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Talamon Joseph Berta

[JTL 87] Understanding and be direct change

Journey to Life to stop the madness of each self-delusions step by step, day by day, breath by breath. Perspective today: Day 469: Self Realization, Writing and Time I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that I've defined change and myself to change a... —

[JTL 86] Robotból Istenné

Tekintsük az embert csak eme iromány erejéig úgy, mint egy számítógép. A számítógép, bárki akárhogy is állítja, egy roppant egyszerű elven épült gép, alapvetően nagyon kevés dolgot tud csinálni: -adatokat tárolni, azok között alapvető matematikai műveleteket végezni Különfél... —

[JTL 85] Önmegbocsátás, mint változtatás a személyes mátrixban

Önmegbocsátás: Megbocsátom magamnak, amire rájöttem, hogy nem szeretnék úgy maradni és csak azért van még mindig itt, mint önmagam, mert nem realizáltam: elfogadtam és megengedtem magamnak, hogy ilyen legyek.Megbocsátom magamnak, hogy nem realizáltam, hogy minden amit megenged... —

[JTL 84] Egyenlőség - valóság morfondírozás

Folyton írok, ez egy folyamat, egy döntés, egy munka, egy utazás, egy nyilvános átalakulás, ez egy csoportos aktivitás: 7 Évnyi út az Életbe[7 years of Journey to Life] Egyfajta morfondírozás az "egyenlőség" szó körül ma, mi kijött: Az az álláspontom, hogy valójában, abból a... —

[JTL 83] Party is not a solution for all

I've been in an electronic dance festival again. I've got pass as I was helping for a musician to wire in the instruments on stage and recorded the concert with my camera. The festival was in the nature so to speak - it was built up among trees and fields and there were about... —

[JTL 82] Not Physical Feeling is waste of time

Feelings took me to the other side which is not real and not best for me and not best for all. I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that by feelings I balance out the experience of anxiety, fear, uncertainty, doubt and in fact fear of loss. So this post... —

[JTL 81] Deprogramming anxiety word by word

I am Continuing on this post within the 7 years Journey to Life: [JTL 79] Understanding my anxiety and shame If one looks how the current system operates, it becomes obvious that the written word is what matters, literally. Any establishment has been in fact established by ... —

[JTL 80] Desteni eyewitness: It is Real

Artwork: Manuela Destonian My name is József Berta, many people know me as Talamon, which is just a nickname I've got in childhood and kept it. I was born in Szeged in 1979, living in Budapest, Hungary I have qualification of bookkeeping, economy and programming mathematics... —

[JTL 75] STOP Automatic Energy Desire

Equality as SelfThis belief that I need to equalize myself based on external conditions I am letting go through stopping to give permissions to react automatically in each moment.I feel like I am exploding - it is some sort of depression - not as people refer to it as 'bad fee... —

[JTL 74] Seeing points within to correct

Being in musical festival again and seeing points within:I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to look women within the energetic reaction to self-definition of hope that I might will have real physical experience with someone fulfilling my desire for a rela... —

[JTL 72] How Drugs Promote Paranoia Research Part 4

Let us walk through the Self-dishonesty expressed within the previous post to see the already manifested PROBLEM within and as Self as faced as PARAnoise of and as mind of thoughts: [JTL 65] How Drugs Promote Paranoia Research Part 3 Apparently this might not seem directly r... —

[JTL 70] Self-forgiveness, correction workplace part 2

Continuing on the previous post: [JTL 69] Self-forgiveness: workplace part 1 [JTL 69] Self-forgiveness: workplace part 1 I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel exhausted after workday and defining myself as working with my boss slowly but surel... —

[JTL 69] Self-forgiveness: workplace part 1

Problem:This came up while working on my regular Agreement Course assignment so walking about this today here:I have inner reactions at workplace regarding to money and people when I am not pushing I do not experience presence but inner reactions arise what is kind of automati... —

[JTL 65] How Drugs Promote Paranoia Research Part 3

This is a continuation of: How Drugs Promote Paranoia Research Part 1 How Drugs Promote Paranoia Research Part 2 I am gathering points I've been faced as paranoia with drugs, first of all focusing on the most stimulating place: PARTY! Back then I was not able to consider ... —

[JTL 54] How Drugs Promote Paranoia Research Part 2

This is a Desteni research series within the 7 Years of Journey to Life on the two words: drugs and paranoia - I've started with some definitions and now continuing on my personal experiences regarding to the topic and give some insights of how to stop if one experience parano... —

[JTL 53] How Drugs Promote Paranoia Research Part 1

Here I am starting an(extensive) Paranoia Research Series on 'How Drugs promote Paranoia'.First of all I am bringing in the context of mainstream(establishment education system) sources about 'Paranoia' and then seeing it through Desteni and Self-honesty principles to establis... —

[JTL 52] Stop the fear from Self-direction

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that I fear from losing inherently within resonantly what makes me energetic and by that energy I confront this anxiety of fear to fight over and dominate and push down the fear with apparently great brave... —

[JTL 50] Stop the force to change: be principle

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that I want to take everything internally and disregard externally as having a starting point as myself as my mind only here and not realizing that the inner is equal with the outer meaning that if I do not deal with m... —

[JTL 49] Breath, human mind program, notes

WRITING on Breathing I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to take breath seriously when I do have a problem to solve and without returning to breath I do not even know what is going on. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear from ... —

[JTL 48] Self-forgiveness: polarities of principle delusion

This is the continuation of the post. Principled living. The thinking of "I am getting there": I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge myself based on the impression of I am g... —

[JTL 47] A memory of anger to the system when paying for water

I remember a memory when I came back to Budapest by plane and I had to wait at one airport far from here, maybe London. I was sitting at the waiting area(what is in fact a very expensive shopping and dinner hall) with my medium sized bag and I was sitting there and I was thirs... —

[JTL 46] What is Principle then?

Principle What is principle then? Giving a perspective from my personal life for a moment...When I was kid - I had to learn a thing - what I really want - I can not take it granted - I have to do it myself - whoever promised anything and then I was expected - who was then resp... —

[JTL 45] Investigating my days rant

Principled livingI have an idea of what kind of principled living I want to live. I have the thought as 'I am getting there' - so this is a problem. Let's rant it out here. What is there from which I am here yet not as principled living yet creating a self-projection?If I coul... —

What Desteni Say About: LOVE

#InLessThan60Seconds "I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to refuse to see that thought plays the major creative role in the creation of love through energizing and justifying feelings through a process of listing acceptable and unacceptable points that I... —

[JTL 44] I have to move: part two

Continuing on my last post: [JTL 43] I have to move . I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think that I have to move - indicating that it is not me, as Self-direction move by common sense decision but of circumstances, of pre-programmed reactions. I ... —

[JTL 43] I have to move

I have to move.I've decided to move along - to rent an other place - smaller, cheaper. However I did not find the new place yet. Tomorrow maybe will be one available - but not yet sure. I gave myself a week only to pack up and cleanup and move. That probably means that I have ... —

[JTL 42] Investigating Self-automation

Continuing on [JTL 23] Life-awareness taken granted is not possible topic and how I am automated.At moments I am simply becoming automated.Speaking with friends/girls when having fun just comes from 'hip' and seeing what make them funny and then doing soCleaning up my camera l... —

[JTL 41] Self-forgiveness: death

Self forgiveness on my previous blog post: [JTL 40] Life or death is human right? I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear from death because it is unknown and who I've defined myself to be would be no more. I forgive myself that I have accepted and a... —

[JTL 40] Life or death is human right?

I am on the train, going to a funeral. That's right. So I am talking about how I see human right about what is real. Mother's husband's mother died by cancer and I travel to family where there will be a ceremony. She was very nice and kind always - however I've assumed suppres... —

[JTL 39] Thinking-Breathing decomposition

The spirituality of a Snail I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear from always breathing here because then I might not be able to focus on reality around me the way I've defined as required in order to survive and be accepted and stand up for myself... —