Thomas La Grua

Taking Responsibility for the Blame I Projected

Last night in an act of blame, I pointed my finger at an old friend and the USA. In looking at this point of blame, I realize that, it has been creeping up within me, more and more as of late. Blaming is a desperate act of frustration brought about by one’s belief in his or h... —

Process Update – Part II, july 1, 2016

As I was saying in my last post (here), my mission or intention was to somehow get into the education system at the university level in Taiwan and create change for the better from within. I did not really have a long term plan as to how I was going to do this; however, I did ... —

Investigating Relationships

Recently, I meant a woman who used to be my student when she was much younger. As we began conversing, I mention that I have often thought of her throughout the years. She responded with a laugh and said, you are so naughty. Actually, there were no naughty thoughts in my state... —

What does Brexit mean for Democracy?

My guess is that, people are finally beginning to realize how little democracy we have actually been expressing. We have been brainwashed into believing that, democracy is all about the opportunity to vote for a candidate (from a list of 2-3), the one who will supposedly get t... —

Process Update: Part I - June 25, 2016

I guess it has been about one year since I last wrote one of these updates, where I am and how I am doing. The plan was and still is to change me to a point of responsibility to stand within and as (as the saying goes) the system and change it as I change me. A couple of ye... —

Day to Day Difficulties

Point one There are two points that have recently arisen to the point that I keep finding myself having to just stop the backchat, speak some self-forgiveness and remind myself that, this is not who I care to be. This method of stopping and moving, stopping and moving has been... —

Severe Income Inequality is a Severe Violation of Human Rights

While human rights are the legal entitlements that belong “equally” to all of humanity, income inequality refers to the extent to which money is distributed “unequally” throughout society. What does severe income-inequality have to do with human rights? As money is the basic ... —

Democracy: From its Greek Origin to its Modern-day Potential

As far as most historians are concerned, democracy, meaning rule of the people or people-power first appeared in Athens, Greece around 508 BC. Apparently, Athenian men decided that only the adult male citizens who owned land should be the ones to make the decisions for all of... —

The Elitist Mind

Recently while listening to an Eqafe interview called The Elitist Mind, I suddenly realized that I have been harboring and nurturing an elitist personality suit. I thought that I was eliminating my ego of superiority/inferiority in relation to others, but I was not completely ... —

Desire for Recognition - Fear of Sharing - Selfishness

One of the points I have noticed within me in relation to working with colleagues in the system is that I am sometimes reluctant to share with others the materials I have created. Additionally, there sometimes arises within me a fear that, I will not receive credit or pay... —

Lesson on Democracy - Also useful for practicing English

Democracy: From its Greek Origins to Modern-day Main reading materials Part 1: Warm Up Questions What do you think are the three most important aspects of today’s democracies? If you change one thing about your democracy, what would it be? How do you think wealth ineq... —

Lesson on Severe Income Inequality & Human Rights

Severe Income Inequality and Human Rights Main reading materials Part 1: Warm Up Questions If you could guaranteed every-single human being just 6 human rights, what would those rights be? Why? Currently, human rights are not applied equally and without discrimination to... —

Wealth Inequality and my Responsibility as a Global Citizen

According to, “Wealth inequality can be described as the unequal distribution of assets within a population.” For example: “The United States exhibits wider disparities of wealth between rich and poor than any other major developed nation.” Accordingly, if we... —

The Programing language of Human-beings and the command-prompt of Self-Forgiveness

If you don’t mind, I’d like to ramble for a little while. You see the problem I sometime have has to do expectations of myself in relation to all of me. When I decide to write about something, a subject or topic of that which I think has significance, that which I should open ... —

Just some Ramblings

There are times when I experience what I would only describe as dread, a feeling of dread coming from deep down inside. I guess it is just fear, perhaps of the future or perhaps of now. A few months ago, just before I awoke, I dreamt I was standing in front of my partner and I... —

What's the Correlation between Real Democracy and the Distribution of Money?

Debating what constitutes ‘real’ democracy is like debating what constitutes real air or real water. Like the air that we breathe and the water that we drink, what really matters is the quality defined as the degree by which it supports us and therefore enhances our ability to... —

My Best Friend Passed Away

Yesterday my best friend passed away and I cried. I was not so sad as I was glad, almost relieved that she had gone without misery. I got the news over the phone: my partner called me and said that Happy was on the floor breathing heavily and refusing to eat. I said, “she is d... —

A Wonderful Summer Vacation

The reason I've titled this “A Wonderful Summer Vacation” is because I came away from the experience with a sense of wonderment. How could I have enjoyed myself so much on a trip that I took not for myself but for the sake of others? Arriving at Dulles International airport, ... —

Horrible Neighbors or Horrible Me - Part 4

Our roof in the foreground and the neighbor's in the background This part of my story begins about ten days ago, but really, it is a continuation of stories, challenges for me in a physical reality mixed with personalities, some of them polite and some of them nasty. My p... —

Real Authority within the World System of Humanity

The problem of false authority figures being promoted as having power and control over the world system of humanity is really just a misunderstanding (by the people) as to the source of power and the nature of real authority. The power that we the people perceive to be ove... —

Real Men Snuggle Cats

Last week as I was scrolling through Facebook, I noticed a petition to remove a page that promotes cat-abuse, cat punching. Another petition I thought to myself, if changing the nature of humanity were only as simple as signing petitions, wouldn't that be great? Unfortunatel... —

Horrible neighbors or Horrible me - Part III

For most of twelve years, I lived in the second house on the far left. During the last three of those years, I have often asked myself if the cause that I have been standing my ground for was worth standing for. The answer does not come easy for me because as with every cause... —

Responsibility of Global Citizenship

Each being is an inseparable part of all that is here, and thus equally as one responsible responsible for the whole. Yet still the condition of the Whole-World spirals downward with far too few even willing to take the first step to stopping and reversing this downward trend.... —

Another day in the Journey

I guess it wouldn't really be a journey to life if I were to remain dishonest to myself and others about my reality. It's certainly not boring, and there are parts of it that are really cool, challenging ones that I often enjoy. However, there are also times that are not so pl... —

The Antagonist

The other night at a little after 6:00 pm, I stopped off at an OK Mart on my way to the night market because I wanted to buy some hand wipes. While in the store, I used the store toilet, and when I came out of the bathroom, I picked up a pack of hand wipes and went to the coun... —

Waiting for Relations to change my Relations

Over the last several years or so I have implemented to live a kind of change, but it's been more of a method's change in relation to my current relations without so much changing the types of relationships in which I participate. In other words, when I look into me, I see th... —

Facing and Perhaps Filling the Void

Is it the void within me that persists or is it that I resist filling the void because I fear to face that which I've avoided? I guess there isn't that much difference between fear and avoidance - the fear of facing myself being the catalyst for avoiding myself, thus crea... —

Reacting in Imagination Instead of fully Investigating the Facts

Last Wednesday, the first day of school of the spring semester, I found out that some of the classrooms for various instructors had been changed. Upon arriving at one of my new classrooms (the dungeon as I affectionately refer to it), I realized that it was not optimal for the... —

Facing Fear in my Dreams

I've had a couple of interesting dreams that I would to share. The first one occurred two nights ago. It was as though I was partially aware of myself inside of my mind. The space was dark and also light with some objects and at least one slightly scary presence. I exper... —

Horrible Neighbors or Horrible Me, Part II

Continuing with where I left off in the previous post: There are two types of roofs in our community: those that sit at about 30 degree angles, and those that hang at about 90 degrees. The same day that some tiles had fallen (about ten years after the houses had been const... —