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[JTL 149] Need for fight and win part 2 - fear of power

I continue with the fight and winning point which I started to open in the last post. As I mentioned in an other previous post when I played MUD wherein I was hunting other players for become the best of bests and how I enjoyed being powerful, feared and envied only in the ga... —

[JTL 148] Need for fight and win part 1

Continuing on exploring the point of why I have defined virtualization as more important than living in physical reality for instance creating bubbles within I was able to control the outcome, which was my own mind, computer games, family members, school, workplace, friends et... —

[JTL 147] Positive and negative... part 3 - Correction II.

Within the last post I've written Self-corrective statements on how to prepare and script myself to let go the automatic judgment/definition/comparison within and as the polarity of the mind of positive and negative. It is crucial to realize that 'intent' and 'understanding' ... —

[JTL 146] Positive and negative... part 2 - Correction I.

Continuing on [JTL 145] Positive and negative energetic delusions part 1 with Self-corrective statements to stop the habit of going virtual. I start with quoting from this blog link: 2012: Directions for Ascension – How to know you’re Ascending into the right Direction: ... —

[JTL 145] Positive and negative energetic delusions part 1

Within this post I continue walking through self-correction for the specific words I’ve reacted to by gaming which I’ve allowed myself to define lacking, needing, desiring within the starting point of self-definition and fear. Let’s see, a simple sentence of my story of gaming... —

[JTL 144] Breaking the habit of going virtual

Continuing on the previous post, starting a Self-correction from childhood, my early gaming times wherein I start with investigating why in the first place I've turned totally into gaming while disregarding all which is physical reality here what then became a basic pillar of ... —

[JTL 143] Gaming addiction support part 3 Tala's story

This is a continuation of: [JTL 140] Stopping gaming addiction support part 1 [JTL 141] Gaming addiction support part 2 - Self-forgiveness [JTL 142] Gaming addiction support part 3 - Self-forgiveness II. This post only entails some of my personal history on obsession of com... —

[JTL 142] Gaming addiction support part 3 - Self-forgiveness II.

Continuing on [JTL 140] Stopping gaming addiction support part 1 Self correction on [JTL 141] Gaming addiction support part 2 - Self-forgiveness Why I bother one may ask? Just research: For ... —

[JTL 141] Gaming addiction support part 2 - Self-forgiveness

Continuing on the previous post about walking through Gaming addiction to explore what are the patterns I am responsible for to stop. I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize what experiences I have given permission to pull me, to trigger reactions within me... —

[JTL 140] Stopping gaming addiction support part 1

Just like last week I was in a Desteni I Process live hangout; this time on the topic of Gaming addiction. I expand a rant here about the points what did not fit in the 30 minutes talk. What I actually experience It is like an extended mind-like experience wherein it is... —

[JTL 139] Stopping weed addiction support

This is a contiuniation of Desteni I Process live hangout on the topic of Weed addiction. Within the 40 minutes there were some points what could not fit in to talk about however it is crucial to share as many points about this as possible to support those who are facing di... —

[JTL 138] Why I promote Living Income Guaranteed?

There are many reasons for why one can support/promote Living Income Guaranteed, there are quite some dedicated websites, articles, videos, I simply add my reasons here as I have found this as very important to get recognized, understood for what it means as the implementation... —

[JTL 137] Slowing down part 2

Latest Self-support from Desteni farm: Practical Desteni: Quantum Time and Physical Space-Time Equilibrium Creation's journey to Life: Stimulation – Thy Rod and Thy Staff - Part 2 After a long ranting and raving, I continue walking Slowing down: I've finished how I see mys... —

[JTL 136] Slowing down within part 1

Desteni I Process LITE free Course for Self Re-establishing regular blogging. To not write daily was not decision, the decision is to write continuously. To prevent accumulation of self-acceptance I commit myself to walk the 7 years of Journey to Life. Find out more about J... —

DAY 31: Learning how to walk

Many of you may relate this expression with the Process we are walking with the DesteniiProcess of facing our minds and changing practically to become the best we can be. However, this time I am literally referring to learning how to physically walk with my feet on the ground.... —

[JTL 134] Political forces Self-forgiveness

Most in my life I avoided politics, pre-defined it as not cool. It is time to walk through these false pre-conceptions and re-align my definition of politics with life. Walking Desteni I Process have assisted me to be able to study many areas within human systems, not only... —

[JTL 133] Energy from resistance within hope

I do not have anything particular today to write about in this moment. Today I will have an exam about traffic rules what I did not fully prepare for - I have learned quite some and I investigate here why I did not ensure the perfect knowing for the exam. My sister passed fla... —

[JTL 132] Letting go Self-definitions from childhood films, movies

Continuing on the 7 Years of Journey to Life Movie mind, what I have thought originally from movies as a child: That man has to fight for woman and woman go to money and power and man go to beauty. That man has to behave in order to have woman. That man has to make sacrific... —

[JTL 131] Self-correction:Talking about Films, Movies with others

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think and consider watching films and movies when people say it is good and I should watch it without using common sense. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself that I felt left out when people were... —

[JTL 130] Childhood desires from Movies, TV

Still decomposing TV, Movie - related mind activities to slow down, prevent and let go completely. (see previous posts) Read Journey to Life Blogs daily: What is Journey to Life? I forgive myself that I have accepted and al... —

[JTL 129] Self-commitment: Priorities and TV Series, Movies

I write Self-commitments for decide, to have direction and specifically about points give myself the clarity of what is my will what I am currently manifesting in action. About Film, Movie watching - I made the habit to watch films, series and that was fun and watched through... —

[JTL 128] Self-correction: Priorities and TV Series, Movies

As I write myself down - I slow down and I am able to see all details of myself - and see what is relevant, what is the best practical way to act and with Self-correction statements I give a structure, a momentary framework to assist myself with re-learning, re-adjusting, re-d... —

[JTL 127] Transcending definitions of ART and realizing LIFE

So with this TV-Mind blog series I've tapped into some pretty cool stuff - meaning self-dishonesty to face and stabilize to be aware of those by writing out here to be able to correct myself to remain undefined. In 2004, right after my realizations with acid, meditation(of be... —

[JTL 126] ART decomposition, Self-forgiveness part 2

Yesterday I was writing about what definitions, judgments I am holding onto in regards to the word: ART. Art has been one of the most used - and maybe abused words - as I see there could be polarity in that. Art versus mundane - but in daily life one can find art - just anyw... —

[JTL 125] Art decomposing word by word part 1

Continuing on the decomposition of TV-Movie reaction personality in regards to ART. Art: beauty, deep, profound, transcendental, meaningful, moving, twisting and shivering Why I defined to watch Movie, TV to satisfy my need for art based on the word relationships and became... —

[JTL 124] Fantasy, mystical: letting go part 2

Continuing on Fantasy, Imagination as it is some sort of systematic. When participating within fantasy, fairytale, a world of myths - the mind kicks in with a form of: How real is the illusion? The capacity to become obsessed with the imagination and adoring it's beauty an... —

[JTL 123] Fantasy, mystical: letting go part 1

Continuing to open up TV, Movie mind-dimension in regards to the word: FANTASY. Fantasy: child tales, dragons, magic, wizards, fairies, evil, good, monsters, artifacts, fate I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself according to fantasy, the w... —

[JTL 122] Self-forgiveness : Action Film - TV Mind part 9

Continuing with the TV-Mind series from the last post: stopping mind-reactions towards action movies. [JTL 121] Decomposing: Action Flim - TV Mind part 8 I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define action movie interesting because within action movie t... —

[JTL 121] Decomposing: Action Flim - TV Mind part 8

Action: power, being powerful, brute force, anger, emotions, fear, loss, bravery, vengeance Continuing on the previously mentioned words to decompose the relationships existing within consciousness through words what I exist in relation to separation. Ranting and raving on... —

[JTL 120] Review, Location: TV Series Mind Patterns part 7

I am walking with the TV Series, Movie influenced Mind series with a review today of where we are now before continuing further: [JTL 114] TV Series Mind Patterns Decomposition part 1 [JTL 115] TV Series Mind Patterns Decomposition part 2 [JTL 116] TV Series Mind Pattern... —