Thomas La Grua

Self Analysis of my Words

After writing some pages and getting some supportive perspective on it, I decided to go through what I wrote to see what patterns I am able to identify and perhaps correct them. To be honest, it is getting more difficult to lie in perceptions of separation, as though I were ... —

Am I changing me from within or is something inside of me is changing Me

I wonder sometimes if every now and then, a new or different being jumps inside of me and perhaps the one that was in there before, jumps out or perhaps we merge to something somewhat different. I remember when I was around 9 or 10, maybe even 13. I was walking up the street, ... —

Purpose and Responsibility

Purpose, purpose, purpose, I have been considering this again today. The problem is not that I have none, but what I imagine it to be, is perhaps just a little beyond reality. I have always been certain that I and everyone else is capable of doing anything and everything, even... —

My Story is still Mystery

Although I have said many times that, my purpose is me, I still find that my purpose does not always come naturally. In other words, often when I enter into new situations or return to the similar situations, I find that I still require to ask myself, who am I right now in rel... —

In looking into me, I see it is time to wake Up

Recently, I initiated some life changes beyond what I had previously been focusing on in my overall process of changing myself. For the most part, these changes are in relation to better caring for my physical body. That being said, I have noticed a lot of beneficial changes, ... —

A difficult experience for which I am Grateful

I guess it is time a good time to finish writing about this subject. My mother died on October 25 in the USA. When I got the call, it was the 26th for me. I guess you are supposed to be sad when someone dies, but I do not seem to get that way, even though I considered my mom t... —

Nov 13 2016 Update on Thomas

Talking about what I have recently been doing —

From the Illusion of Democracy to Democracy Awareness

On November 8, 2016, a portion of the population of the USA, about 55% will get a taste of democracy, one that is only available to them every four years. Brainwashed into believing that our governmental-system (of mind control) is a democracy, we the people once again have an... —

Freedom of Speech is Bullshit (a speech I wrote for a high school student-competition)

Freedom of speech, freedom of speech, freedom of speech. Hear the words and look around you. Has anything changed just because we have freedom of speech? Of course not, because freedom of speech, the freedom to speak out is nothing but words, unless we take actions to back the... —

Lowering my Defenses

I tell you a secret that I am revealing about myself. I appear to have been existing in fear for as long as I can remember. Although, I guess there was a time when I experienced no fear, that time, the time of innocence is but a knowing for which I have no words or pictures. ... —

What the World Needs Now, is for Humans to Take Self-Responsibility (Writing sample for my Composition class)

Everywhere we look, we see problems, but no solutions. People are pointing fingers and blaming politicians, while politicians spend most of their time blaming each other. Instead of blaming one another, what the world needs now is for human beings to take self-responsibility. ... —

Horrible Neighbors or Horrible Me – Part 6

If you have ever been sued, you will know what I mean when I say it is not fun. That which you believe does not count for much anymore. Now the judge gets to decide how the laws apply. While sitting in the back of a courtroom, watching and listening to the battle of words, I n... —

Unconditional: What does it mean and how do I live it?

This point has once again reared its ugly head. Not the point of being unconditional; I don’t even know what that means. I am talking about the point of facing my points of conditionality, they are ugly - painful to look at and even more painful to walk through. Here, I am... —

Living Words: How many do I actually need?

Of all of the points and considerations of process, the living word is the one that baffles me the most. It has been said that we should redefine and live words. A word a day, a word a week, I am not sure how many words I am supposed to be redefining and living. I guess, what ... —

Cause or Coincidence

The reason that I ask this question is because some occurrences, like hearing the words in my mind before some else speaks them, leave me with question marks as to the cause of the occurrence. Many people are able to predict what is going to happen in movies and even speak ... —

Notes on Keshe Foundation Technology, November 2015

In alignment with my commitment to unveil the information within/as me, I post this (slightly edited) email that I wrote in November 2015. I’m writing this post to communicate with all of you “my perspective” on Keshe technology. Although some may be viewing this simply as ... —

The Triangle of Self-Manipulation

Recently I have been looking at points where I wonder who, what, where, why and/or how another or others view me and/or do something or do not do something in relation to me. This mental activity, when I imagine the origin and path of progress that the happenings take, is what... —

Basic Income MOOCs Lesson for Asia Asia University, Taiwan

Basic Income Main reading materials Part 1: Warm Up Questions How much money do you think an adult living in Taiwan, would need each month (at least) in order to live a dignified life? Do you think giving a certain amount of money unconditionally to every adult is a good... —

Horrible Neighbors or Horrible Me – Part 5

What I thought would be a simple matter of standing our ground, exercising our legal rights as homeowners, is now going into its 4th or 5th year. For additional context, please see parts one, two, three and four. In the past, it was a matter of not doing as I was ordered to by... —

Is NATO a terrorist Organization?

Today, I posted a picture with the following caption on a Facebook post: The fear caused by the NATO alliance clearly demonstrates that, NATO, led by criminal central bankers within the IMF, BIS, World Bank, ECB and Federal Reserve of the USA is a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. Once ... —

Attraction Distraction

Last night, I met with a friend whom I had not seen for about one year. I enjoyed sitting outside of a Family Mart, a convenience store like a 7-11 in Taoyuan city, Taiwan. While we were speaking, another friend messaged me, saying she wanted to visit with her boyfriend. They ... —

Physically Responding instead of Energetically Reacting

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to test an application I have been working on. It consists of facing an energetic/emotional experience of another, aimed at me. My goal is to remain physically stable so as not to react to the words and/or frequency of the words coming from the... —

Uncertainty in Wondering

I have since childhood wanted nothing more than the system to collapse as a means for ending/eliminating the world we live in. I believed I was a prisoner here against my will and that; the only way to escape was for the world to end. Even in the aftermath, as I remember of my... —

Taking Responsibility for the Blame I Projected

Last night in an act of blame, I pointed my finger at an old friend and the USA. In looking at this point of blame, I realize that, it has been creeping up within me, more and more as of late. Blaming is a desperate act of frustration brought about by one’s belief in his or h... —

Process Update – Part II, july 1, 2016

As I was saying in my last post (here), my mission or intention was to somehow get into the education system at the university level in Taiwan and create change for the better from within. I did not really have a long term plan as to how I was going to do this; however, I did ... —

Investigating Relationships

Recently, I meant a woman who used to be my student when she was much younger. As we began conversing, I mention that I have often thought of her throughout the years. She responded with a laugh and said, you are so naughty. Actually, there were no naughty thoughts in my state... —

What does Brexit mean for Democracy?

My guess is that, people are finally beginning to realize how little democracy we have actually been expressing. We have been brainwashed into believing that, democracy is all about the opportunity to vote for a candidate (from a list of 2-3), the one who will supposedly get t... —

Process Update: Part I - June 25, 2016

I guess it has been about one year since I last wrote one of these updates, where I am and how I am doing. The plan was and still is to change me to a point of responsibility to stand within and as (as the saying goes) the system and change it as I change me. A couple of ye... —

Day to Day Difficulties

Point one There are two points that have recently arisen to the point that I keep finding myself having to just stop the backchat, speak some self-forgiveness and remind myself that, this is not who I care to be. This method of stopping and moving, stopping and moving has been... —

Severe Income Inequality is a Severe Violation of Human Rights

While human rights are the legal entitlements that belong “equally” to all of humanity, income inequality refers to the extent to which money is distributed “unequally” throughout society. What does severe income-inequality have to do with human rights? As money is the basic ... —