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Talamon Joseph Berta

[JTL 108] Tiredness, energy and small things

This week I was extremely busy as I used to, I've put some more weight on my shoulder than I should not and to keep consistency it is key to not just know my limits but consider those yet not accept as who I am. Seems sometimes tricky, especially when I got used to things what... —

[JTL 107] First and second level of experience

undefine the moment I always defined energy as good, the more, the better. The experience of energy, self, experience itself. Simply believing that the only reason I am not shining in all ways is that I am lack of energy so then I must generate more and I will feel more power... —

[JTL 106] Fake fashion, Make up: My story and Self-forgiveness part 2

Continuing on [JTL 104] Fake fashion, Make up: My story and Self-forgiveness part 1 to let go self-definitions on women and how they look and what they do to look as they look and I see how I am more and more clear by each writing session one by one and it accumulates. PR... —

[JTL 105] Ranting on the word TRUST

Investigating the meaning and ranting about the memories about the word: Trust I start with how I've defined trust: being able to rely on something or somebody and then it's there, more precisely: it's always here when I need, so something what I expect, I hope, I want. Seve... —

[JTL 103] Anxiety from feeling not using time effectively

This experience of separation came up recently within that when feeling like not using weekends effectively, meaning wanting to experience more than actually doing. Preventing to accumulate here.I forgive myself that I define myself according to how I was yesterday and definin... —

[JTL 102] Transcending Consciousness

Recently I've been noticed that when I am clear - I am able to hear others 'more properly' - meaning not just hearing the words, but the sound they speak with and that have a lot! The next point I want to bring up is that sometimes I am not able to make the difference of the ... —

[JTL 101] Gratefulness, Self-forgiveness on energy, breath

I am grateful that I have realized it is not required to live within conflict in any given moment.I am grateful that I have found Desteni tools to let go inner conflict and frictions of thoughts, feelings, emotions, which I have realized are the opposite manifestation of Life ... —

[JTL 100] Önmegbocsátás, mint módszer például fajgyűlölet meghaladására

Folytatjuk: [JTL 99] Fajgyűlölet: öngyűlölet [JTL 92] Ön-megbocsátás: gyűlölet [JTL 91] Önmegbocsátás: Az Élő Szó Megbocsátom magamnak, hogy elfogadtam és megengedtem magamnak, hogy szavakhoz energiákat ragasztok, érzek, kapcsolok, amelyek automatikusan jönnek, ha ha... —

[JTL 98] Expression without energy directly here

I forgive myself that I have never considered to express myself without inner reactions, not realizing that this inner space I've defined is not real and not supporting me as Life but separates my beingness from direct here.I forgive myself that I have never considered that wi... —

[JTL 97] Art as Life as Self-expression

I am giving myself to actually acknowledge that I am more relaxed recently yet not less active, effective.Actually it looks like the opposite I thought - the more relaxed I am - the more effective and practical I can be within action.Action is not of need or compulsion but com... —

[JTL 96] Stop Energy Motivation Part 2

This is the continuation of [JTL 94] Stop Energy Motivation Part 1 It is to realize that by stopping actually I do not mean forcing myself to stop within an image and likeness of 'what is best for all' by 'giving up' my dreams, desires, but within Self-investigation(wha... —

[JTL 95] Bernard Poolman

My moments with Bernard PoolmanBefore visiting the farm, I had a dream, wherein meeting Bernard, seeing rooms wherein on the walls there are drawings, explanations, like structures, designs, informations from dimensions, like 'the desteni plan' and I had him already laughing w... —

[JTL 94] Stop Energy Motivation Part 1

Continuing on investigation of lack of direct self-expression based on my previous post where I stopped. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have ideas, thoughts, memories, definitions how to sound direct, clear as myself here in and as the moment and ... —

[JTL 93] Who am I?

Who am I? The question what humans find out, right? Probably a squirrel does not wonder too much about this question, nor even a shark. But what if a shark actually got it's time to wonder that what the fuck am I doing constantly swimming around in the depths of this oce... —

[JTL 92] Ön-megbocsátás: gyűlölet

Ön-megbocsátás: gyűlölet Megbocsátom magamnak, hogy sosem realizáltam, a gyűlölet szó-alapú, a szavak kapcsolata, amit elfogadok magamban, amik által reagálok, amiként és akiként megengedem magam létezni, reagálni, cselekedni. Megbocsátom magamnak, hogy elfogadtam és megenge... —

[JTL 91] Önmegbocsátás: Az Élő Szó

Megbocsátom magamnak, hogy sosem realizáltam, hogy ha szavak hallatán, gondolatára, olvasván reagálok magamban, az elmémben más szavakkal, érzésekkel, hangulatokkal: nem vagyok egy és egyenlő a szavakkal, azok saját életet élnek bennem, nélkülem, a helyemben, a nevemben.Megboc... —

[JTL 90] How Drugs Promote Paranoia part 5: Spiritual Paranoia part I.

Spiritual drug experience paranoia: When seeking after something beyond this physical reality and defining that as more important, more real than the physical here. When one is having hallucinations and defining those as spiritual, enlightening, blissful and relating the expe... —

[JTL 89] Give as you would like to receive

Daily writingI write every day when I am at home. The advantages are obvious: less noise in my head, more presence. There is a space within me what is not fantasy, not desires but actually something I can see and investigate and if I realize it is not Self-honest, I am not Sel... —

[JTL 88] Be Change instead of self-judgment

Continuing on: [JTL 87] Understanding and be direct change I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that within judging things about me as positive or negative I am becoming who I am as judgment and definition and giving permission to the very condition w... —

[JTL 87] Understanding and be direct change

Journey to Life to stop the madness of each self-delusions step by step, day by day, breath by breath. Perspective today: Day 469: Self Realization, Writing and Time I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that I've defined change and myself to change a... —

[JTL 86] Robotból Istenné

Tekintsük az embert csak eme iromány erejéig úgy, mint egy számítógép. A számítógép, bárki akárhogy is állítja, egy roppant egyszerű elven épült gép, alapvetően nagyon kevés dolgot tud csinálni: -adatokat tárolni, azok között alapvető matematikai műveleteket végezni Különfél... —

[JTL 85] Önmegbocsátás, mint változtatás a személyes mátrixban

Önmegbocsátás: Megbocsátom magamnak, amire rájöttem, hogy nem szeretnék úgy maradni és csak azért van még mindig itt, mint önmagam, mert nem realizáltam: elfogadtam és megengedtem magamnak, hogy ilyen legyek.Megbocsátom magamnak, hogy nem realizáltam, hogy minden amit megenged... —

[JTL 84] Egyenlőség - valóság morfondírozás

Folyton írok, ez egy folyamat, egy döntés, egy munka, egy utazás, egy nyilvános átalakulás, ez egy csoportos aktivitás: 7 Évnyi út az Életbe[7 years of Journey to Life] Egyfajta morfondírozás az "egyenlőség" szó körül ma, mi kijött: Az az álláspontom, hogy valójában, abból a... —

[JTL 83] Party is not a solution for all

I've been in an electronic dance festival again. I've got pass as I was helping for a musician to wire in the instruments on stage and recorded the concert with my camera. The festival was in the nature so to speak - it was built up among trees and fields and there were about... —

[JTL 82] Not Physical Feeling is waste of time

Feelings took me to the other side which is not real and not best for me and not best for all. I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that by feelings I balance out the experience of anxiety, fear, uncertainty, doubt and in fact fear of loss. So this post... —

[JTL 81] Deprogramming anxiety word by word

I am Continuing on this post within the 7 years Journey to Life: [JTL 79] Understanding my anxiety and shame If one looks how the current system operates, it becomes obvious that the written word is what matters, literally. Any establishment has been in fact established by ... —

[JTL 80] Desteni eyewitness: It is Real

Artwork: Manuela Destonian My name is József Berta, many people know me as Talamon, which is just a nickname I've got in childhood and kept it. I was born in Szeged in 1979, living in Budapest, Hungary I have qualification of bookkeeping, economy and programming mathematics... —

[JTL 75] STOP Automatic Energy Desire

Equality as SelfThis belief that I need to equalize myself based on external conditions I am letting go through stopping to give permissions to react automatically in each moment.I feel like I am exploding - it is some sort of depression - not as people refer to it as 'bad fee... —

[JTL 74] Seeing points within to correct

Being in musical festival again and seeing points within:I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to look women within the energetic reaction to self-definition of hope that I might will have real physical experience with someone fulfilling my desire for a rela... —

[JTL 72] How Drugs Promote Paranoia Research Part 4

Let us walk through the Self-dishonesty expressed within the previous post to see the already manifested PROBLEM within and as Self as faced as PARAnoise of and as mind of thoughts: [JTL 65] How Drugs Promote Paranoia Research Part 3 Apparently this might not seem directly r... —