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Real Democracy vs. the Illusion of Democracy

Some Misconceptions As far as most historians are concerned, democracy, meaning rule of the people or people-power first appeared in Athens, Greece around 508 BC. Apparently, Athenian men decided that only adult male citizens who owned land should be the ones to make the dec... —

Artificial Intelligence and What it means for the Future of Humanity

Artificial intelligence (AI), also called machine intelligence refers to computer or machine software that displays the ability to do one or more of the following: analyze information, reason, learn, store a large amount of knowledge and information, identify relationships or... —

Redefining and Living the Word Responsibility - In Class Blog Writing

When it comes to taking responsibility, I have not usually appreciated or enjoyed the idea. Even though, I realized that by taking responsibility for something like getting a project done or working with people, that I would also be gaining opportunity to learn, I also felt pr... —

Redefining and Living the Word Responsibility_Freshman AU1 In-class Blog Post

When it comes to taking responsibility, I have not usually appreciated or enjoyed the idea. Even though, I realized that by taking responsibility for something like getting a project done or working with people, that I would also be gaining opportunity to learn, I also felt p... —

Redefining and Living Words in the Classroom

Although I regularly get up in the morning and pick a word a word to express for that day, I have yet to expand my living-word vocabulary beyond 5 or six words. Let’s see, there’s joyful, joyfully interacting, excitedly engaged, interested and maybe one or two that just aren’t... —

What is the Meaning of Life and What is My Purpose?

As I have been asking almost all of my classes this week to write on this subject, I’ve also written several blogs on this topic - each one a little different depending on their English levels. This one is for a high level class. I have thought a lot about the meaning of lif... —

SAU3 Blog post 3: What is the Meaning of Life and What is my Purpose

In order for me to answer the question, what is the meaning of life, I first have to define life - at least a little bit. Furthermore, in order for me to answer the question, what is my purpose, I first have to give myself a purpose. Why? Because when I was born, I didn’t come... —

Changes in the World System

Right and wrong are constructs of polar perspectives, percentages of truths or lies that we are able to replace with the principle of do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It’s not that hard with practice; all we require to do is to use our imagination practically... —

Writing and Posting Blogs in the Classroom

Although I have not been doing so much personal process blog posting, I have been doing a lot of blog posting for school. Basically, whenever I ask students to write blog post, which is about 7 different classes every 2- 3 weeks, I also write one with them right there in the c... —

As the US Dollar Slips Quietly or not so Quietly Into the Night...

Equal Money as Monetary System: As the US dollar slips quietly or not so quietly into the night, the most prominent opportunity that humanity has ever had to establish an equitable world system begins to come into view. Whether we call it Equal Money, Universal Basic Income ... —

Caring for Myself as I Care for Others = Getting out of my Comfort Zone

Recently I have been explaining to various classes of students my intention to get them out of their comfort zones by having numbers of them stand up, walk away from their desks to find someone whom they are not so familiar with and interview that person. My goal in all of thi... —

Is the Future Influencing the Present?

Interview Requests The other day, I woke up in the last segment of a dream. In looking to the Northeast, across the sea, far in the distance, I could see the flashes of nuclear explosions as they detonated over far away lands. I told the peoples on the shores not to look ... —

Mind Reboots

I have been noticing some changes in my mind consciousness system that I guess I should record - for the record. About 3-4 weeks ago, I began noticing some strange occurrences or perspectives. The first one has to do with time. It seemed to slow down to a crawl and for a while... —

As Summer Comes to a Close

The Battle line of the Within and the Without Recently, I had a dream that I noted. In the first part of the dream, I was lucid, like aware that I was in a place where I could fly and that I had been there before, yet lacked the memory. I flew high over the lands until I c... —

The Flaw of Logic

There is so much that I don’t understand as in an awareness of the consequences I cause unto myself and everything else through all of existence because of what I do or do not do. Whether I speak of the big or I speak of the small, it doesn’t matter because they are one in and... —

From "My Way or the Highway" to Humbleness and Understanding

In my previous post, Opportunity in Consequence, I touched on a realization I’m beginning to open up and understand in relation to my idea of standing up for my rights and my right to live my way according to such rights. In short, this was as it has been with me, a my way or... —

Opportunity in Facing Consequence

I had defined myself as being oppressed, tormented and ostracized for standing my ground, not bowing down to what was wrong and never ever letting myself be pushed around. I viewed the masses as following the bullies, who would direct the masses in what I considered to be the ... —

Ego's Revenge

I had a dream last night. A man about three feet taller than me was was holding my partner and I hostage in our home. He was attempting to put chains on us when I finally stated, enough is enough and I took the chains and threw them out the window. The big guy started pushing ... —

The Nail that Sticks Out

I have often used the statement, “the nail that stands up gets hammered down” in an effort to justify never backing down unless it was a strategic stand down. My rationale stems from my fear of being hammered down, again and again. Who would I be if I bowed down and obeyed th... —

Freedom within Structure

In the past, I used to believe that freedom meant the opportunity to do as we pleased as long as no one harmed anyone else. It was an easy, child like way of thinking for me because deep down inside I knew that I was not out to harm anyone. Lots of laughs, albeit somewhat sad ... —

Seeing Where I Am by Assisting and Supporting Another

Last weekend, I went to visit a friend that I had not seen in almost three years. In him or through him, in terms of my memory of how I was in relation to him in the past, I considered (through a form of practical comparison) how I am now, i.e., if and how I’ve changed in rela... —

Manipulation and Frustration as my War Continues

In relation to my war with some members of the community and the community in general, there are a few more points that I was able to see, yet refused to admit. From the beginning, in looking at, calculating or imagining the playout of events, I saw fairly accurately to where... —

Secrecy and Self Responsibility

The Moment of Change (Part 1) - Back to Basics Some time ago I wrote about our lack of information integrity/accountability wherein I stated, “Information Unaccountability is a weapon of mass destruction that will continue to spread destruction, disease and death until “We ... —

How I've Been is Not how I Have to Remain

Consciousness of the Spider Monkey - Part 1 If you asked me who I am and what I have been, even at a young age in terms of the undercurrent designs that I had embodied, I would have said that I am a soldier fighting for my rights to live free and do as I please. It’s not tha... —

Home on Summer Vacation

Even though everything is actually going quite well or fine, my mind after a time always seems to kick into overdrive and make it appear as though things are falling apart. This is how I woke up this morning and let me just state, I’m not taking the bait. In other words, I’m n... —

From the Pain of Experience within to the Change of Self-Expression

The title is specific because, as I said the words aloud and wrote them out, I changed them each time until they looked and sounded of the outcome that I most cared to create or recreate myself as - from pain of an experience to the change of self expression. There is no ... —

What am I Waiting for and Who am I - Part II

What am I Waiting for and Who am I? Well, I’m not waiting anymore. As I stated in my last post, I’m letting go of my judgments of words for and as being defined by consciousness. Why? Because the human language as sound, energy, physical symbolism is of consciousness/ego of ph... —

What am I Waiting for and Who am I ?

What am I waiting for, who am I and why do I sit here ready to type, typing as though there is nothing to say? Well, for starters, I really don’t like to use the word, “well” and I don’t understand how and why other people don’t see it, see the words of consciousness in our fa... —

From Spite to Recognition of Perspectives

An uncomfortable point of anger and spite that came up within me this weekend has to do with the ongoing saga, Horrible Neighbours or Horrible Me that my partner and I have been walking as part of our personal processes and investigation/participation in the local legal system... —

A Dream of Being Lost - Part IV

I had another dream in relation to the point of alcohol. I was at a bar, inside the bar with a couple of people that I knew, but not enough to remember their names. I had been trying for some time to get a beer and was getting a little frustrated feeling more and more thirsty.... —

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