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[JTL 50] Stop the force to change: be principle

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that I want to take everything internally and disregard externally as having a starting point as myself as my mind only here and not realizing that the inner is equal with the outer meaning that if I do not deal with m... —

[JTL 49] Breath, human mind program, notes

WRITING on Breathing I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to take breath seriously when I do have a problem to solve and without returning to breath I do not even know what is going on. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear from ... —

[JTL 48] Self-forgiveness: polarities of principle delusion

This is the continuation of the post. Principled living. The thinking of "I am getting there": I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge myself based on the impression of I am g... —

[JTL 47] A memory of anger to the system when paying for water

I remember a memory when I came back to Budapest by plane and I had to wait at one airport far from here, maybe London. I was sitting at the waiting area(what is in fact a very expensive shopping and dinner hall) with my medium sized bag and I was sitting there and I was thirs... —

[JTL 46] What is Principle then?

Principle What is principle then? Giving a perspective from my personal life for a moment...When I was kid - I had to learn a thing - what I really want - I can not take it granted - I have to do it myself - whoever promised anything and then I was expected - who was then resp... —

[JTL 45] Investigating my days rant

Principled livingI have an idea of what kind of principled living I want to live. I have the thought as 'I am getting there' - so this is a problem. Let's rant it out here. What is there from which I am here yet not as principled living yet creating a self-projection?If I coul... —

What Desteni Say About: LOVE

#InLessThan60Seconds "I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to refuse to see that thought plays the major creative role in the creation of love through energizing and justifying feelings through a process of listing acceptable and unacceptable points that I... —

[JTL 44] I have to move: part two

Continuing on my last post: [JTL 43] I have to move . I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think that I have to move - indicating that it is not me, as Self-direction move by common sense decision but of circumstances, of pre-programmed reactions. I ... —

[JTL 43] I have to move

I have to move.I've decided to move along - to rent an other place - smaller, cheaper. However I did not find the new place yet. Tomorrow maybe will be one available - but not yet sure. I gave myself a week only to pack up and cleanup and move. That probably means that I have ... —

[JTL 42] Investigating Self-automation

Continuing on [JTL 23] Life-awareness taken granted is not possible topic and how I am automated.At moments I am simply becoming automated.Speaking with friends/girls when having fun just comes from 'hip' and seeing what make them funny and then doing soCleaning up my camera l... —

[JTL 41] Self-forgiveness: death

Self forgiveness on my previous blog post: [JTL 40] Life or death is human right? I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear from death because it is unknown and who I've defined myself to be would be no more. I forgive myself that I have accepted and a... —

[JTL 40] Life or death is human right?

I am on the train, going to a funeral. That's right. So I am talking about how I see human right about what is real. Mother's husband's mother died by cancer and I travel to family where there will be a ceremony. She was very nice and kind always - however I've assumed suppres... —

[JTL 39] Thinking-Breathing decomposition

The spirituality of a Snail I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear from always breathing here because then I might not be able to focus on reality around me the way I've defined as required in order to survive and be accepted and stand up for myself... —

[JTL 38] Insignificant moments aren't existing

Writing today seems no motive - no big deals stormed me today - that's actually cool. I've just saw Reginald's blog with the title: Writing down insignificant moments of today so I am doing similar and see what comes and by choosing the topic I just became aware that it is ob... —

[JTL 37] Echoing in my mind part 2: Alcohol

This is a continuation within the 7 years of Journey to Life of the post of: [JTL 36] Echoing in my mind I am exploring the memories I have on drugs about thoughts echoing in my mind. I've started with alcohol - with that the feeling was always like I am becoming totally i... —

[JTL 36] Echoing in my mind

When I am not absolutely clear and sure that I did the right thing - or even in the moment I felt like or I was sure that in that moment it was alright, but then I shift personality or I feel screwed or I just do not remember exactly how and what I did - I allow myself to echo... —

[JTL 35] Difficulty: When I am suppressing?

DIFFICULTY: To see when I am suppressing and when I am not reacting to already manifested consequences. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define difficult at times to see the difference of what to do regarding to not suppressing the shit verus not r... —

[JTL 34] Self-forgiveness: Facing what is difficult and why?

Continuing on decomposing Self-accepted definitions and automatism about the word: DIFFICULT. Context: [JTL 32] Self-forgiveness: stopping resonant fear from difficulty I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that within fearing from difficulty, even when... —

[JTL 33] Excuses and justifications in every moment

Last time I've wrote about how I've allowed myself to program myself to fear from failure within self-definition of difficulty and limiting myself at scenarios when I automatically react with thoughts/feelings/emotions with no self-trust, no self-integrity.I will continue in t... —

[JTL 31] Fear of loss as the right [2 h]arm and return to body part 1

Alright, let's get direct within writing out the manifested consequences of my most bugging self-dishonesty today: My right forearm. It has been an issue since last year I've broke some muscle tissues within an overhauled exercise. But why? There was a time when my arm was un... —

[JTL 30] Self-correction on fearing from consequences

I continue with preparing myself within self-corrective statements to take responsibility for the consequences I face regarding to crying and fear from changing. [JTL 28] Self-forgiveness fear from consequences: crying I commit myself to not go into the pattern of guilt whe... —

[JTL 29] Önmegbocsátás első tapasztalatok folytatása

Folytatván begépelvén ezt a monológomat: Első fele itt található [JTL 27] Tala önmegbocsátás: első tapasztalatok: 2007 Desteni Második fele:(15. perctől) "Tehát ezekből kiindulva az önmegbocsátás nekem valójában azt mutatta meg, hogy egyszerűen leírom azt, amit látok m... —

[JTL 28] Self-forgiveness fear from consequences: crying

Stopping all mind-fear-desire-based relationships within and without what is not best for all - like this: I've written some time ago some self-forgiveness about myself crying, but this one is the opposite I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to react emo... —

[JTL 26] STOP the Path of Attainment to Really Change in One Breath part 1

PerfectionI've noticed that there is a relationship to the word PERFECTION within me what is in fact Self-dishonesty.The problem:I see a Self-dishonesty within myself and then I investigate by writing and then I am exploring Self-forgiveness to be aware of the responsibilities... —

Basic Income Grant(BIG) Alapjövedelem Járulék Namíbiában 2008

2008 januárjában egy Alapjövedelem Járulék(Basic Income Grant(BIG)) tesztprojekt kezdődött Otjivero-Omitara városában. Minden 60 év alatti helyi lakos kapott egy Egységes Alapjövedelmet, személyenként havi 100 N$(~3000 Ft) összeget, feltétel nélkül. Hat hónappal a... —

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[JTL 25] Within the secret thinking energy mind how friends are the fiends

Continuing on walking through my own self-created automatic self-definitions regarding to people around me. Perspective: [JTL 18] Decomposing why defining people according to my interest part 1 Problem:I see that I am still holding on to feelings and memory-based relations... —

[JTL 24] Intensified Entertainment as Enlightenment: evolutional mind interest part 1

How can you prove that you are not pre-programmed if you can not change yourself by self-honest decision? I am continuing on my previous post by decomposing my relationship with the word: entertainment [JTL 23] Life-awareness taken granted is not possible Can Human natu... —

[JTL 23] Life-awareness taken granted is not possible

Life-Support for Facing Consequences: Process of Change - Reptilians - Part 161 Manifested Consequence - Lao Tzu Prioritizing Awareness is the Key to Enlightenment - Life Review I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that within anger I am blaming my... —

[JTL 22] Desire and fear regarding to woman part 3 - fear

I am continuing on the suppressed desire based on fear to be aware + to be able to prevent suppression what accumulate into conflict within myself regarding to desire for woman Context: [JTL Day 12] Desire and fear regarding to woman and sex intro) [JTL 21] Desire and f... —