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Talamon Joseph Berta

Day 309 – Empty movement

Empty movement Concise word-vector to explore today. Nothing serious, yet each word is what it is. Empty, to ensure nothing moves me, but I am me, no thought separates, no negative emotion burns, no positive feeling elevates, but total inner transparency down to the inner core... —

Day 308 – Child’s brick wall mind model

Talking about the ‘model’ of brick wall mind of a child and how comes that most of the innocent, clever and awesome kids when they grow up ending up having all kinds of mental and emotional scars and problems to have anxiety, doubt, addiction, depression, fears, etc and thus c... —

Day 307 – Anxiety/excitement separation

An interesting point opened up – I was about to go to a place with someone and I had this experience of anxiety and excitement at the same time. It was not even certain if it’s positive or negative, I guess it was neither and both at the same time. However it was not direct an... —

Day 308 – Rebuilding self

Rebuilding Self I remember, when I was talking with Bernard, he told me that once I decompose my mind and personality, I will be able to re-create, rebuild a completely new me, according to who I want to be and become. That seemed strange in that time, about 6-7 years ago, but... —

Day 307 – Challenge of all secret thoughts exposure

This is something like a challenge, Cerise and Joe asked to consider it: “Imagine for a moment that every person you’ve ever had a thought about, ever pictured something about, ever had a fantasy about became fully aware, in absolute detail of the contents of your thoughts. Ev... —

Day 306 – Integrity revisiting

Let’s walk around the word Integrity again. Dictionary: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. the state of being whole and undivided. Often can be read online about certain politicians ‘not having integrity’ – meaning they deceit, lie, cheat, use and ... —

Day 305 – Integrity to establish

I always was fascinated about other humans, even though I was more of an introvert observer type, but until this day whenever I am alone among other strangers, such as being on a train or metro, airplane or at the doctor’s waiting room, to look at people and this inherent curi... —

Day 304 – Resistance to Expansion

Investigating my resistances and limitations in relation to live the word Expansion. Expanding, expressing, exploring, experiencing. It’s about self-movement, self-direction. If I do not trust myself unconditionally, I stop expanding or rather not even starting it. What reason... —

Day 303 – Resistance to writing and knowing self

I communicate with quite some people who starts to grasp the self-support and practical value for writing within self-honesty for accumulate more understanding of problems and possible solutions. It’s quite common to face a resistance to writing. Thought-based, emotion-based o... —

Day 302 – Leap of Unknown

Patterns everywhere. Even when I open the text editor to type, I’ve had this drive from within, which I stopped from with a breath and inner silence. Today I’ve watched Joao’s video on Why not to trust Motivation and indeed – it’s separation, conditional, which begins and ends... —

Day 301 – Center Presence

I am sitting here and feeling the blood pressuring in my veins. I guess I like this experience, because this is an indication that I am not following thoughts, being preoccupied with rushing towards something in the future, but I am quite present. Although if I would give too ... —

Day 300 – Daily expansion

I am starting a challenge – every day sharing. Not just sharing, but to face a point and direct myself to change. No matter what little that point would be or if it’s insignificant. But the relevance is the consistent movement, direction and thus accumulation of self-trust and... —

Day 299 From Movies to Transcend Consciousness

Recently watched some great movies and reflecting back to the systematic nature of Consciousness and how is possible to understand how the human mind works in order to assist and support ourselves with practical change. First watched the In the Mouth of Madness (1994), then Th... —

Day 298 – EQAFE Fears and Phobias of car accidents: my experience

Today I’d like to talk about overcoming fears and phobias. Specifically how I found support in relation to a specific topic I always resisted and suppressed: cars and driving. I did my driving license about 3 years ago and it was quite late, I was around 33 years old back then... —

Day 297 – Computer usage + presence

I find it timely to start walking the process and support, realignment and change in relation to physical presence awareness, direction and breathing WHILE sitting at and using computer. Well, using computers is big part of my current life, it always mostly was since childhood... —

Day 296 – Insignificant moments

Transcendence with the tiny moments. I’ve made a vlog: Transcription of the video: Even the least significant moments can be actual accumulation for taking the momentum against(to stand up to) one’s self-limiting mind. For instance I’ve just cleared the toothbrush after wasti... —

Day 295 – Driving within presence

I’ve wrote a big rant on my experiences, impressions, some details of what happened recently, how I felt, but I’ve decided to skip sharing that part – not as it’s secret, just too much detail. Sometimes I go into more details than necessary and in a way what I recognize, expos... —

Day 294 Re-aligning Change itself

Continuing on breath support in terms of stopping any mind-patterns what suppress or sabotage natural and effective breathing and awareness of physical presence. What I notice is that when I write and apply self-forgiveness, open up points, work through specific patterns and t... —

Day 293 – Driving self-correction reflection

Yesterday I wrote about going into reactions and losing presence, thus not breathing effectively, ‘properly’ within awareness here while driving and brought up the most relevant patterns I encounter on the road. I was bringing up a lot of situations wherein I find it more comm... —

Day 292 – Driving self-correction to breathe

I continue with decomposing the self-belief, hope and expectation, annoyance and actual fear behind these points I’ve opened up in the last post. It’s such a journey to discover a whole existence hidden within and the more resistances, excuses and reactions I experience in rel... —

Day 291 – Breath Self-forgiveness

So Self-forgiveness here it is within the continuation of the previous post: I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to not be aware of when I do in-breathe more intensely than out-breathing, because believing that ‘taking a deep breath’ is what helps me to be here, prese... —

Day 290 – One breath at a time

In my last post I finished with ‘I will continue to explore about breathing’ as what’s better than explaining the process? Walking, sharing and living it!’ This means to focus on my own ‘breathing points‘, where I can have this physical pressure experience, like a stinging pus... —

Day – 289 – Breathe, like never before

Anybody can find explanations of the rewards of ‘be with and as breath here‘, to stabilize oneself from the busy life we constantly chase(or being chased by) every day. There is this comic guy(recently in movies too), Hulk, who is constantly getting angry and when he really do... —

Day 288 – Presence exploration share

This is rather an experimental approach on sharing, maybe too personal, but I find these mini-sessions ‘with me’ supportive. I find myself here. I have a direction, but not too obsessive, but kind of enthusiastic. I have a focus here, feeling, hearing the breath, but not beco... —

Day 287 – Thoughts vs being HERE

What it means to be radically self-honest to support myself in relation to automatically induced reactive thinking, what can be easily justified to remain within fear and limitation to protect my interest? Why it is important to become aware of the specificity of how I am resp... —

Day 286 – Letting go vivid mind thinking

What was one of the most difficult things to let go when I started process of Self-honesty and thus realizing it was self-delusion and self-limitation. The vivid imagination, constant and consistent self-stimulation might seem as not just cool, but important part of who I perc... —

Day 285 – Stopped psychedelics, Started Living

I used to take spiritual and psychedelic ‘practices’ in order to find and know and change myself but I had to realize there is a much more direct and effective way to live transcendence. What it means to be here and to see what’s relevant? Study the mind and SELF and Life a... —

Day 284 – Walk the Physical Timeline

Physical Timeline: What does it mean and how to utilize for self-support, stabilization and expanding responsibility? Why its common sense to be aware of the things without any interpretations, connotation, judgement or belief and why it’s so difficult to live like that? Just... —

Day 283 – Consciousness is less than we think

Today I reflect to this article I bookmarked quite some time before: Consciousness has less control than believed, according to new theory “Why do you have an urge or thought that you shouldn’t be having? Because, in a sense, the consciousness system doesn’t know that you shou... —

Day 282 – Courage about ‘NO’

I continue with Courage Preparing to practical change at situations I’ve already realized that I can have tendency to not LIVE COURAGE within self-honesty. Specificity supports self-honesty and awareness, thus this time writing about hearing or saying ‘NO’. When and as I feel ... —