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[JTL Day 12] Desire and fear regarding to woman and sex intro

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Daily Food for Self-honesty: Investigate Journey To life movement Trained and seasoned teachers assist and support... —

[JTL Day 11] Coming down to Earth from ACID-tripping away

Check out the Journey to Life blogs: Join the Journey to Life group if you are ready to walk the mind to be equal and one with to have a chance to dir... —

[JTL] Day 10 - Re-defining Responsibility part 1

This is walking the mind to have an equal and one standing to be able to direct it as myself according to the principle of What is Best for All. Check out the Journey to Life blogs: Join the... —

Menyország útja az életbe 1.nap: Ki vagyok én, mint Pénz. (2012. április 15)

Heaven's Journey to Life blog 1. day (ez az eredeti, amit lefordítottam) (This is the Hungarian translation of Heaven's Journey to Life blog - DAY 1: Who I Am as Money) Menyország Útja Életbe Első nap: Ki vagyok Én, mint Pénz? 2012.04.15 *Bevezető Ebben a Blogban, az... —

[JTL] Day 9 - Walking through self-defined character of me : Woman pleaser PART V.

In the last posts (Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV - I was writing about how I've became addicted and defined and limited to pleasing woman and having complicated relationships what is not really supporting me and all others. I commit myself to write and re-align myself to... —