, I want it to last, I see the possibility t... —

Day 354 – Projection and Responsibility

Suppression vs courage with responsibility Dis-empowerment vs confidence with understanding These are so intertwined at the moment, thus walking them together, but at the end, it’s all about dealing with fear. Most of these points and realizations did not just ‘occur’ to me, I... —

Day 353 – Relationship mind decomposition

Continuing from my last post, to decompose my submissive and insecure attitude towards relationships based on worry. This post became a bit longer, but certainly helps me to understand the specificity of what and how to change. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowe... —

Day 352 – Seeing the Matrix : Relationships

It is crucial to realize – the very definition and expression of the word RELATIONSHIP – determines any and all I experience, create, form and participate with in this world – let it be with objects, animals or humans. All what we do is relate. Interesting word itself: re-late... —

Day 351 – About Self-forgiveness

Just an impromptu share on how assisting Self-forgiveness is. to learn it and live change for betterment: Advertisements Share this:TwitterFacebookGooglePinterestMoreTumblrPrintEmailPocketRedditLike this:Like Loading... —

Day 350 – Intense realizations with body support

Sometimes when facing a deeper, unconscious self-dishonest pattern to be able to understand and stop, can have these intensified emotional and physical moments and experiences. Sharing about how I am dealing with it and supporting myself with body awareness and applying self-f... —

Day 349 – Word Relationship

Continuing on decomposing, forgiving and transcending my relationship -and in a way love-related misinterpretations, misalignments and self-dishonesty. Tonight I had quite an overwhelming set of realizations during my Quantum Change Kinesiology session as received so specific ... —

Day 348 – Rejection, Blame and Help

I look at these points today: Fear of rejection, blame Facing unknown, asking for help Fear of rejection I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear from being rejected as defining it that it means I am unworthy, not good enough, I did something horribl... —

Day 347 – Investigating Fear and emotions and Standing up as Life

Made an impromptu VLOG about points coming up – mostly about I’ve been facing recently. Just a process update on how I am dealing with fear and self-dishonesty. Advertisements Share this:TwitterFacebookGooglePinterestMoreTumblrPrintEmailPocketRedditLike this:Like Loa... —

Day 346 – Standing up as LIFE

Ok, I have found a deeper point and thus real solution to my fear, worry and emotional instability issues. Its pretty awesome. I have been working on the redefinition of the word: LOVE – it takes some time and one would ask why to redefine words, aren’t they just fine? Not nec... —

Day 345 – Losing principle by emotional storm of fear

Recently I have been participating within emotions and during that period I disregarded some of the principles I have committed to live by, thus I see the self-correction and re-alignment to be required, which I share here. (It opens up a lot more as I walk it – added later) S... —

Day 344 – Becoming ‘Unreactive’

About Feeling upset/hurt and reactive – which means a give up experience I see within and not liking it, and feeling bad about not doing and/or feeling that can’t do anything about it. Well, not literally a give up experience, rather as a thought pattern and results in some fe... —

Day 342 – Facing Sadness and Experience of Loss

Some time ago I have been facing Sadness and Loss extensively and it can be real tough to walk through. I’d like to share my experiences, realizations and the support I’ve been receiving from others and also giving to myself, thus being able to pull myself together from the sh... —

Day 341 – A moment of doubt vs Facts

Stabilizing within Self-forgiveness. Continuing from yesterday’s blog. I forgive myself that I have not realized that I have allowed myself to fall into fear of loss and doubt experience and started to judge myself as ‘I did not do all what I could for what I committed myself ... —

Day 340 – Emotions and Self-honesty

After yesterdays blog, I might have opened up Pandora’s box within myself as today I was quite emotional. (Well, before yesterday) It’s rare thing for me, most of my life I’ve lived with perfecting suppressing emotions, but I am actually stopping as proven to be not the best a... —

Day 339 – Energy: Admitting facts for Self-Change

Continuing with the energy craving mentality decomposition Its a great opportunity as at the moment getting really tired and this is when usually can this mentality be noticed. It’s when I want to experience intensity, sense of movement, energetic experiences, excitement, tens... —

Day 338 – Energy craving – darkness within

While I am expanding, growing and exploring what it means to really live, I have some areas within I experience resistance from within. What’s behind that is actual lack of skills and energetic resistances to do things to move forward, and for an aspect of me, who accepts, ide... —

Transform Shame into Change

Sharing Shame. Interesting concept, not the most common topic to share about, but it holds the key for self-Change. I made a VLOG about shame recently, although it was a bit dark, but voice is clear. Openly face Shame and to see how I can take responsibility for by understand... —

Day 336 – Self forgiveness to deal with sadness

Who I am with Self-forgiveness? I am sharing my process of Self-forgiveness since almost ten years now and I’d like to reflect back on this extraordinary journey and discovery of self, a liberation, a re-alignment and change, which keeps continuing and expanding every day. If ... —

Day 335 – Self-Change with Self-forgiveness

Sharing a point of looking back to a recent energetic reaction within my mind-body relationship, triggered by fear – and applying Self-honesty with Self-forgiveness to stop and prepare myself to prevent to repeat this automatic pattern. Change one moment at a time. Structure y... —

Day 334 – Re-aligning to Live Words: Love

One of my major realizations in life is that humans do not Live Words actually. Certainly Think, Feel, Speak and Act, and these various forms of ‘word usages’ are rarely within harmonious unification with each other, which results a sort of cognitive dissonance, inner conflict... —

Day 333 – Worry and dealing with it

Today writing about Worry. I think I have been trough this recently. I am stable in this moment, thus it’s time to look back, what was happening, why and to see, how to move forward from this. I have committed myself to do several things of what I never did before and while fi... —

Day 332 – Patience and commitment

Continuing with Patience and discipline. This is a kind of ‘ranting’. Last time I was writing about the inspiration about and to learn to live PATIENCE. I am currently living patience by consistently applying the things I’ve committed to do every day within a consistent veloci... —

Day 329 – Changing ‘Change’

(Changing and enjoyment) In my last blog post I ended up opening up beauty point in relation to power. The more I focused to the word beauty in relation to the point I was initially motivated to purified by, the more I started to move effectively beyond reactions to beauty. We... —

Day 328 – Beauty continued to decompose

Continuing with beauty. Particularly supportive this at the moment in my life. Not as I would have problem with beauty or experience something beautiful, I guess it is quite nice. However who I am as life within absolute self-honesty brings up the realization and necessity of ... —

Day 327 – A beauty point

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to give value and worth, power and energy into the design of judgement of beauty, as distraction, as self-interest, as self-definition and not realizing that this pattern, behavior and act separates from my self-created ... —

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